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The Rapture Report - 'Iran can now produce nuclear bomb'

'Iran can now produce nuclear bomb'
Written: 12-9-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

According to a Jerusalem Post news article it is being reported that the Iranians currently have the capability to produce a single nuclear weapon. The article also went on to state that Iran is working hard on the delivery systems or missiles in which to deliver these bombs. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Iran now has the technical capability to build a nuclear bomb and the only thing separating it from the bomb is the decision to go ahead and build one, said Brig.-Gen. Yossi Baidatz, head of Military Intelligence's research division, on Monday. Speaking at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Baidatz said Iran had successfully enriched 1,800 kilograms of uranium, enough to build over one bomb. Baidatz also said that Iran had been upgrading its missile arsenal, and that it had developed missiles with the capability of carrying nuclear weapons that could reach Israel.

This development is a very serious and important milestone for the Iranians should they get any ideas to follow through with their previous threats to "wipe Israel off the map". As many of us are aware, Israel is an extremely small country and it has often been described as a "one nuke bomb" country meaning essentially that all it would take is one nuclear bomb to destroy Israel as we know it. I am sure that with this revelation by the Military's Intelligence research division that there will be many Israelis who are going to have trouble sleeping at night from now on. This of course, does not include any nuclear weapons that Iran could have acquired from it's ally North Korea or any of the break-away Russian republics who are cash starved.

Recently we have seen news articles point to a February 2010 date as the one for the Iranians to have a working nuclear bomb. I am not sure if this date is still accurate or if it has indeed been pushed back, but whatever the case maybe it is crystal clear that the Iranians are continuing full speed ahead with their illegal nuclear weapons program and that they are making some serious strides to back up their threats against Israel.

As a result of all of these news reports it tends to raise a question for me in why has Israel not gone ahead and done something militarily to stop the Iranians? We know that Israel currently operates under the "never again" motto when it comes to her defenses, so it is interesting to see the Iranians speeding to the nuclear finish line and the international community including the Israelis basically left looking like they are sitting on their hands doing nothing. While I seriously doubt that the Israelis are just sitting on their hands, current events do give the impression that Israel is not doing much to stop Iran. But again, therein could lie the deception that Israel needs to catch the Iranians off guard should they indeed make a move to stop Iran. I think the next couple of weeks or perhaps months will be very telling in the situation with Iran. Russia has promised within this timeframe to start up Iran's first nuclear reactor at Bushehr. We are definitely living in interesting times.

Since the Iranians are continuing full speed ahead with their nuclear program, another question that naturally arises is what is it going to take for Israel to decide to "go it alone" and do what the international community has clearly shown they do not have the resolve to do - which is to bomb Iran and destroy the Iranian nuclear program? I wish I had the answer for that, but I don't. At times I wish I was a "fly on the wall" at the Israeli Prime Minister's cabinet meetings. I'm sure they are very interesting these days.

In recent weeks there have also been some opinion pieces written by various authors that seem to point to a change in the Obama administration and the international community's strategy towards Iran. There have been some indications that the world community should continue to pressure the Iranians to give up their nuclear program by leveling more sanctions, but at the same time begin to accept a nuclear armed Iran. I don't know about anyone else, but this is a very concerning prospect to me.

Accepting a nuclear armed Iran is one of the most dangerous situations the world could possibly encounter being that Iran is perhaps the number one state sponsor of terrorism. Iran has armed the terrorist proxies on the Israeli border, they have armed and sent fighters to battle US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. The prospect of the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism obtaining nuclear weapons is very scary but could become a reality unless something is done very soon to stop the Iranians. Since it is clear that five to six years worth of talks and sanctions won't deter the Iranians, the only thing left to do is for the international community to authorize the use of force against Iran or turn a blind eye to an Israeli strike on Iran. The Israelis for their part have said they will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons as that is simply not an option. But the question remains, when is someone going to do something about Iran? That is for now the $64,000 question.

To further illustrate these facts, Israeli PM Netanyahu also addressed the committee in the which the Military Intelligence research division gave their assessment. Netanyahu was quoted as saying;

Prime Minister Binaymin Netanyahu also addressed the Iranian nuclear threat at the committee meeting. The prime minister said that preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities was Israel's "central problem."...."In the last year, two things have happened," he told the FADC. "Iran has advanced its military nuclear program, and the international community has lost its legitimacy."

I believe that while Israel has been patient waiting things out for along time now, that the time of reckoning is close at hand for Israel to deal with Iran. When exactly that will occur is anyone's guess, but it would seem to me that Israel will deal with the problem sooner rather than later for there is not much time left. We better keep watching this situation closely.

In other news that shows and highlights that Iran and North Korea continue to work together is another Jerusalem Post article that points to recently increased cooperation and intelligence sharing between Iran and North Korea. The article reports:

Western intelligence agencies believe that Iran and North Korea are sharing intelligence on their common enemies, the Nikkei reported on Monday. According to the Japanese weekly, the two countries are said to have struck a deal in March which stipulates that Iran collects information regarding South Korea via the Islamic republic's embassy in Seoul and relays it to Pyongyang. North Korea is thought to be seeking information on Seoul's reactions to Pyongyang's missile tests, South Korean arms acquisitions and the movements of the US forces stationed in the South, the report stated. According to the purported agreement, in turn, North Korea provides Iran with information on US military activities in the Persian Gulf.

With the US Navy and military operating heavily in the Asian and Middle East theatres it is not surprising that we are hearing about more cooperation between Iran and North Korea. Should a strike take place against Iran by Israel or a combination of US/Israel there would probably be some major shifts of assets in the region. This cooperation agreement between Iran and North Korea could provide many advantages if even just an early warning of an impending strike on Iran. North Korea has, along with Russia, played a vital role in the rise of the Iranian nuclear program. We should expect this alliance between Iran and North Korea to continue into the future as both countries are very defiant, deceptive, and hostile to the West.

With the end of 2009 right around the corner, it appears that 2010 will be a very active and potentially prophetic year given the ongoing situation with Iran and the expected completion of their nuclear program. Other prophetic issues to watch are the ongoing economic problems that are continuing on a global scale and which are also expected to hit hard in 2010, especially in the US. With these potential issues looming right around the corner, now is not the time for people to be drunken with the cares of the world and alseep at the propehtic wheel. It is very likely that things could change at an alarming speed should things go downhill quickly in the Middle East between Israel and Iran. Let us keep being watchmen on the wall and keep our focus on the Lord, to remember that no matter how bad it gets in the world He is always with us.

God bless.

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