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The Rapture Report - Will Assad Suffer Gaddafi's Fate?

Will Assad Suffer Gaddafi's Fate?
Written: 11-20-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Each day that passes there is more and more news coming out of Syria where reform protesters have been beaten, murdered, etc. at the hands of the ruling Bashar Assad regime. Today was not different as more than a dozen people were killed following demonstrations and protests even as the Assad regime supposedly made a deal with the Arab League to knock off the killings. A recent news article reported that the Assad regime promised to continue their crackdown on protesters and supposedly implied that they would not bow down to the protesters demands for reform. Many news articles these days have officials from various governments expressing that time is short for Assad and that his regime's days are numbered. The Jerusalem Post article confirmed Assad's plans to continue with his crackdowns on the protesters:

An Arab League deadline for Syria to end its repression of anti-government unrest passed with no sign of violence abating, and Syrian President Bashar Assad remained defiant in the face of growing international isolation. Assad said the crackdown in his country would continue in the face of pressure from the Arab League to end it, according to an interview published late on Saturday. "The conflict will continue and the pressure to subjugate Syria will continue," he told Britain's Sunday Times newspaper. "Syria will not bow down."

Saturday's deadline for the cessation of hostilities has passed and reports are out today that more than a dozen others were killed on Sunday. This continued violence and bloodshed has caused many to speculate about the future of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Israel National News website reported:

Saddam Hussein died by hanging, Muammar Qaddafi was shot in the head, and Syrian President Bashar Assad may be the next in line, says Defense Minister Ehud Barak. “I think that he [Assad] went beyond the point of no return, no way that he will he resume his authority or legitimacy,” Barak told the Halifax, Canada Security Forum Sunday. “And it’s clear to me that what happened a few weeks ago to Qaddafi... and what happened ultimately to Saddam Hussein, now might await him,” he added. As the Assad regime continues its daily slaughter of protesters, Barak said the end of his rule by his “iron fist…will weaken Hizbullah, it will weaken Hamas. In this regard, it's good, but it's not just good for Israel, but I believe it's good for the Middle East as a whole.”

As we can see here Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has thrown out his opinion on the growing problem in Syria and even suggests that Assad may suffer a fate comparable to Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi. While both were ultimately caught and killed, I have wondered if this fate would await Assad for doing something foolish like attacking Israel in order to try to deflect his growing problems at home. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 17 that Damascus (where Assad resides) is to one day be suddenly destroyed and cease to be a city anymore. With the reputation as being the "world's longest constantly inhabited" city I believe that something major will happen that will cause Damascus to be suddenly destroyed just as the Bible foretells. With the terrorist group Hezbollah operating out of Lebanon and Syria it would not be much stretch of the imagination to say that the potential for something major to happen on the border of Israel is very strong. Given that Damascus is not far from the Israeli border, previous news reports have indicated that a chemical attack by Hezbollah or Syria would be met with a devastating Israeli response (read nuclear weapons) on Damascus. I believe this scenario is very plausible, but then again I am merely speculating on how easy it would be for the Bible prophecy foretold in Isaiah 17 to be fulfilled.

As the time passes and more pressure continues to build on the Assad regime, I believe that it is quite possible that we could be watching a scenario where Assad makes the fatal mistake of drawing Israel into his problems and thereby causing much more damaged than he could have ever believed possible with the fulfillment of Isaiah 17. With the entire Islamic world seeing Israel as being weak right now, the truth of the matter is that Israel is far from weak. Israel is primed and has made numerous preparations in the event of war breaking out in the region.

As the pressure mounts on Assad, I believe that the chances of Bible prophecy being fulfilled soon will also increase. But as we have seen many times before, things in the Middle East have a tendency to build up and then calm down again. But the current situation facing Syrian President Bashar Assad is very different from any problems he has faced in the past. He has a very serious threat on his hands with the continued reform protesters. Something tends to tell me that he will face a fate far different and worse than that of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, he could face a fate where he finds himself going up in a puff of smoke. Another scenario could see Assad removed from power and hardcore fanatical Islamic movements take over Syria thereby leading them in to Isaiah 17. But regardless of how it happens, Damascus (and perhaps Assad) has a date with destiny and perhaps very soon.

As a watchman on the wall, I feel that it is imperative that we continue to watch the situation in Syria with great interest as we could possibly see Bible prophecy unfold. In the meantime continue to stay tuned!!

God bless.

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