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The Rapture Report - PA official: We won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state

PA official: We won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state
Written: 09-08-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

After the historic peace summit and talks that took place last week, it did not take long before the true nature and intentions of the Palestinians began to surface. Today it is being reported that the Palestinians have stated that they will refuse to recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. These remarks come one day after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also stated that he would not make "even one" concession at all to the Israelis as it concerned the core issues. I believe that Netanyahu strategically brought up the request of Israel to be recognized as a Jewish state to show that the Palestinians are not serious about peace. He seems to have rung the bell with this move. The Haaretz news website is reporting:

The Palestinian Authority will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, even though the PA acknowledges there is a Jewish majority in Israel, senior Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath said at a press conference in Ramallah on Wednesday. According to Shaath, the Palestinian negotiating team turned down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request to discuss the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state during the upcoming round of peace talks in Sharm el-Sheikh next week.

Palestinian negotiator Shaath also went on to say:

Shaath said that the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state would harm Israel's Arab citizens and negate the right of return of Palestinian refugees. Shaath added that any future peace agreement with Israel would be brought before the Palestinian people in a referendum. "If we're on the verge of a peace agreement, we will need complete unity," he said.

Looking at this situation it is clear that Israel does not have a genuine peace partner in the Palestinians. The Palestinians continue to expect all the concessions in the peace talks to come from Israel, while they do absolutely nothing but outreach their hands and expect everything to be given to them. This shows that the goal of the Palestinians is nothing more than the destruction of the state of Israel.

The reason I would say this is that the current peace talks vision two states living side by side in peace. One state being the Jewish state of Israel and the other being the Palestinian state. As mentioned in yesterday's Rapture Report, Palestinian President Abbas has said that he will not make even one concession to the Israelis in order to reach a peace agreement and that a future Palestinian state would be "Jew-free" both militarily and civilian. This essentially means that Jews would not be welcome to live in a future Palestinian state. So where does that leave the Jews to live. Of course that would be in Israel. The Jewish state. The idea is that Palestinians would live in the Palestinian state and as a result there will be no need for a "right of return" to Israel for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. They would simply settle in the newly formed Palestinian state. However, the Palestinians have shown that this is not the case. The Palestinians want their own state as well as the right to "return" to Israel and live among the Jews just as they do now. These are the same Palestinians that live like murderous thugs in Israel today. So essentially, the Palestinians want their cake and they want to eat it, too.

Denying Israel the opportunity to be a Jewish state is another way of continuing to influence the affairs of the Israeli state by being a "fifth column" in the state. We see regularly the troubles that Palestinians cause in the Knesset as they take part in flotillas to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. The truth is that the Palestinians need to once and for all leave the Israeli state for good. Nothing good is going to come about their continued existence in an Israeli state. Israel is completely surrounded on her borders by Palestinian terrorists as well as the Iranian proxy terrorist groups. The Israelis hope to reach a peace deal that will allow each group of people to fulfill their own destinies without interference from the other. This is the Israeli desire, but it appears that the Palestinians just want to make a "land grab" while continuing to set the stage for the same situation to take over in the newly formed and smaller state of Israel. This is a satanic land grab aimed at trying to chisel piece after piece of Israel away from the Jews.

As a result of this sort of ridiculous behavior by the Palestinians and their recent declarations that they will not work towards a lasting peace, it is my desire to see Israel declare the peace talks "dead in the water" and for them to walk away forever in trying to make peace with a people that has shown time and time again that their own intention is to destroy Israel. Israel should start work on changing the laws in Israel to strip voting rights and other essential "privileges" away from non-Jews so that the Jewish people in Israel can fulfill their desire for self-determination. If left to the Palestinians and other "mediators" on the world stage, Israel will end up in a terrible situation in which she loses land and becomes even less safe than ever before. The hole the Israelis are digging themselves in gets deeper with each passing day. It's high time the Israelis thumbed their nose at the Palestinians and the rest of the world, and quit this silly game called the "piece process" in the Middle East.

In light of Bible prophecy, it is my belief that the talks between the Palestinians and Israelis will remain deadlocked and in a stalemate. This should be of no surprise to watchers of Bible prophecy as the Bible predicts that conflict and war is on the horizon as declared in Psalm 83 and in Ezekiel 38-39. The failure of the peace talks to produce fruit will spur the region further down the path of conflict. But as watchers of Bible prophecy we know that God is watching very careful the entire situation that is unfolding in the region. His anger is building up slowly but surely, and one day soon he will make a dramatic entrance so that the entire world will know that he is the God of Israel. That day is getting closer and closer with each passing day. Let us continue to watch the region and especially the current "piece talks" that are taking place in the region. If the talks continue to go downhill we may very well see a major conflict in the near future. Stay tuned!!

God bless.

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