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The Rapture Report - Ex-CIAers to Obama: Israel Might Attack Iran This Month

Ex-CIAers to Obama: Israel Might Attack Iran This Month
Written: 08-05-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

An article appearing in the news today reports that several former CIA officials have warned U.S. President Obama that Israel could strike Iran as soon as this month. This report was written by the anti-Iraq war group called VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity). The Israel National News article reports:

A group of former CIA officials warns U.S. President Obama that Israel might attack Iran “even within a month,” and that Obama bears responsibility for having praised Netanyahu. “We write to alert you to the likelihood that Israel will attack Iran as early as this month,” the open letter to Obama begins. “This would likely lead to a wider war.”

The article goes on to further state:

The letter, issued on Tuesday by the anti-Iraqi-war VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity), continues: “Israel’s leaders would calculate that once the battle is joined, it will be politically untenable for you to give anything less than unstinting support to Israel, no matter how the war started, and that U.S. troops and weaponry would flow freely. Wider war could eventually result in the destruction of the state of Israel.

“This can be stopped, but only if you move quickly to pre-empt an Israeli attack by publicly condemning such a move before it happens.” [emphasis in the original]

This group also wrote another criticizing memo back in 2003 when then U.S. Secretary of Defense Colin Powell made the case before the U.N. for the invasion of Iraq in 2002. This VIPS groups seems to suffer from liberalist views as well as a bout of anti-semitism. This anti-semitism is seen in the fact that they are apparently not just anti-war but anti-Israel as well. It is not hard to see why they are anti-semite as they consistently choose to bash Israel and make the overall impression that Israel is not a worthy ally. The also downplay and berate Israel's PM Netanyahu and make him out to be an untrustworthy individual.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is facing a very real life and death situation that these so called "paper pushers" who merely write their musings on real live situations on the ground can't seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian leadership are living examples of the anti-semitism that led to the Holocaust back in WW2. And these writers would have you believe that none of this is possible today and that instead of stopping Iran, these people would advocate stopping Israel! This is simply insane. I am at lost for words for people who seem to be so blinded to the very real possibility that we could be looking at a fanatical Islamic regime hell-bent on using nuclear weapons to destroy what is left of Western civilization. The first two targets of the fanatical Islamic regime will be the "Big Satan" (aka U.S.) and the "Little Satan" (aka Israel).

As we have mentioned many times here in the Rapture Report, the Iranians are led by a Shi'ite regime that believes in a coming apocalypse that must be created in the world before there supposed "messiah" figure is to arrive. The truth is you can't put anything past the Iranians. They simply can not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. Instead of advocating a U.S. response that compliments an Israeli military strike, the VIPS writers have fallen down on their knees at the altar of appeasement to Iran. And they are seemingly trying to brainwash Obama into believing their utter nonsense. In fact, Obama doesn't really need to be brainwashed into believing this kind of stuff, he has shown many times since taking office hat he is anti-semitic and merely plays the crowd depending on the way the political winds are blowing at any particular moment. Obama is as untrustworthy as the Iranians.

The INN article also went on to say:

The letter is distinctly anti-Israel. Its writers - W. Patrick Lang, Larry Johnson, and Ray McGovern, among others – mock Obama for having expressed confidence that Netanyahu would not try to surprise the United States. “You may wish to ask Vice President Biden to remind you of the kind of surprises he has encountered in Israel,” the letter states – implying that the announcement of progress in a Jerusalem housing project without informing the visiting Biden beforehand is equivalent to a surprise attack on Iraq.


“Blindsiding has long been an arrow in Israel’s quiver,” the CIA veterans write, going back to 1967 to accuse Israel of “feign[ing] fear of an imminent Arab attack as justification for starting [the Six Day War] war to seize and occupy Arab territories.” Then-Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s closure of the Straits of Tiran, his frequent calls to “throw Israel into the sea,” and his amassing of 1,000 tanks and nearly 100,000 soldiers on the Israeli border are overlooked in the memorandum, as are the signing of a Jordanian-Egyptian defense pact and Iraqi deployment in Jordan of troops and tanks at Jordan’s invitation a week before war broke out. Forgotten, as well, was the Egyptian Army’s Order of the Day two days before the war plugging "Holy War" and the re-conquest of "the plundered soil of Palestine."

The letter notes that Congress has implied support of Israel in case of an Israeli attack, but that “a strong public statement by you [Obama], personally warning Israel not to attack Iran would most probably head off such an Israeli move.”

As we can see her the VIPS writers are clearly anti-Israel and anti-semitic in that they have deliberately distorted the history of the region in order to further promote their views. The truth of the matter is that the threat from Iran is very real, not just for Israel but for the entire international community. The lack of perception in being able to recognize this is a cause for concern. Israel does not act without good reason, the same as the U.S. But when there is a clear and present danger to their nation, the Israelis will just as the Americans do, respond to the threat and neutralize the situation. This article points yet another grim reminder that the spirit of anti-semitism is everywhere in the world.

The main subject of the article, that Israel could attack Iran at any time in the next month is a subject that we have been dealing with here in the Rapture Report. I've been saying for a while now that the time is closing rapidly for Israel to make their move given the fact that the Russians will be putting the Iranian nuclear program "online" in September. This time period is rapidly approaching and time is running out to stop Iran. This is on top of the recent news that Iran has announced that they have acquired four S-300 missiles from Belarus and another unnamed country. The fact is that Belarus and Russia are joined at the hip and thus it appears the Russians found a way around the sanctions loopholes by going through Belarus. It is unlikely that anything will be done to slap sanctions on Belarus, so in this way the Russians are trying to toe the line on sanctions but at the same time help their allies in Iran. This creates a win-win situation for the Russians. This is yet another example of why Russia can't be trusted in general.

It is my opinion that while anything can happen in the region, as there are ups and downs in the Middle East all the time, the reason this time maybe different is that there is the issue of Iran closing in on the point of no return with the nuclear reactors being put "online" by the Russians. There is the recent attack of a Japanese oil ship off the shores of Iran recently that demonstrates that the Iranians are serious about their threats to close off oil shipments in the Straits of Hormuz should they be attacked. There is yet another situation in which the Iranian proxy terrorist group Hezbollah and the Lebanese Defense Forces have had an incident that resulted in five people dying the other day along the border region. These situations are not all coincidences, but they are very calculated moves and could be a foreshadow of things to come soon.

It is my opinion that we need to continue to watch the situation on the ground with eagerness over the next month or so as it could relate to prophetic implications. Time is clearly running out for Israel to stop Iran, which in turn could set the dominoes in motion for the fulfillments of prophecies foretold in Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and eventually Ezekiel 38-39. It sure doesn't look like Obama is going to do anything in regards to a military strike on Iran, so it is my belief that the Israelis will have to make the move which would fit in with the prophetic scenarios of the end times. In fact, Obama has made remarks that the first pullouts of Iraq are to begin at the end of August. This will eventually lead to the erasing of all gains that the U.S. made in the last 8 years and strengthen the fanatical elements in the region. We need to continue to pray for Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Things could get pretty serious over the next month. Only time will tell if things go downhill, but let us be like watchmen on the wall and always be prepared to alert the rest of the people of the things coming around the corner if they do in fact go downhill.

God bless.

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