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The Rapture Report - Iran "threatens" Russia over S-300 anti-aircraft systems

Iran "threatens" Russia over S-300 anti-aircraft systems
Written: 11-8-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report for 11/8/2009. Today we will examine an interesting article that appeared in today's news headlines. The first being that Iran has "threatened" Russia in that political ties will be harmed if Russia does not follow through on a previous signed deal agreement between the two countries to provide Iran with the advanced S-300 anti-aircraft systems. The Jerusalem Post reports:

A senior Iranian lawmaker warned Russia that its delay in delivering an anti-aircraft missile defense system to Teheran could harm relations between the two countries, state television reported Sunday. Russia signed a contract two years ago to sell the S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran but has not made any deliveries or given any explanation for the delay. The United States and Israel strongly oppose the deal because it would significantly boost Iran's air defense capabilities at a time of heightened tension over the country's nuclear program.

The article went on to acknowledge that Russia is basically "caught" in the middle of a very delicate situation whereby they are particpating (somewhat borderline at that) in working with the international community to make sure that the Iranian nuclear prgram does not turn into a military program, while at the same time they are the ones who are principally behind the Iran nuclear program. The article further reported:

The United States and Israel strongly oppose the deal because it would significantly boost Iran's air defense capabilities at a time of heightened tension over the country's nuclear program. Russia and the US are among six nations leading an effort to ensure Iran does not use what it maintains is a civilian nuclear program to develop an atomic bomb. But Moscow also has close ties with Iran and is helping build its first nuclear power plant, forcing Russia into a delicate balancing act.

We can see here that Russia is finding out the hard way that when they choose to side with the Islamic fanatical regimes in the Middle East, like those that run Iran, it can be hard to deal with them later in other areas. Russia's appeasement of the Islamic regime in Iran has now resulted in a Iranian "arm-twisting" over the S-300 missile systems. As a result, Russia will be forced to make a decision that will probably cause them to have to deliver the missile systems or they will face losses in further business deals with the Iranians. And one thing we know for sure about atheist and secular Russia is that everything revolves around money and anything can be bought or sold if the price is right. We have seen that with Russia's helping of the Iranians with their evil nuclear program. Russia has been hand feeding the Islamic alligator while it attacks and focuses on the West, but with this news article we are seeing that eventually the Islamic alligator will turn on the hand that feeds it and in this case that is Russia.

I believe that we need to keep watching the news for information about any possible movement of S-300 missiles into Iran by Russia, as that is believed to be a red line in the sand for Israel. Israel knows that if Iran obtains these anti-missile systems, that it will make an attack on the Iranian nuclear program much more difficult. And Israel would definitely want to attack the Iranian nuclear program before these missile systems are put into place if they are indeed sent to Iran. With an estimated February 2010 date for Iran to achieve a working nuclear wepaon, time is clearly running out for an Israeli strike. And that maybe why we are seeing a desperate attempt by the Iranians to obtain these anti-aircraft missile systems now as they are aware that at anytime they could be surprised by Israel.

With the breakdown in the Middle East peace process and the tremendous buildup of Iranian arms into the hands of the Iranian proxy terrorist organizations, the window of opportunity to strike Iran is just about shut. With no visible peace signs on the horizon in the Middle East, with Iran racing to the nuclear finish line, the obstacles in front of Israel to not strike Iran are diminishing. It is quite possible that we could be in the last days before Israel is forced to act. And once they do act I do believe this could be the falling of the "prophetic dominoes" that could lead us to further prophecy fulfillment.

Some Bible prophecy teachers and scholars believe that in the end times Israel will be forced to act upon her unruly neighbors resulting in the prophecies foretold in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17. And they in turn could lead to the major conflict described in Ezekiel 38-39. If this is true, we could very well be on the cusp of watching all these things unfold very soon. As students of Bible prophecy, let us be like watchmen on the wall and keep watching the news in the Middle East. The Lord told us that when we see the signs of the end times, that he would return to rapture his church before he poured out his wrath on the unbelieving and unrepentent world. With that, keep looking up, your redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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