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The Rapture Report - The Russian Bear points his Fingers

The Russian Bear points his Fingers
Written: 8-16-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In this edition of the Rapture Report, we will look at the ongoing Russia/Georgia conflict and how things are shaping up in the Middle East region. In regards to the situation with Russia and Georgia, Russia still has not made much progress in withdrawing troops despite pledges to the international community to withdraw. In return, Georgian officials remain defiant in the face of the Russian occupation.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, Hebollah leader Nasrallah is on record stating that Georgia lost the conflict with Russia because of poor Israel military planning and training. According to the YNet News website, Nasrallah is on record stating:

In a speech marking the two-year anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah mocked Israel's political and military leadership. "The entire front line of the army's brass stepped down because of the war. Gal Hirsch, who was defeated in Lebanon, went to Georgia and they too lost because of him," laughed Nasrallah.

Nasrallah also went on to claim that:

Hirsch, a brigadier-general in the reserves, served as commander of the IDF's Galilee Division during the war and resigned in its wake. In recent years he consulted the Georgian army on the establishment of elite units and rearmament, and gave various courses in the fields of combat intelligence and fighting in built-up areas. "Relying on Israeli experts and weapons, Georgia learned why the Israeli generals failed," proclaimed Nasrallah, "what happened in Georgia is a message to all those the Americans are seeking to entangle in dangerous adventures."

While Nasrallah was boasting and making political points at home, those who were involved directly in training Georgia armed forces reported that they were not surprised at the outbreak of hostilities between Georgia and Russia. According to the Haaretz Newspaper it was reported that IDF military veterans stated that:

"There was an atmosphere of war about to break out. We received basic background about tensions between Georgia and Russia, but most of what I learned came from talking to the soldiers. From my point of view, the battles of the past few days were to be expected."

According to an unnamed IDF veteran who contracted military training with the Georgia military:

The Israelis, who were stationed at bases throughout the country, were to carry out battalion-level infantry and reconnaissance training. "Israel Ziv and Gal Hirsch would come from time to time and watch us in action, but we managed day-to-day operations ourselves," L. said.

Russia in turn pointed a finger at Israel as being an indirect participant in the Russia/Georgia conflict by supplying the Georgian military with arms, training, and other military assets. In a Jerusalem Post article the Russian deputy army chief made the following accusations regarding Israel:

Russia's deputy army chief, Col.-Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, accused Israel on Tuesday of arming the Georgian military with mines, explosive charges, special explosives for clearing minefields and eight kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Nogovitsyn also went on to report:

"In 2007, Israeli experts trained Georgian commandos in Georgia and there were plans to supply heavy weaponry, electronic weapons, tanks and other arms at a later date, but the deal didn't work out," Nogovitsyn told a Moscow press conference. Nogovitsyn also said that the Russian soldiers had detained 20 mercenaries near the Georgian city of Poti, including three Arabs, all wearing Georgian army uniforms. Nogovitsyn also said that Israeli troops in 2007 had trained Georgian commando troops.

In contrast, a Georgian official made the following summary of foreign troops and advisors assisting the Georgia military:

Georgia's Deputy Defense Minister Batu Kutelia said that Georgian corporals and sergeants train with German alpine units, the navy work with French instructors and special operations and urban warfare troops are taught by Israelis.

To me, the Russians have taken both the US and Israel to task for helping the Georgians and are basically indirectly pointing the finger at them for being the cause behind the conflict. Russia is very wary of Western influence in the territories that were under their direct control during the USSR days. On another note, any tension between Russia and Israel should be of keen interest to students of Bible prophecy. While it is too early to say if this will result in the eventual fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39, it should cause Bible prophecy watchers to take note and keep their eyes focused on the Russia/Georgia conflict as it has a fair chance of widening later into the Middle East region. Let us be sober and alert over the coming days as the world continues to experience turmoil and confusion as the end times chess pieces move around the board.

God bless.

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