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The Rapture Report - Germany: Constant support of Israel must cease

Germany: Constant support of Israel must cease
Written: 12-10-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In growing signs that the world is making huge strides in making Jerusalem the "burdensome stone" as described in the Bible for the end times we have a very interesting news report where numerous ex-diplomats in Germany have called for the "constant" support of Israel to cease. In what could be possibly seen as growing signs of continuing German WW2 anti-semitism, we can see in reality that it isn't just Germany calling for this as Sweden and other European states have made similar calls in the past, but that it is the entire world who has shifted sides from that of Israel to the so called "Palestinians". The Jerusalem Post article reports:

Twenty-four former German ambassadors urged the German government to take a harder position against Israel and to rethink its Middle East policy. In letters sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, they ask for a more resolute stance against Israel's settlement policy. ”Israel will not be able to keep on hoping to gain peace and retain its hold on Palestinian territories at the same time,” the group wrote in a position paper quoted by the Süddeutsche Zeitung daily.

The news report also went on to state:

The diplomats stressed that Germany has committed itself to protect Israel's security “as a historical legacy,” however, true security can “only be achieved through political means, not through occupation and colonization or by relying on military superiority. Instead, it can be reached by a withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories and a subsequent Palestinian state.”

The article also went on to suggest that if either side, Israel or the Palestinians, failed to make concrete progress that there could be financial sanctions or other measures implemented that would seriously target either party. Of course we know that Israel would be the prime target of any sanctions as they were specifically mentioned as the "occupying" force in the conflict. This of course flies in the face with the historical facts on the ground that show that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews, not the Palestinians. There has never been a "Palestinian" culture, economy, arts, etc. before Israel was re-born. However, as we are keenly aware the world has attempted many times to try to re-write history in order to achieve the evil goals of the international globalists. The news report went on to further say:

The Middle East conflict as it is would constitute a "breeding ground for extremism that seriously threatens public safety, not only in the region itself but also in Europe and other parts of the world,” continued the paper. The paper further calls for a "tougher stance" against Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which would demand they implement the two-state solution. "The continuation of certain benefits or financial support to one side or the other, as well as an increasing convergence with the European Union, could be made dependable of concrete progresses in conflict management." The fact that the letter mention financial sanction, even if very vaguely, is considered breaking a German taboo.

The letter to Merkel finally ended with the following words of "pretended" innocence towards Israel:

Among the changes the diplomats wish to instate is involving Hamas in the political process as a negotiating partner. They also demanded the Gaza crossings be opened. The diplomats claim that the "assertion that a Palestinian state will threaten Israel's existence can no longer be accepted seriously, but a continued conflict will inevitably lead to unforeseeable risks."....The paper, its authors stressed, is not meant to be anti-Israel. Former ambassador Michael Libal told German television that “We are not against Israel, we're just for peace in the Middle East.”

It appears that the answer that satisfies men's questions of what to do with the Middle East conflict is to totally ignore what God has said about the issue of Jerusalem and Israel, and instead go about trying to divide the land in order to bring a so called forced "peace" against Israel and to the entire region. While on the surface and in the natural this might seem like a good idea to someone without the Holy Spirit to guide them, those of us who have the Holy Spirit to guide us know that there will be no peace between the Israelis and their enemies. The only lasting peace will be brought together when the Lord returns to rule with an iron rod from the throne of David in Jerusalem. but i'm afraid the world will have to find this out the hard way as foretold in Revelation.

Another article that shows once again that the real issue of the Middle East is that of Jerusalem, a Likud MK has said that the real struggle is for sovereignty. Either Israel remains in the land of their forefathers with Jerusalem as their undivided eternal capital or the city is divided making way for a Palestinian state that has no intention of living side by side with Israel in peace. In fact, any so called "Palestinian" state would become nothing but another "Hamastan" as the Gaza strip has become. It will become nothing but a breeding ground for extremism, terrorism, and as a proxy for the Iranians. This is not the path to peace, but the path to the covenant with death and Hell as forewarned in the Bible. The Israel National News article goes on to report:

Tzipi Hotovely MK (Likud) said Wednesday night in a speech at the demonstration in Jerusalem against the construction freeze, that “the battle is over Jerusalem.” “This is not a struggle for Judea and Samaria. It's a struggle for sovereignty. The right of Israel to decide not to surrender to the dictates of foreign powers. We in the Likud have committed ourselves to our voters who do not distinguish between Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria and we expect the prime minister to respect that commitment and not to go the way of Tzipi Livni," she said.

As we can see from the news reports the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Israel is getting more serious with each passing day. The Bible specifically tells us that in the end times Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone for all those who concern themselves with it. The God of Israel, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, is constantly watching the situation on the ground. Nothing surprises him and the plotting of Israel's enemies does not go un-noticed. No matter what the globalists and international leaders decide to do they will not be successful in their attempts to destroy or sacrifice Israel for so called "world peace". God will make sure of that. Keep watching and looking up, as Jerusalem takes the front and center in world affairs, that can only mean one thing and that is our redemption is drawing nigh.

God bless.

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