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The Rapture Report - Iran could be only weeks away from a nuclear weapon

Iran could be only weeks away from a nuclear weapon
Written: 12-27-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Over the last few days we've seen some important headlines in the news that are of interest to Bible prophecy watchers. One such headline is that the Arab League has declared that any future Palestinian state will include the city of Jerusalem as it's capital. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Any peace accord between Arab nations and Israel must include Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said Saturday. "As Arabs, we must maintain the original identity of Jerusalem, because its fate dictates the fate of peace," Moussa said. Moussa was speaking at a conference in Cairo about the future of Jerusalem titled "Red Line - Jerusalem." He added that important international powers, including the European Union, support Jerusalem's status as the capital of a Palestinian state.

As we can see from the above comments the status of Jerusalem remains to be an item of conflict and contention. Jerusaelm is the Holiest city in Judaism and contains the remnants of the two previous Jewish temples. The Islamists on the other hand claim ownership of Jerusalem primarily as it is the third most holy city to Islam, with Mecca and Medina being the two most holy sites. The Bible tells us that in the last days the issue of Jerusalem and what to do with her will become a "burdensome stone" to the world and those who try to move her will be cut to pieces. This is a direct quote from God himself who has declared Jerusalem to be his holy city. So we can imagine any attempts to place the city outside Jewish ownership will be met with anger and judgment from God. The Bible says:

Zec 12:2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah [and] against Jerusalem. Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

In other news the Iranian nuclear program continues to remain in the headlines and for good reason. There was an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post that said that a "maverick" Iraqi politician had claimed that Iran could have nuclear weapons within a matter of weeks. The Jerusalem Post reported:

Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi is warning that Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US State Department, believe. In fact, he predicts the Iranians could have a nuclear capability - and may announce that they have it - as soon as next month. "We are receiving information which says Iran is so close to producing an atom bomb," Alusi said in an interview earlier this month, the latest in a series of interviews conducted since September. "All the international community, they don't realize how close [the Iranians] are to the goal... The Iranians will surprise us one day [soon] and say, 'We have it.'"

al-Alusi went on to further state:

Alusi said he cannot reveal his sources of this information, because that would place in grave and imminent danger individuals within the Iranian "establishment" who risked their lives to share it with him. "I am talking about Iranian insider information. Very clear, from inside Iran," he said. "There are people within Iran who want to be normal... They know this is a dangerous regime. You see how they treat their own people... Iran is terrorizing the world already. What will they do once they have the bomb and they are stronger?"

While al-Alusi said that he could not reveal the nature of his contacts he did say that they were people inside the Iranian government and that these people were wanting a more normal type of life within the country. A CIA and US Defense department consultant also acknowledged that this timeframe sounded a little "too soon" but that it was not outside of the realm of possibility. As we know from previous Rapture Reports, that Russia has promised to increase cooperation with Iran in regards to finishing their nuclear facilities and that Iran is currently known to have enough enrichment material for one or two nuclear bombs. One of the most troubling factors is that while Iran could still be years away from being able to produce their own weapons grade enriched uranium, the Iranians could have purchased the needed uranium on the black market. This is especially possible considering the degree of cooperation between the Iranians and other countries such as North Korea, Pakistan, and some of the former breakway southern Russian republics. I would also not put it past the Russians to sell Iran the needed uranium if the price was right.

al-Alusi has been a reliable source of information in the past. Before the Qom nuclear enrichment location was discovered, he had told the news agencies that other Iranian nuclear facilities existed. He also continues to warn that there are even more Iranian nuclear facilities outside of the five known ones. He also has been quoted releasing further details:

In early September 2009, before Iran announced the existence of a previously unknown uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qom, Alusi told this reporter there were other major Iranian nuclear sites in addition to the four known to the international community. Now he says that in addition to the five currently known, there are even more Iranian nuclear sites.

In September, he also told this reporter that Iranian scientists were working feverishly to develop "[the] missiles and atom bomb program together." Soon afterward, Iran began testing short-and medium-range missiles, as well as the Shihab-3, a long-range missile that can reach Israel. Earlier this month he said, "I believe the atom bomb will be declared... by January, February, with a nuclear bomb and missiles [to launch it]."

al-Alusi also suggested that military strikes on the Iranian nuclear program could be helpful and effective in riding the world of the Iranian problem. He went on to further assert that Iran's recent announcement of the decision to build ten more nuclear facilities was propbably a tactic to mislead the world community into thinking that Iran was further behind than they really are on the nuclear front. al-Alusi was quoted as saying:

Alusi believes Teheran's announcement in late November that it intends to build 10 new uranium enrichment sites is a ploy designed to mislead the West into thinking Iran is farther away than it actually is from attaining nuclear capability. Alusi said that the Iranian government cannot be appeased by compromise or concession. He believes they are determined to assert their hegemony; hence their brazen missile-testing.

Asked whether he thinks a military operation to set back Iran's nuclear program will prompt a surge in terrorism, Alusi argued this reasoning is flawed. "The opposite is correct," he said. "If Iran has [nuclear capability], there will be more terror attacks... If [after it attains nuclear capability] there is any clash, hundreds of thousands will die, at least." He emphasized that admittedly painful sacrifice in the short-term will avert a catastrophic scenario in the long-term.

So as we can see from credible sources within the region that it is simply a matter of time before Iran surprises the world and announces it's nuclear capability. This is particularly troubling given Iran's ongoing threats to destroy Israel and to harm Western interests, mainly those of the United States. The fact is that the Iranians are sprinting to the finish line and the world community is basically sitting on it's collective hands doing basically nothing to stop Iran. While sanctions are forthcoming in January or Febraury of 2010, it is my opinion that these sanctions will not amount to a hill of beans in the effort to stop Iran. It is clear that Iran has come this far with their nuclear program and that the only alternative to stop them is to bomb the known nuclear facilities and hope for some sort of political revolution in the country to topple the current Iranian regime.

al-Alusi made an excellent point at the end of the article that really makes me wonder why the international community or Israel has not made a move yet on Iran. al-Alusi noted that every month that elapsed allowed Iran to further their nuclear program while raising the consequences for actually carrying out a military strike. al-Alusi referred to enviromental and radioactivity factors as increasing the cost of waiting.

Although he says he is generally averse to war, he believes a military operation is the only option now, the sooner the better. For every month that elapses, the human and environmental costs of undertaking such an operation will be greater, Alusi cautioned. "Why do international leaders wait?" he said. "To act now is best to save [the most] human beings. In several months, the danger of radioactivity to human beings and nature will be far worse."

I am in agreement with al-Alusi that the time has come to take care of the Iranian nuclear program once and for all as to wait just raises the risks and collateral damage that may occur from any action later. It is this kind of collateral damage that could be the impetus for the Russian led Islamic invasion of Ezekiel 38-39. If increased radiation and collateral damage is factored in on people in the surrounding areas, it could get pretty ugly pretty quick not to mention the delayed and ongoing effects of radiation being spread through the region.

Another article that just shows how ridiculous the Russians can be was found in the Jerusalem Post where a Russian diplomat was quoted as saying that Russia did not believe that Iran was trying to build a nuclear weapons program and had not seen any evidence of it. Russian deputy foreign minister Alexander Saltanov was quoted as saying:

Moscow is not convinced that Iran plans to weaponize its nuclear program, and has not been shown evidence convincing it otherwise, deputy Russian foreign minister Alexander Saltanov told The Jerusalem Post this week. Saltanov's comments, made after he delivered a speech at a conference in Jordan sponsored by Ria Novosti, the Russian news and information agency funded by the government, and the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, came as the US braced for beginning a reassessment of Iran's nuclear program and the sanctions regime policy.

These statements are just utterly ridiculous as there have been numerous reports of a "smoking gun" showing that Iran has been trying for two year to secretly perfect the UD3 formula that is essentially the trigger for the nuclear chain reaction in a nuclear weapon. If this is not enough evidence I don't know what is. There is only one application for UD3 and that is the one mentioned above. The fact is the Russians are doing business with the Iranians on many different levels and as a result Russia sits on the fence and tries to ride both sides of this Iranian nuclear situation. The deputy foreign minister even went on to mention the potential in Iran which basically confirms our suspicions on the Russia/Iran axis. The Jerusalem Post went on to report:

"Russia has no concrete information that Iran is planning to construct a weapon. It may be more like Japan, which has nuclear readiness but does not have a bomb," Primakov said. "There is no doubt that the Iranian program and lack of clarity about it has caused great nervousness in Israel," he added. "But if Israel attacks Iran it will cause great instability and will only postpone the Iranian program, not end it." One diplomatic official, asked to explain the chasm in the assessments of Iranian intent that exists between Israel and Russia, said that by denying that Iran has intentions of building a bomb, the Russians push off having to make the difficult decision about how to stop it.

Another country that is in a similar situation as Russia is China which was also mentioned at the end of the article. China was quoted as saying:

The Chinese Xinhua news agency, meanwhile, reported on Thursday that China continues to believe that sanctions were not the right way to go. "We have consistently insisted that the Iran nuclear issue be properly solved through diplomatic negotiations, and we think sanctions cannot solve the root issues," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a regular news briefing. "The urgency is that all parties should step up diplomatic efforts and maintain and advance the process of dialogue and negotiations, in a bid to seek the proper solution to the Iran nuclear issue in a comprehensive and long-term way," Jiang was quoted as saying.

As students of Bible prophecy we can see that the different sides are beginning to line up to fulfill their prophetic destiny and that the friendly relationship between Russia and Iran has firmly cemented what will lead them into their fatal date with destiny as foretold by the prophet Ezekiel. China on the other hand continues to ready themselves for their eventual prophetic role by continuing work on the highway from China into the Middle East. Eventually the "kings of the east" will move into action during the coming Tribulation period. But in the meantime, the cooperation between these Eastern nations will continue to give the West political heartburn, which will grow even worse should Israel finally make a move on Iran. We need to pray for our leaders and the leaders of Israel as the window is almost shut on dealing with Iran.

Keep watching and looking up, for your redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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