COD Warzone bunker codes: a way to open doors and what the pc passwords and phones mean?

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Everything we all know to this point regarding the red Call Of Duty Warzone access card, bunker doors, phones, and computers.

The bunker doors, phones, and computers of Call of Duty Warzone are causation players on a craze for the past few months as they fight to unravel the mystery, however to no avail. There was a revelation via the newest update, as red access cards created their manner into Call of Duty Warzone, and also the existence of blue and inexperienced access cards was discovered by dataminers. we’ve details of everything associated with the Call of Duty Warzone bunker doors here, as well as what can be behind them.

What square measure the Call of Duty Warzone Game Bunker Doors, computers, and telephones?


Spread over the map, eleven bunker doors, every with Associate in Nursing interactive keyboard. once you approach and move with them, you hear a typical “refused” sound, which means that you just don’t grasp the right code.

There also are a variety of phones that you just will move with. once you do, all you may hear is that the sound of interruption before dialing variety, followed by nothing.

Finally, you’ll conjointly realize some computers that need a positive identification. just like the alternative 2, interacting with them doesn’t permit you to enter as a result of, of course, you have got not nonetheless found the positive identification.

Check the map below courtesy of the official Call of Duty Reddit Discord server to examine all of the locations presently renowned for bunker doors, computers, and phones.

What Call of Duty Warzone inexperienced, Red, and Blue access cards work?

COD Bunkers Map

In the last update, red access cards were adscititious to the sport. the majority suppose that the red access card is joined to the eleven bunkers settled round the card, however, players have tried to use these cards to open them, still as phones and computers, and zip has been resolved to this point.

According to the mp1st web site, red access cards square measure simply the start. somebody mamma the files come in the newest update and discovered that there’s conjointly a blue access card and an inexperienced access card. though they’re not nonetheless within the game, it definitely adds to the mystery.

In the same code string, there’s proof that the bunker doors have “correct” entries, still as “incorrect” entries. It did not exist before the last update, therefore one thing has undoubtedly modified with the bunkers and it’s sure solely a matter of your time till the mystery is solved.

But what’s hidden behind the doors of the bunker? there’s a great deal of speculation at once. due to previous mysteries and puzzles like in Fortnite and Apex Legends, the Call of Duty Warzone community is difficult at work trying to find the answer however at the time of writing, it’s still a mystery.

The popular theory is that it all has got to do with a large Easter egg. we tend to had the Apex Legends Nessy locations, that spawned a large Loch Ness monster at the sting of the map. may this have an analogous elaborate result?

Another plan is that the bunker doors can act just like the chests initially seen in Apex Legends, and currently in Fortnite. Open the doors and you may be rewarded with a bunch of high-level loot. once the safe doors were originally adscititious to Apex, they may not be opened for a moment, though there was a timer – these haven’t any style of tally.

There is conjointly the thought that they’re joined to Associate in Nursing in-game event that may crop up later. Fortnite launched the trend of battle royale games having a narrative arc with events live before every game below the sun adopts it. it’s quite doubtless that we are going to see one thing similar in Warzone, and it may all be associated with that.

Interestingly, the official guide to Activision mode offers deep dives in every location. a number of them square measure named [CLASSIFIED] with strange descriptions, as well as several redacted words. Click the drop-down list of locations to examine one among them.

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