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The Rapture Report - Iran Nuclear Deadline

Iran Nuclear Deadline
Written: 7-20-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Deadlocks and stalemates are the current situations in the Middle East in regards to the Iranian nuclear program. With years being spent on the diplomatic front, the international powers met with Iran and gave them a two week deadline on halting nuclear enrichment activities. In a recent article on Iran Focus the website quotes a Sunday Times article where it is reported that:

IRANIAN and American officials appeared deadlocked yesterday as their most highly publicised meeting for nearly 40 years failed to produce a breakthrough on Iran's nuclear enrichment programme. After several hours of unproductive talks the Iranians were given a breathing space of two weeks, before they resume, to take the message back to Tehran that the West would make no more concessions.

The international powers were basically telling Iran that if they did not agree to halt their nuclear enrichment activities, that further sanctions would be in the works. I'm sure Iran just rolled their eyes and said whatever!! The international community has spent the last 4-5 years "negotiating" with the Iranians while basically getting nothing for it except the fact that Iran gets closer to mastering the nuclear cycle. It should be very clear to the casual observer that Iran is hell-bent on acquiring the nuclear cycle and the possibility to produce nuclear weapons as a result. To me, no amount of "talks" is going to convince the Iranians to do otherwise. Iran has made the nuclear program a matter of national pride and to abandon the program would not go over well within the country, especially among the ruling regime. Failure is not an option for Iran.

It is my opinion that Iran sees the world as being weak, ineffective, and without the will to do anything meaningful to stop their nuclear program. After all the controversy surrounding the Iraqi WMD and the accompanying intelligence failures, the international community is reluctant to get into a military conflict, especially when there are numerous conflicts on the current status of the Iranian nuclear program. But the sad fact is that this is one situation that the international community needs to stand united on. The international community simply can't let the Iranians continue to go unchecked any longer. The world as we know it will be radically different with Iran having nuclear weapons. Iran would surely pass these wepaons on to terrorist groups, and it all goes downhill form there.

While it is true that diplomacy and sanctions are the preferred route to take on the Iranian nuclear program, it has been 4-5 long years without much progress on the nuclear situation. The Iranians have stonewalled for so long, they are currently on the brink for completing their nuclear program.

Tensions remain at an all time high in this high stakes game of chess being played out right now in the Middle East. As evdience of this, the Israel National News is currently reporting that "paranoia" has gripped Tehran in regards to the nuclear situation with the international community. It is being reported that:

Western diplomats and nuclear inspectors who frequently travel to Tehran as part of the international effort against Iran's uranium enrichment activities say that "a sense of paranoia appears to have gripped the regime in recent months," the Daily Telegraph reported Friday. "There has certainly been a change of mood since the start of the year," a Vienna-based official told the paper's correspondent this week. "In the past they always appeared very self-confident and sure-footed in their dealings with foreign officials. Now they come across as very suspicious, and watch our every move."


The report says that Tehran's suspiciousness may explained by the fact that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other officials realize that "they are running out of time in their negotiations with the West."

The above quotes are very interesting considering that Iran is very close to completing the nuclear fuel cycle and starting up their nuclear reactors. It is no wonder that Iran is currently filled with paranoia of a strike by either the US or Israel military. Israel has under no uncertain terms, made it perfectly clear that they will not accept a nuclear Iran.

As the players continue on playing the game, we spectators and students of bible propehcy should continue to watch the Middle East as these things take place. For there is a great possibility that someone will blink soon, and the stakes will be increased greatly. Keep watching and keep looking up!! Jesus is coming soon!!

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