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The Rapture Report - Palestinians searching for U.N. sponsored "alternate" path to two-state solution

Palestinians searching for U.N. sponsored "alternate" path to two-state solution
Written: 10-23-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's news there are some interesting articles talking about the possibility that the Palestinians may try to "skip out" of the U.S. sponsored "peace talks" and go to the U.N. in order to have a Palestinian state formed and recognized. This step is one that is calculated by the Palestinians as being an alternative to having to meet any Israeli demands for a genuine peace. The Palestinians reason that if they can bypass direct negotiations and have a state declared on 1967 lines, then they will be able to force their idea of a peace deal on the Israelis. While Netanyahu and company demand recognition of Israel as part of any peace agreement, this alternative of going to the U.N. to get their state is a devilish plot by the Palestinians to have the world community "force" a deal on Israel. The Haaretz news website reports:

President Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi King Abdullah discussed plans to persuade the United States to accept a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, a regional daily said Saturday. The Palestinian Authority's ambassador in Riyadh, Jamal al-Shobki, told Asharq al-Awsat newspaper the two leaders met in Riyadh to discuss plans for a Palestinian state after Israel refused to extend a moratorium on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank that expired late last month.


Both sides wanted the United States to accept the formation of an independent Palestinian state within the borders of 1967, prior to the Six-Day War where Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.The Palestinians and their Arab supporters have been contemplating turning to the United Nations for recognition of a Palestinian state without Israel's approval, despite US veto power at the UN Security Council.

The Arab League's member-states are expected to meet in two weeks to discuss alternatives presented by Abbas that could surpass direct Palestinian-Israeli talks, which have been stalled over the settlements issue.

As we can see from these excerpts the Palestinians are trying to find "alternative" ways to get around the settlement issue that has recently stalemated talks. The Palestinians are reportedly trying to get the U.S. to side with them and force Israel to either continue the construction freeze or recognize a Palestinian state along 1967 borders. The U.S. for their part has pressured Israel by breaking from previous U.S. policy and indicated to the Israelis that for not continuing the freeze that the U.S. might not veto U.N. resolutions aimed at Israel. This is a calculated move by the Obama administration and the "Imam-in-Chief" to give into his Islamic brothers and sisters while sacrificing Israel yet again at the altar of appeasement. This appeasement and pressure on Israel will only mean curses upon the U.S. per Genesis 12:3.

The Palestinians and Saudis discussed ways to create a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it's capital. This sort of outlandish plots are surely going to backfire on the Islamics as God will see to it that Israel remains in the land and is never scattered among the nations again. The Israel National News reports:

Saudi Arabian King Abdullah met in Riyadh with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Friday regarding negotiations with Israel over an Israeli retreat from Judea and Samaria, AFP reported. According to the report, the two leaders discussed "developments in the Palestinian issue and efforts exerted to put the peace process back on the right path." Abbas and Abdullah discussed the international community's role in pressuring Israel "to achieve a just and comprehensive peace," with a PA-controlled state "on its national soil, with Jerusalem as a capital," according to the report.

This attempt to create a Palestinian state is doomed to fail as even as a U.N. representative was on record this week as saying that the reality of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it's capital was almost non-existent due to the current stalemate of talks and continued Israeli construction. This is another reason why the Palestinians are trying hard to find other ways to accomplish their evil deeds by dividing the land of Israel.

As if the Islamics were not causing enough trouble for the Israelis, the Vatican decides to throw it's hate into the situation and is currently calling for Israel to end it's "occupation" of Palestinian "territories". The RCC called on Israel to quit using the Bible "to justify" occupation of so called Palestinian lands. This is ironic considering there has never been a "Palestinian" nation in the world's history. Further, the RCC said that there was "no longer a chosen people" which is absolutely contrary to what the Bible says. The Bible says that in the last days God will recall his chosen people back into their homeland which was fulfilled in 1948 with the rebirth of the modern state of Israel. God still has plans for the Jews and those plans will not be derailed by the anti-semites in the Vatican or at the U.N. The God of Israel will see that his perfect plan for the redemption of mankind as well as Israel will remain on track.

This historical revisionism is currently a hot trend in the world as the anti-semite international community continues to grow colder and colder towards Israel with each passing day. Israel is often seen as the source of the world's problems and there is a growing belief among anti-semites everywhere that if Israel were to just cease to exist that the world's problems would be solved. This is certainly not the case. The RCC has a long history of anti-semitism and allegorical approach to prophecy as the early RCC fathers saw themselves in Revelation. They did not like what Revelation said about the demise of the RCC and as a result switched from a literal approach to prophecy to one of an allegorical approach. This way they could spiritualize away the things they did not like and make them out to be more favorable to the RCC. This kind of anti-semitism is also seen in the doctrine of "replacement theology" that has slowly but surely crept into the modern day church. Replacement Theology basically teaches that the Israelis have been replaced by the church as the chosen people because the Jews rejected the Messiah. This replacement theology has blossomed as anti-semitism continues to grow in many of today's modern churches. We can see this sort of anti-semitism in action in that many church denominations have called for "divestment" away from Israel in an effort to promote the Palestinian cause at the expense of the Jewish state.

It is my opinion that while the prophetic stage is continuing to be put into place for fulfillment of the ancient prophecies, we are currently watching Satan play around with the puzzle pieces on the prophetic board until he finds a fit that he likes. In the meantime, Christians need to continue to pray for Israel and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. the evil forces in the world continue to work night and day in order to bring about their Satanic plans to destroy Israel and bring about a global world government. But let us not worry about the things of this world, the God of Israel is awake and watching intensely as the world carries on. The one who sits on the throne in Heaven neither sleeps nor slumbers. Nothing is catching him off guard. Let us continue to watch the news and the events taking place in the Middle East, the current predictions are that there will be a war in the region before the end of the year. Whether that happens or not, remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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