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The Rapture Report - Deception, Confusion, and Diplomacy

Deception, Confusion, and Diplomacy
Written: 9-6-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In recent days we have seen many reports of confusion and uncertainty in the Middle East. In fact, that is hardly surprising giving the current event sin the Middle East. We've seen in the past few days that there have been comments made that striking the Iranian nuclear facilities would bring about "catastrophic" results. However, many comentators and news report writers have often failed to look at the world scenario should one of the most active state sponsors of terrorism should obtain nuclear weapons. They have failed to consider the world scenario if Iran obtained these weapons and then secretly passed them off to terror groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Many of the liberal left publications focus only on one sid eof the coin, while completely ignoring the opposite side. The simple and oftentimes avoided truth is that the world will be a much more dangerous place should the mad mullahs in Tehran reach their ambitions of a nuclear Iran.

In a recent Haaretz Newspaper article Syria's president Assad is reported to have said:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday that any attack on Iran would be a disaster and he pledged to help find a peaceful solution to the nuclear dispute between the West and Tehran. "Nobody in the world will be able to bear the consequences of any action that is not peaceful because it would not result in a solution but in a disaster," Assad said after meeting French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the Syrian capital. "Obviously there is a lack of confidence between Iran and the countries involved in this issue. We will continue our efforts for dialogue," he said.

Trumpeting basically the same comments, French President Sarkozy is quoted in a Jerusalem Post article saying:

The Iranian nuclear program is a dangerous gamble which may lead to a "catastrophic" Israeli military strike, French President Nicholas Sarkozy warned on Thursday. "Iran is taking a very big chance when it continues with the process of attaining nuclear weapons - and on that we are certain," Sarkozy said during a press conference in Damascus. "We may wake up to the day when Israel - regardless of who is in charge - attacks. The question here is not whether an attack of this sort is legitimate or worthwhile," he continued. "The question is what will be done in that instance. It would be a catastrophe and we must prevent it," Sarkozy concluded.

Once again, not much is said about the possible "catastrophic" scenario should the mad mullahs in Iran obtain nuclear weapons. Most of the comments are centered around the disruption that would happen afterwards of any military strike. It appears to me that the world is more concerned about the immediate conditions after a strike, as opposed to the long term and more serious threat of having a fanatical regime in Tehran running around with nuclear weapons. The fact is the international community has basically done what they always do, and that is put short term effects (gas prices, energy supply, etc.) above the more serious long term effects (global threat of nuclear proliferation, international blackmail, terrorist grousp with nukes, etc.). And with a serious situation like the Iranian nuclear program, now is not the time to think only in short term effects. Basically taking the short term approach is a form of appeasement, and this kind of appeasement is what has caused the Iranians to get this far down the nuclear path. We need to pray that our international leaders develop the backbone to take a strong stand on the issues.

In one of the last Rapture Report installments, I talked about how Israel's enemies were not seeking true peace, but were in fact seeking to obtain as much as they could through "diplomacy" while intending to carry out their satanic plans for the destruction of Israel. A recent Jerusalem Post article Assad is reported to have made the following comments:

Hours after reiterating his commitment to pursuing a peaceful solution to his country's conflict with Israel, Assad said that he had no intention of severing strategic ties with Hizbullah. In an interview with the Islamist group's Al-Manar television station on Thursday, Assad stressed that "Syria has no interest in relinquishing its ties with Hizbullah. The Syrian stance towards Hizbullah remains unchanged. Our attitude toward the resistance is clear wherever it may be; against the occupation in Iraq, Lebanon or Palestine," the Syrian president said.

It's these kinds of comments that show that nothing Israel does will ever change anything on the gorund. The Israelis can give away all the land they can, but Israel's enemies will just seek more until there is finally nothing left to give. The enemies of Israel are driven by a satanic hatred of Israel that knows no limits.

To further illustrate, Palestinian president Abbas is quoted yesterday while meeting with Egyptian president Mubarak in saying that Jerusalem and the right of return were inalienable Palestinian rights. Abbas' comments were recorded in a Haaretz Newspaper article:

Abbas said that the "solution that the Palestinians seek will have to include all the issues surrounding a permanent agreement." In his remarks, he stressed how important these issues are to the Palestinian people, saying that "Jerusalem and the right of return are inalienable Palestinian rights, too."

Also, Syria's Foreign Minister Walid Muallem got into the act and said that:

Israel's withdrawal to the June 4, 1967 lines is non-negotiable and is the basis for the start of direct talks between Israel and Syria, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Friday. Muallem told A-Sharq Alawsat that the next round of indirect talks would be "decisive and important" and would deal with border issues. He stressed that Damascus was prepared to continue the indirect talks for the moment, since his country had "stamina."

We can see by these articles that the enemies of Israel are using diplomacy as an attempt to wrestle as much concessions away from Israel as they can. Armed resistence and funding/support of terrorists will remain unchanged in the ultimate desire to rid the Middle East of Israel.

We can see that only the return of the Lord Jesus Christ will peace be able to be brought permanently to the Middle East. Only then will the Lord put an end to the hostilities that have plagued the descendents of Abraham ever since. It is my desire that we all pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for everyone in the world, especially those in the Middle East who are on the front lines of this spiritual war.

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem. God bless.

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