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Ready Reasons Apologetics with Wendy Wippel

Welcome to the "Ready Reasons Apologetics" section of Rapture Forums. This section of our website features apolgetic style articles and commentaries from Wendy Wippel.

About Wendy

The Bible says that both the written scriptures and the created world are messages from God. How, then, could they contradict? The supposed gulf between science and the Bible is largely the creation of secular scientists with an agenda and the ear of the media. When both are honestly interpreted, science overwhelmingly supports Scripture.

Wendy Wendy Wippel is a molecular biologist with over 30 years experience in medical writing and medical research, Her diverse body of publications includes nearly 100 articles published in medical journals or medical reference materials as well as regulatory documentation. Wendy has also authored two regular consumer health columns, websites, CME materials, posters, and presentations. Prior to her focus on medical writing, Wendy worked as a research scientist at the Centers for Disease control and at the University of Cincinnati. She earned both graduate and undergraduate degrees (with concentrations in immunology, virology, oncology and molecular biology) at The Ohio State University.

Wendy came to Christ as a freshman at The Ohio State University and since has taught numerous Bible studies. Over the past ten years she has also written numerous Bible studies as well as devotionals and apologetics materials. She is currently finishing up a Ph.D. in biblical studies and lives with her husband and two teenage daughters in Mississippi.

Current Articles

River of Time

Subatomic Spandex

Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On

The Late, Great Book of the Revelation

A Saint By Any Other Name

Secrets of the Third Commandment

Double Vision

Grace, Freely

Gadding About Town

Redemption, Right on Time

Funny Bones and Fairy Tales

What's in a Name?

The Eagles Have Landed

Devil or Angel

Living on a Prayer

Love in the Time of Cholera

One Thorny Question


Lay Me Down

The Gospel According to Charles

The Number of His Name

Nahum's Scarlet Soldier

Fatal Attraction

Crocodile Rock

Sinai's Slippery Senses

Patterns and Prophecies

Truth by Consensus

Curtain Call

Double Vision

Jihad Palace

The Cure for the Heart Murmur

Right on Time

Apologetics ala Animus

Really Radical

The Late, Not so Great, Dam of Davidic Denial

Time's up?

One Fat and Sassy Church

One Big Happy Family

Proof of Purchase

The Devil's Chapel

The Days are Evil

Uninvited Guests

God from the Backside

Wolf in Pope's Clothing

As We See the Day Approaching

Still in the Dark

Requiem for Reason

Temple Springs

Moses, Double Booked

Ecclesiastical Emetics

Water, Water, Everywhere and not a Thought to Think

Without A Leg To Stand On

Final Fortress


The Pluck Paradigm

Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosome Adam

This Means War

Snakes and Stones

The First Francis (And the Second)

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Atheists Among Us


The Birds

A Liar From the Beginning

Wanna Be A Watchman?

The Apple of His Eye

Truth and Consequences

Banner of Adamant Love

The God Who Sees

Resistence is Futile

A Tale of Two Churches

Born of the Virgin Mary?

Due Date

Away from the Manger

Celebrate Discovery

The Virgin and Her Son

Dance Like David Danced

What's Your Flight Schedule?

Ecumenical Egos

Bethulah and Her Son

The Gathering Storm

The Quantum Rabbi

Virgins and Fishes and Scales, Oh My.

The Late Great Holy Scriptures

Sometimes It's Just Too Easy...

Dreams and Dogma

American Idols

About Time

Visiting Hours

When You Wanna Be Left Behind?

The Writing on the Wall

Cloudy with a Chance of Trumpets

Of Kings and Queens

Redemption, by the Book

A Triune Trifecta

A Sheep of a Different Color

The Bible Buffet

Pagans on Pilgrimage

Dress Rehearsal

Use Your Imagination

The Day Approaching

One Big Happy Family

Love Story

The End of Until

Fullness of the Gentiles

I Beg Your Pardon

By Any Other Name

Slip-Sliding Away

Sunshine and Shadows

People of Yehudah (But not Judah)

Raindrops, So Many Raindrops...

Fascists and Fig Trees

Zechariah, Berechiah, Iddo

Happy Hermeneutics

The Gospel According to Schrödinger's Cat

Butterball Meets the Missing Link

Evident Design

Kindred Spirit

On Giant's Shoulders

Redemption, Interrupted.

Oh Holy Night

The Christmas Coup

What Child Is This?

Isaiah in the High Places

Choosing Sides

The Creator and the Casino

Mock of Ages

Sinai, South of the Border

Sins of Omission

Of Barracks and Bigots

Alas, Babylon

A Divine Dissolution

Faith Anchored

Destiny in Damascus

Dance Like David Danced

Happy New Year?

Out of the Shadows

Old As Methuselah

Doin' Flips

Sounds of Silence

Subatomic Spandex

Missional Myopia

Going to the Chapel

A Matter of Life and Death

God Smacked

Blind Date

Hadrian's Plow

Heartbreak Hotel

Truth or Consequences

Gog, Reloaded

All Agog

Armageddon, According to Bruce. (And John.)

A Matter of Matter

Mystery Lady

A Tale of Two Sinners

Dry Bones Revisited

A Coke and a Smile

The Offensive Cross

Jack of Hearts

Daniel, Bothered and Bewildered

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