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The Rapture Report - US Sending Bunker Busters to Israel

US Sending Bunker Busters to Israel
Written: 9-16-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to the Rapture Report where we look at current events in light of Bible Prophecy. The news in Israel the last few days has been pretty tense. Israel is currently in preparations for the Kadima political party elections to find a replacement for the disgraced Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Elections will be held tomorrow with Tzipi Livni expected to edge out Israel's Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz for the party's top spot.

In Russia, President Medvedev is reported saying that if there is an attack on Iran that the entire world would be endangered. A Haaretz Newspaper article goes on to report:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Friday, "We know that certain players are planning an attack against Iran. But we oppose any unilateral step and military solution to the nuclear crisis," he added. Speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club, an annual forum of opinion-makers in Moscow, Medvedev also said, "The world does not need to tighten its sanctions on Iran at this time."

Bible prophecy watchers should take note of the increasing ties between Russia and Iran in light of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies about a Russian led invasion of Israel in the last days. Russia is providing Iran with diplomatic and political coverage as seen in the above quotes. While we could be awhile before the Ezekiel 38-39 situation materializes, we can definitely see that the alliances between these two powers is slowly but surely moving into place.

In other news, a Russian official is quoted in RIA Novosti as saying that the US could use Georgia as a launchpad for an invasion of Iran. Russia's NATO envoy stated:

At a news conference at NATO headquarters in Brussels Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian intelligence had obtained information indicating that the Georgian military infrastructure could be used for logistical support of U.S. troops if they launched an attack on Iran. "This is another reason why Washington values Saakashvili's regime so highly," Rogozin said, adding that the United States had already started "active military preparations on Georgia's territory" for an invasion of Iran. "Georgia's president is ready to make his nation a virtual hostage of a risky military gamble," he said.

Here we can see that the Russians are further trying to escalate the situation over Georgia and justify their strong-armed tactics over their smaller neighbor. In my opinion, Russia is trying to perform a political "sleight of hand" and switch the tables on the international community who has at this point condemned the Russians for their Georgia military offensive. I think Russia is trying to use a hypothetical scenario to further justify their evil intentions of bringing their former soviet states back into the Moscow sphere of influence. The world should be concerned about these developments and should watch the Russians as the Bible paints a bigger picture showing Russian aggression in the future concerning the state of Israel and the apple of God's eyes.

Another interesting news article comes from the Israel National News agency and states that the IAEA has discovered that Iran has tried to prepare it's longest reaching missile to carry a nuclear warhead. The article goes on to state:

Iran attempted to prepare its longest-reaching missile to carry a nuclear warhead, according to the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.), which gave a presentation on the topic on Tuesday. Iranian officials accused the agency of fabricating the information in its report. The missile in question is the Shahab-3, which has a range of 1,250 miles. The I.A.E.A. announced Monday that Iran was refusing to cooperate with investigations into its nuclear program, leading some countries to threaten new sanctions. Iranian diplomats denied the charges, saying they had cooperated and accusing the agency of being difficult to work with.

As we can see from these reports it should be clear to the casual observer that Iran's declarations that it's nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes is simply a diversion from the real truth that Iran intends to develop and use nuclear weapons. This shows that the international community's suspicions over the Iranian nuclear program are with merit and valid. With international sanctions being basically ineffective at this point, Iran has continued down the nuclear path and that will be bad news for Israel and the rest of the world.

In my opinion, the only way the Iranian nuclear program will be stopped is through precision military air strikes that completely destroy or disrupt the Iranian nuclear program. Iran has effectively stonewalled the international community for the last 4 years while pressing ahead with their evil nuclear program. Iran appears to only understand the language of force, and it is apparent to even the most casual observer that this appears to be the only option in stopping Iran. Meaningful sanctions still have not been applied to Tehran, and if there was a genuine interest in stopping Iran these sanctions should have been applied years ago. If they had, we might very well be in a different position than the one we find ourselves in today.

In a sign that Israel could be preparing for a strike on Iran, Israel National News is reporting that the US is selling 1,000 bunker busting bombs to Israel. The article reports:

The U.S. government has agreed to sell 1,000 satellite-guided "mini-bunker-buster" bombs to Israel. Meanwhile, a U.S. Defense Department official on Friday hinted at informal nuclear defense arrangements with Israel. Boeing's Guided Bomb Unit (GBU)-39 bomb, weighing in at just 113 kilograms (250 pounds), was developed for penetrating fortified targets located underground. The U.S. decision to sell the munitions to Israel was somewhat of a retreat from a refusal last week to supply the IDF with the more powerful two-ton GBU-29 bunker-busters, despite earlier commitments to do so. In 2005, the Bush administration authorized the sale of 100 GBU-29s to Israel in a proposed deal worth around $30 million. The currently approved deal will be worth a total of $77 million.

The significance of articles like these is that they hint or point to a possible strike on the Iranians by the Israelis. These type of situations should raise eyebrows for watchers of Bible prophecy. I have long thought that a strike on Iran could be a catalyst for the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario as such a strike would enrage both Russia and Iran. This would be a good time for "Gog" to have his "evil thought" that is spoken of in Ezekiel.

However the situation plays out in the Middle East, one thing is certain that God's word will be fulfilled exactly as he has foretold it. While we have the big picture in Bible prophecy we do not have the precise details, which is why we should stay sober and watching at all times. God's plans for the end times are about to be fulfilled, let us stay focused and watching for the blessed hope of the Rapture that is sure not to be far off.

God bless.

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