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The Rapture Report - Rumors of U.S. strike on Iran, Pressure Increases on Abbas for Peace Talks

Rumors of U.S. strike on Iran, Pressure Increases on Abbas for Peace Talks
Written: 07-25-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's news it is being reported that a former CIA chief is making comments that a strike on Iran by the U.S. is getting more and more likely. The former CIA chief suggests that as the Iranian nuclear crisis remains stalemated, that the use of force against Iran may increase and that it may not seem to be the worst scenario on the table. The Haaretz news website is reporting:

A former CIA director says military action against Iran now seems more likely because no matter what the U.S. does diplomatically, Tehran keeps pushing ahead with its suspected nuclear program. Michael Hayden, a CIA chief under President George W. Bush, said that during his tenure "a strike was way down the list of options." But he tells CNN's State of the Union that such action now "seems inexorable."

"In my personal thinking," Hayden said, "I have begun to consider that that may not be the worst of all possible outcomes."

Hayden pretty much said that despite the efforts by the international community, Iran continues steadily down the road to becoming a nuclear power. As much as the world would like to stop Iran, the simply truth is that nothing seems to be working towards stopping them. Hayden summed up the situation nicely when he said:

"We vote for sanctions. They continue to move forward. We try to deter, to dissuade. They continue to move forward," he added. The former CIA chief predicted Iran, in defiance of the international community, planned to "get itself to that step right below a nuclear weapon, that permanent breakout stage, so the needle isn’t quite in the red for the international community." Hayden said that reaching even that level would be "as destabilizing to the region as actually having a weapon."

The truth of the matter is that Iran has absolutely no intention of ever stopping their evil nuclear program. Students of Bible prophecy are well aware that the Iranian regime is looking for a showdown with the world in order to bring about their version of apocalyptic events. Iran's President Ahmadinejad has made numerous statements in the past about the so called "Mahdi" figure that is the focal point of his end times beliefs. These beliefs are centered around the idea that the Mahdi must return in order to bring peace to the world. But that the Mahdi can only return when the world is at a time of unparalleled chaos and destruction. This sort of mindset is driving the current regime as the spiritual leader of Iran shares the same beliefs as Ahmadinejad. For these reasons, I don't think there is even a remote chance that the Iranians can be persuaded to end their nuclear ambitions. They have shown absolutely no desire to work with the international community in order to monitor and safeguard their nuclear program from making nuclear weapons. It is my opinion that the only way to stop the Iranians is with a military strike that will either destroy or set back for years this "runaway train" that we call the Iranian nuclear program.

Despite passing a fourth round of sanctions aimed at tightening the noose on the Iranians, the measures still have not stalled or stopped the Iranians from continuing down the path towards a nuclear weapon. In fact, recent reports have shown that the Iranians could have a nuclear weapons in as early as 1-2 years. The world simply can't afford to allow Iran to assemble such tremendous weapons of mass destruction. The threats the Iranians have made against Israel can not be ignored either. The world community must rise to the meet the challenge of the Iranian nuclear program and one way or another take it out. The world will become a radically different place if the Iranians are allowed to build nuclear weapons. The proliferation of such dangerous weapons all across the world from Iran is a threat that we simply can't live with. Something must be done now to stop Iran.

Despite Hayden's beliefs that the chances the U.S. could act on Iran have increased, I do not believe that U.S. President Obama will make such a move. I'm not convinced that he will do what is required in a tough situation like Iran. It is easier to see him simply sit back and try to "talk" to the Iranians and continue on with more sanctions. Obama has worked tirelessly to rectify what he believes are the U.S's past misdeeds in the Middle East and for these reasons it is my humble opinion that Obama will choose to stand down and let diplomacy continue to try to work, despite the fact that diplomacy has gotten us absolutely nowhere with Iran. Making a move on Iran would conflict with Obama's pledge to withdraw from the Middle East next year and likely produce the opposite effect. To me, this would leave the "dirty deed" of bombing Iran up to the Israelis. They have declared that they will not let Iran acquire a nuclear weapon and as we have seen in the past the Israelis have struck on two other occasions when a nuclear threat was on the radar screen. The first was in 1981 with the Iraqi nuclear program and the other was in 2007 with the Syrian nuclear facility. I am leaning towards the opinion that the Israelis will once again be left to do the dirty work in regards to Iran.

In other news, the Israeli and Palestinian "peace process" remains stalemated and there essentially being no progress on this situation. The world community is currently trying to pressure Palestinian President Abbas to return to direct talks with the Israelis, but so far Abbas is frantically trying to derail these attempts for direct talks. The Jerusalem Post is currently reporting:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday he is under intense international pressure to start direct negotiations with Israel. In a radio interview from Kampala, Abbas said that "the entire world is asking us to go to direct negotiations," but that talks will be doomed without a clear framework. Abbas said he would be willing to meet with Netanyahu in either Tel Aviv or Ramallah to discuss direct talks, Army Radio reported.

The comments came after the Fatah Revolutionary Council over the weekend expressed support for Abbas’s refusal to open direct talks with Israel unconditionally. Following a stormy meeting in Ramallah, the 122 members of the council also voiced support for Abbas’s efforts to reconcile with Hamas. Abbas recently said that he will go to direct peace talks if Israel accepts its 1967 frontier as a baseline for the borders of a Palestinian state.

As we can see from these reports nothing has changed in the Israeli and Palestinian peace talks. Both sides are far apart on the issues and nothing is getting any better. The likelihood of conflict is growing with each passing day as both sides prepare for conflict while continuing on with the negotiations process. There is also more news in the headlines that indicate that more flotillas are being organized across the region and in Europe as well in order to breach the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. This situation continues to raise the chances that the region will explode if there is a major outbreak of hostilities over the flotilla situation. There was a flotilla that was being predicted to sail from Lebanon this weekend but it appears that this will not happen. The Israelis are for their part warning that they will not allow any ships to break the Gaza blockade. A U.N. official even called for "aid" to be sent via land routes as opposed to the seas. Hamas become angry with this call and accused the U.N. of working the "Zionist enemy" in the so called occupation.

For these reasons, let us continue to watch the Middle East region and keep one eye on Israel at all times. Please continue to pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem.

God bless.

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