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The Rapture Report - PA: New Israeli settlement building would 'destroy peace process'

PA: New Israeli settlement building would 'destroy peace process'
Written: 12-27-2013
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

With the looming release of the last half of the 104 Palestinian "prisoners" that Israel agreed to to start the latest round of "peace" talks the Israeli government, in an effort to blunt the criticism of releasing prisoners with "blood on their hands", has announced that they will approve 1,400 new homes beyond the so called "Green Line" next week. This announcement has been met with the expected condemnation and outrage by the Palestinian Authority, despite there being pretty much no progress being made on the "peace" talks over the past 4 months. The Jerusalem Post reports:

The Palestinian Authority said it would plan to appeal the the internationl community, including the International Criminal Court if Israel announces plans for new settlement construction next week follow the third release of Palestinian prisoner as part of an agreement for resuming negotiations.

The Palestinians have said any further expansion of Israeli settlements on land they seek for a state could derail US-brokered peace talks that resumed in July after a three-year break and are set to last until April.

Israel has once again been pressured into resuming "peace" talks with the Palestinians who have not made any compromises on their positions. These are the same positions that have resulted in no progress in the previous "peace" talks. The Palestinians for their part have threatened to take unilateral measures such as applying to over 60+ world political bodies in a response to the Israeli building construction move. The Palestinians have reported:

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the move would "destroy the peace process" and could be met with retaliation.

"We in the Palestinian leadership would immediately present our application for membership in 63 international organizations, among them the International Criminal Court," the al-Quds newspaper quoted Erekat as saying on Friday.

These threats show that the Palestinians are continuing to follow their "no concessions" approach to the peace talks while trying to make Israel look bad. This is basically how the Palestinian propaganda machine works. Due to rising anti-semitism among the liberal leftists in the world, more pressure will be coming down the road for Israel. The Israelis in my opinion would be good to demand "concessions" by the Palestinians in order to deflect pressure from the world community. However, the Palestinians officials such as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have refused to even "recognize" Israel as a Jewish state. The game of charades that is being played on the world scene will undoubtedly result in more pressure being put on Israel by the peace breakthrough timeframe set for April 2014. With virtually no progress being reported, it is unlikely that a deal will be reached anytime soon.

The interesting thing about these new buildings is that they are within areas that are expected to be kept by Israel in any future deal. This simply does not make sense for the Palestinians to protest such moves as to me it shows the true nature of the Palestinians and that is one of deception. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that the Palestinians are essentially trying to gain as much as they can by way of negotiations before making an attempt to over-run Israel from all sides. The buildups of rockets and weapons by the Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestinia Authroity shows the true intent of these people. It appears that either the world community fails to see this or simply doesn't care in their push to "strike a deal", even one that threatens the very existence of Israel. It is amazing and yet sad that the world appears to have learned absolutely nothing since the Holocaust. As this is exactly the kind of situation Israel will find itself in again if it continues to make concessiosn to the so called "Palestinians". I would like to encoruage all believers and friends of Israel who read this to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as the Bible commands us to do.

In other news, it appears that the Iranians are going to continue building and planning for more centrifuges for their nuclear program. The Jerusalem Post rports:

Iran's nuclear chief said the Islamic Republic was making plans to mass produce new centrifuges for uranium enrichment, Iran's media reported him as saying on Thursday. The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi said the "new generation" of centrifuges still had to undergo various tests before they could be produced.

"A new generation of centrifuges is being built, but they should undergo all tests before mass production," Iran's Tasnim news quoted him as saying. Salehi added that his country currently has 19,000 centrifuges. He also lauded Iran's capability of "conducting the full fuel cycle of the nuclear fuel production from discovery to mining and from there to turning uranium to nuclear fuel," according to Iran's official IRNA news agency.

I can't help but think that since the Iranians are openly reporting that they are building and designing new centrifuges, that there is no telling what kind of nuclear work is being done behind the scenes that we do not know about. That kind of thinking is very disturbing to say the least. I tend to believe that one of the very reasons that Iran agreed to the nuclear talks is that because they are so very close to developing a nuclear weapon that they are trying to buy 6 more months worth of time to continue their program. It is very unlikely that the current nuclear deal will result in the termination of the Iranian nuclear program. I also believe that the Iranians were also fearful that the Israelis were likely to be on the very verge of taking unilateral action as well. This is nothing more than a claculated chess move by the Iranians, and a smart one at that in my honest opinion. But I do believe that eventually the Iranians will make a bad move and be checkmated by the Israelis. That of course remains to be seen, but that is my feeling for now.

So, whether it is the continue "peace" talks that drag on or the continuation of the Iranians nuclear program, it is clear that things continue to remain on edge and very tense as several political games are being played in the region. It is my belief that we need to continue to watch these events as they unfold as the could very well play a big role in Bible prophecy being fulfilled in the future. And as usual, keep looking up, our redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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