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The Rapture Report - Abbas threatens to dissolve PA, let Israel take over West Bank

Abbas threatens to dissolve PA, let Israel take over West Bank
Written: 12-04-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In a move that is probably designed to pressure Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to come back to the "peace" table, it is being reported today that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is threatening to dissolve the Palestinian Authority and let Israel "reoccupy" the complete West Bank. While this is probably another one of Abbas' pressure moves similar to his periodic threats to resign, it is likely to be another act of desperation from Abbas. The Haaretz newspaper is reporting:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned he may dissolve his self-rule government and ask Israel to resume full control of the West Bank if troubled peace talks fail. Dismantling the Palestinian Authority would be a last resort, Abbas told Palestine TV in an interview broadcast late Friday. However, his comments marked the most explicit warning yet that he's considering a step that could crush lingering hopes for a Mideast peace deal.

In my opinion this is just a desperate attempt by Abbas to try to put pressure on the Israelis to make concessions on the West Bank construction freeze issue and to pressure the Israelis back to the bargaining table. So far it does not appear that there is any response from Israel at the moment on this issue. For the most part Israel is presently concerned with a huge fire breakout on the northern Carmel region that has resulted in Israel asking for international assistance to help fight the raging fire. International aid is pouring in showing a heart felt solidarity with Israel over a tragic situation.

Despite the fire raging in the north region, it is likely to result in Israel resuming talks with the Palestinians as they have insisted on a complete construction freeze before even sitting down at the negotiation table. This of course is a no starter for the Israelis and so far they have rebuffed any attempts at a construction freeze. The Haaretz article went on to further illustrate the effect of Abbas' threat to dissolve the PA and how it would effect Israel. The news article goes on to report:

If Abbas were to take such a step, Israel, as a military occupier, would have to assume full responsibility again for 2.2 million Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel was relieved of that financial burden with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994, as part of interim peace deals.

Still, Abbas might face considerable domestic opposition to dismantling the Palestinian Authority, since it employs some 150,000 Palestinians, a large chunk of the work force. The Palestinian self-rule government, which receives hundreds of millions of dollars a year in foreign aid, has limited authority over 40 percent of the war-won West Bank, while Israel has final say over the entire area and exclusive control over 60 percent of the land.

It appears that the Palestinians could be trying to see which of several strategies they have to try to advance the peace progress forward being that the current situation is deadlocked over the settlement construction freeze. The Palestinians have already threatened to declare a unilateral state on 1967 borders and in order to do this they would go to the UN to try to get recognition for a Palestinian state. This sort of move is hypocritical as Abbas and the PA have repeatedly declared that they would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. So essentially, a two state deal basically carves two states out of one and leaves us with the original problem of Jews and Islamics not living in peace as the Palestinians have shown no true desire to make peace with Israel. This sort of arrangement is simply not acceptable and it is my hope that Israel walks away from such foolishness, even if it means walking away from the Obama administration to protect themselves. History has shown time and time again that whenever Israel gives up land they only get war and violence in return. On the contrary, when Israel remains firm and determined when dealing with the Islamics they have a resemblance of peace. The bottom line is that appeasement of the Islamics will never result in genuine peace. I believe the Israelis know this and which is why we are at a stalemate in negotiations.

While only time will tell what will eventually happen, either Abbas follows through on his threats to declare a unilateral state or whether he dissolves the PA remains to be seen. But in light of Bible prophecy and Psalm 83 it is likely that conflict will be the inevitable result. The Islamic frustrations are likely to boil over and cause the situation to escalate to the Psalm 83 proportions. How long this will take we can only watch and see, but it would not seem that we are that far away from this prophecy possibly being fulfilled soon. All it takes is one miscalculation by the terrorists to start a full fledged regional war. And with the buildup of arms and weapons on the Israeli borders, it appears that is very likely the case.

Please continue to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. With the raging fire in northern Israel already claiming over 40 lives, it is imperative that we continue to pray for Israel and that this fire problem be resolved as quickly as possible. We need to also continue to pray for Israel in the ongoing Middle East "peace" process and that God guide his people as they deal with a world that is growing with anti-semitism. Until next time, stay tuned!

God bless.

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