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The Rapture Report - Israeli Political Turmoil Continues

Israeli Political Turmoil Continues
Written: 9-28-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report. We will be looking at developments in the Middle East and in particular with the State of Israel. During the last Rapture Report we noted that Israeli FM Tzipi Livni had been declared the winner of the recent Kadima political party primary. Livni narrowly defeated current Israeli Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz for the party's top political spot. After taking some time off, Mofaz has returned to the political scene announcing that he is ready to work with Livni.

However, recent articles are hinting that Livni is having trouble putting together a viable coalition to form the next Israeli government. A Jerusalem Post article is reporting that Livni has told the Kadima party to prepare for elections after Livni made the public comments in order to pressure the heads of the Labor and Shas parties. The article reports:

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni instructed Kadima Director-General Adi Sternberg to begin preparing the party for a general election that would ensue if she were unable to form a new coalition, Livni told the Kadima faction Sunday at the party's headquarters in Petah Tikva. Sources close to Livni said she made a point of mentioning her instructions to Sternberg when the cameras were rolling in order to send a message to the heads of Labor and Shas. They said she said the same thing when she met briefly with Labor chairman Ehud Barak during Sunday's cabinet meeting.


"I believe that it is possible to end the current political uncertainty immediately," Livni told the faction. "That is our responsibility and that of the other faction heads. But Kadima has to also be ready for elections. I am trying to form a government and this is our top priority, but a party has to be ready for elections."

As we noted earlier, there are signs that Livni is currently facing an uphill battle in order to put together a viable coalition government. I believe that Livni's remarks are aimed to pressure the Labor and Shas parties into compromising and joining the new government. However, I do believe that Livni would prefer to avoid general elections at all costs. Current political polls in Israel have former PM Netanyahu leading at this time. Livni would certainly not want to see Netanyahu return as PM. The pressure on Labor and Shas is aimed to force them into the newly created coalition, as their political future would be uncertain in a future Netanyahu administration.

Livni has voiced confidence recently that she was not afraid of general elections, but I do not believe that she would really want to risk the potential political consequences of losing a general election. Especially with political polls showing Netanyahu in the lead against her. Livni's best bet would be to put together a coalition and get back to government business.

For Netanyahu's part, he has publically called Livni to head to general elections. Another Jerusalem Post article reports:

Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that the Likud would not join any government established by Kadima's new leader, Tzipi Livni. "We are not joining the failure. We are the alternative to the failure," Netanyahu told reporters at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. "What we need is a change of policy, not more of the same failed policy. This is why this government should be replaced," Netanyahu added.

Netanyahu went on to further state:

"After a dramatic development such as the resignation of a prime minister, only one thing should happen, and that is going to general elections," Netanyahu said. "It is unprecedented that a small group of Kadima members should determine who Israel's prime minister is," he said. "The decision must be given to the people. Setting a date for general elections is the responsible, the decent and the democratic thing to do. The nation should decide who leads it, and in which direction."

So, what ultimately happens to forming a new government coalition with Livni remains to be seen. We need to keep an eye on the political situation in Israel as the situation remains fluid and dynamic at this time.

On the military front, Israel faces more hostile rhetoric from her enemies. A Haaretz newspaper article show Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah declaring that:

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on Friday told a crowd of supporters in a televised address that Jerusalem and Palestine would soon be returned to their rightful owners. "I think that if you consider current developments," Nasrallah told thousands of Shiite Hezbollah backers at a rally in Beirut, "the return of Jerusalem and Palestine is not far off, and could even happen in the near future."

Nasrallah also went on to say:

"No one has the right to give up a grain of soil in the holy land," said Nasrallah, speaking through a video link on a giant screen. He added that "Jerusalem must return to its rightful owners and it will, God willing."

What Hassan Nasrallah does not understand is that the land is currently in the hands of the people it belongs to. The fact is the land of Israel is actually greater than the current state of Israel borders. The true "occupiers" of the Israeli land are the Jews not the so called "Palestinians". This term "Palestinians" is actually misleading as there has never been a distinct "Palestinian" people in the history of the world. There has never been a Palestinian currency, culture, language, etc. The current people called "Palestinians" are nothing more than Islamic refugees from neighboring Islamic countries. The Bible tells us that the rightful owners of the land are the Israelis. God gave them the land and he expects that they hold on to it. We need to continue to support Israel and her God given right to the land.

An Israel National News article shows that the PA is currently up to their no good tricks of trying to deny the Jewish claims to the Holyland. A current news article reports:

The Palestinian Authority, run by PLO Fatah chief Mahmoud Abbas, is again making efforts to popularize Muslim denial of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, especially to the site of the two Jewish Temples. The PA claims fly in the face of the archaeological evidence, as well as the history of Jerusalem as endorsed by the most authoritative Muslim sources.

Despite the tricks and evil plans of the Islamists, the Bible tells us that the land will remain in the hands of the Israelis. The Lord has promised them that once they return to the land a seconf time that he would never again allow them to be uprooted from the land. I believe the Lord will follow through with his word and we can take trust in that this will be fulfilled. No matter what the Islamists plot, their plans will not succeed.

The Jeruslaem Post is also reporting that IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei is warning that Iran is closing in on developing nuclear weapons.

The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog has warned that Iran is one of several countries on the path to possessing the ingredients for making a nuclear weapon, according to a German newspaper report Friday. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei said there was a list of countries that have both the fissile material and the technical means to assemble an atomic weapon within a few months, according to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily. "Iran is also on this path," ElBaradei was quoted as saying.

After numerous years of political diplomacy and toothless sanctions, Iran is still pursuing their evil nuclear program in defiance of UN resolution's calling for a halt to such programs. Iran is apparently not concerned at all that the international community will do anything about their illegal activities. In fact, it was announced the other day that the UN had passed another empty resolution basically saying and demanding nothing new. These sort of toothless sanctions and resolutions are having absolutely no effect on the Iranians. The toothless sanctions and resolutions just show to the Iranians that the international community is not serious about doing anything regading their illegal nuclear activities.

I believe in the end that the US and/or Israel will be confronted with the realization that only a military strike will change the situation on the ground. At this time, many analysts believe that the US will not do anything. Most analysts feel that Israel will be left to take care of the Iranian problem. It is my prayer that the US will at least provide logisitics and aerial refueling support for the Israelis if we do not do anything else. The world simply can't afford a nuclear Iran.

Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for the salvation of the lost in the world. Time is clearly running out and the storm clouds on the horizon are definitely getting darker.

God bless.

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