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The Rapture Report - U.S. to Israel: Apologize to Turkey or else

U.S. to Israel: Apologize to Turkey or else
Written: 08-17-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In the news today we find an interesting report where the United States is applying pressure to Israel to apologize to Turkey for the flotilla incident of 2011. So far the Israelis are standing firm as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Israel would not apologize to Turkey. I applaud Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for standing firm in the face of this ridiculous demand from the Obama administration. It is quite clear that Obama has once again put the interests and wishes of the Islamists before the interests of our wonderful ally Israel. This should cause every American to be filled righteous anger for this "appeasement" to the Islamists. Obama is once again showing his true colors when it comes to Israel. The YNetNews website reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that Israel will not apologize to Turkey over the 2010 flotilla incident, despite an earlier demand by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to do so. Clinton spoke with Netanyahu, asking Israel to apologize to Turkey for killing nine of its citizens aboard the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara ship in May 2010. However, Netanyahu made it clear that given the current situation in the Middle East, Israel will not issue an apology.

In an effort to continue to apply pressure to Israel, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called on Israel to apologize for the flotilla incident that they started and that if Israel did not bow down to this demand that the relations between Israel and Turkey would worsen. Apparently President Obama has put the temporary interests of the Turks in front of the long term interests of the Israelis as it is well known that the Turks will not just accept an apology and that be the end of it. No, the Turks would use that apology and take it further to possibly trying to get the soldiers involved in the incident tried and convicted as well as damage Israel's standing in the world community for merely defending themselves. The YNetNews articles went on to further report:

Later on Wednesay, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said it would be impossible for Turkish-Israeli ties to improve unless Israel apologised and paid compensation for the killing of the nine Turks. Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference in Istanbul that "if the Palmer Report does not contain an apology, both sides and the United States know what we will do." He did not elaborate. "Israel is facing a choice: deeper relations with Turkey or open a gap with the Turkish state that will not be overcome very easily," he said.

It is my understanding that the Palmer report has been delayed since about last month in an effort to give the Israelis and Turks a chance to smooth out the incident but so far both sides have held firm on their demands, as well as on what they will and will not do. Apparently the Palmer Report is due out in just three days from now and is sure to increase tensions in the region as it is expected to conclude that Israel acted appropriately and that Turkey probably "stirred the pot" by organizing the flotilla crisis that left nine Turkish citizens dead.

The pressure being exerted on Israel is starting to increase as the Israel diplomats have received reports and letters from the American side that the deteriorating relations between Israel and Turkey are causing problems for American interests in the region. It appears that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken up with the "no apology" camp that includes the position of Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon. whereas on the other hand it is reported that Israeli Foreign Minister Ehud Barak and Dan Meridor have called for Israel to resolve the difference with Turkey. It is just like Ehud Barak to jump in the middle of the a mess and muddy the waters with his liberal and foolish political positions. Dovish political positions are not the way to deal with the Islamists as it is seen as appeasement and a sign of weakness. This is something that Barak has failed time and time again to understand. He should have learned this lesson when Gaza was handed over to the terrorists and the mess that has been made there. But the "Mr. Magoo" of Israel finds a way some how to always end up in the middle of a mess and make it worse with his appeasement.

Part of the reason that the U.S. is pressuring Israel to resolve differences with Turkey is that the U.S. is trying to use relations with Turkey to help stabilize the situation in Syria and see the ouster of Assad. However, with the ongoing problems between Ankara and Jerusalem, this is making difficult the efforts of the U.S. in the region. In fact, the U.S has gone as far as to threaten to pull support from Israel at the U.N. next month when the Palestinians take their statehood bid to New York. The YnetNews website reports:

Three days before the submission of the Palmer Report on events surrounding the flotilla to Gaza, the American pressure is growing. According to Israeli diplomats in Washington, US officials had even implied that it would be difficult for the US to persuade other nations to reject the Palestinians' UN statehood bid in September if Jerusalem refuses to apologize to Turkey. Meanwhile, Turkey – which is aware of the American pressure on Israel – is applying its own pressure on the UN to scrap or postpone the submission of the Palmer Report until Israel issues an apology.

As we get closer and closer to September and the inevitable Palestinian statehood bid I would expect as we have seen that political pressure will continue to mount on Israel to make concessions and "goodwill gestures" in order to appease the Islamists. However, it is my opinion that these things would be foolish for the Israelis to give in to and would in the end only make things worse for them. So far it looks like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has deflected the pressure, but as the articles pointed out that pressure is continuing to grow against Israel. It appears to me that the time for fence sitting is over and come next month the world will have to decide which side of the fence they are going to stand on. And this is one decision that will carry alot of weight in the eyes of the God of Israel. It is my prayer that the Obama administration will think very hard before continuing to pressure Israel on the Palestinian statehood bid as well as with the situation with Turkey. Both will and can have a very negative effect on Israel in the future.

Let us continue to pray for Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is clear that time is short and that the prophetic puzzle pieces are lining up for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Let us continue to be watchmen on the wall and warn those around us of the danger ahead. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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