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The Rapture Report - Israel ready to strike Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza

Israel ready to strike Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza
Written: 10-10-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

It is being reported by reliable sources that Israel is ready to strike Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza should missiles and rockets be fired at Tel Aviv. With the current stalemate in the Middle East concerning the so called "peace process" the tension in the region is growing with each passing day.

With Lebanon being completely over-run by the Iranian backed Hezbollah terrorist group, there have been rumblings on the northern borders of Israel as a result of the "protests" being waged by everyday Syrians against the brutal regime of current leader Bashar Assad. It is being reported that Assad is feeling the heat so to speak as his government struggles to quell and suppress the political risings on the ground that are demanding his ouster. Just about everyday we are hearing reports of "killings" taking place in Syria as opposition protesters are systematically eliminated by the Assad regime.

According to the Israel Today website it is being reported that Israeli government officials have warned the Assad regime about causing trouble. Israel Today reports:

Israeli officials have reportedly warned Syrian dictator Bashar Assad that if he uses the downfall of his regime as an excuse to launch missiles at Tel Aviv, Israel will respond with a massive assault against Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

Unnamed Israeli government sources told News First Class that the threat was relayed to Assad via European intelligence agencies. The Israeli counter-threat came just days after Iran's Fars news agency quoted Assad telling Turkey's foreign minister that he would launch hundreds of ballistic missiles at Tel Aviv if the West interferes in his violent crackdown on pro-democracy protestors in Syria.

Apparently Syrian President Assad is worried that with the continued brutal crackdown on protesters that he could very well end up a "target" of NATO or some other Western backed alliance that would form to help stop the killings. It is these exact kind of political killings of the opposition that have paved the way for destabilization and/or regime changes in places like Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, etc.

Assad apparently is very much afraid that there is a very real possibility that he could be "ousted" from office if things started going downhill with the West. In return, Assad would try to hedge his bets that in order to stay in power he would need to deflect the pressure against him to another outlet and of course Israel is the favorite scapegoat of the entire Middle East. If someone sneezes in the Middle East, it's Israel's fault. Brainwashed populations that believe such radical nonsense are of course the norm in the Middle East. But what Assad doesn't anticipate is that any launching of missiles and rockets at Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city, would be met with a response that I don't think they have readied themselves for. This is where Bible prophecy watchers need to keep in mind the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 prophecies as they are probably the next item on the list for fulfillment outside of the rapture of the church which could happen at anytime.

Further, the Israel Today article went on to report:

"If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," Assad reportedly said. Israel's threat included Lebanon and Gaza because Assad is said to have boasted that his own missile barrage on Tel Aviv would be complemented by Hizballah and Hamas attacks on Israel. Were that scenario to play out, Assad is also reportedly confident that Iran would launch an attack on US warships in the Persian Gulf.

The rationale behind such a crazy move like firing rockets at Tel Aviv could be seen by Assad as having nothing to lose and cement his legacy as an enemy of the Zionist entity. Whatever happens in the Middle East will happen but what the Islamics feel will be certain victory will be just one of several setbacks they will receive in the face of attacking Israel. You would think by now that the Islamics would hang up the opposition to Israel and try to make peace, but the truth is that Islam will never allow for genuine peace to be made. True peace will only occur when the "Prince of Peace" Jesus Christ returns and rules with an iron rod from the throne of David in Jerusalem. May that happen speedily in our days. In the meantime, it is now more important than ever to keep watching the Middle East as it shows signs of bursting at the seams. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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