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The Rapture Report - Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
Written: 7-4-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rapture Report where we review critical news headlines and watch for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the Haaretz Daily Newspaper it is being reported that a US military official is warning that there is a chance that Iran could lash out at the West especially Israel. The newspaper reports:

Meanwhile, a U.S. admiral warned earlier this week that Iran is likely to launch ballistic missiles against Israel and the United States and the NATO alliance should prepare for it.

The article goes on to say:

In an article entitled "Maritime Strategy in an Age of Blood and Belief" in the U.S. Naval Institute's monthly Proceedings, fleet commander Admiral James Winnefeld describes the possibility of an offensive barrage of ballistic missiles fired from Iran against Israel as being "by far the most likely employment of ballistic missiles in the world today, and it demands our immediate attention in the event of a need for a U.S. or NATO response."

In further comments concerning the gravity of the Iranian missile threat, the admiral goes on to say this about the situation:

He says Iran is an "unpredictable adversary," which could be provoked into action "by an isolated, and perhaps seemingly unimportant, event."

Now, these comments are particularly interesting in that it has raised the issue of Iran attacking Israel over a minor event, as opposed to Iran attacking Israel out of retaliation for striking their nuclear faciltities. As many of us know from reading the daily news headlines in the Middle East, the Iranians have played a very unpredictable yet excellent game of chess in the current nuclear crisis. This has been done by seizing the British soldiers, threatening US warships in the Persian Gulf, etc. I believe that one of the ways that the Iranians are trying to rattle the international community is to be portrayed as an "unpredictable" opponent, thereby causing the world community to think twice before doing something militarily. To me, this would be a sort of pschological warfare and it does appear to working to some extent as there have been objections to a military campaign from both inside and outside the military.

In another interesting development the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Iranian government is currently setting up a "passive defense" program in case of an attack by the West on their nuclear facilties. Apparently the Iranians are concerned that an attack on the nuclear facilties and other critical infrastructure would provoke an uprising resulting in the overthrow of the current mad mullah regime. The Jerusalem Post goes on to report that:

Although Iran's leaders are relentlessly dismissing the notion that the West, including Israel, would dare attack its nuclear facilities and/or other targets, they are actually profoundly concerned by the prospect of a strike designed to achieve regime change. To ensure their continued hold on power in the event of such an attack, therefore, they have been gradually introducing a comprehensive emergency plan, called "Passive Defense," according to a report issued Thursday by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The passive defense program was described as:

Jalali said the "Passive Defense" plan aims to utilize all non-military strategies that could minimize the danger to the regime and its stability. This would include, he said, efforts to "conceal and protect the country's important and sensitive facilities, [which] would minimize their vulnerability [to attack] and allow the continued administration of the country in times of crisis..."

So, in light of these articles it appears that the Iranians are in fact worried about an attack by the West, especially one that causes the current regime to be overthrown during an uprising. The fact that the Iranians are preparing for such an event, coupled with the previous announcements of the major IDF exercise, seems to signal that things are coming to a summit here in the ME. With these events and others it sure gives the impression that there is alot going on behind the scenes. But as anyone knows who has followed the Middle East drama for any extended amount of time, the Middle East goes into "ebb and flow" type of patterns where things heat up and then suddenly cools down. I do not think we can predict with certainty when things will play out, but nonetheless we need to keep watching as the signs are pointing to a showdown on the Iranian nuclear program.

Another article highlighting the dire situation in the Middle East comes again from the Haaretz Daily Newspaper where it is reported that Israeli President Shimon Peres has delcared that there is no chance of peace with the Palestinians due to the situation with Hamas and Fatah. The article reported that Peres summed up the situation by saying:

He (Peres) said Abbas had no support among his people, no power to carry out security agreements and that any agreement Israel and the PA made crumbled a day later due to the PA's weakness. Therefore there is no chance of agreement, he summed.

After reading the article I would have to agree with Peres as it seems to me that conflict is on the horizon with the Palestinians and Iranians. I believe that any peace deals that are possibly made in the near future will ultimately be for nothing as the Israelis will have to deal with the closing window of opportunity to stop the Iranians. To me, it seems the Iranian situation is playing out to be the pivotal situation in the Middle East right now and the one situation in which all the others hinge. There can be no peace in the region if the Iranians are in a frenzy over their soon to be destroyed nuclear faciltities, and I believe in light of the recent articles we have examined that they would attack back both directly and indirectly (through terrorist proxies) in trying to even the score.

While the world continues down a spiral path in uncertainty and unpredictability, believers in Jesus Christ know what the future holds. We have been given the Word of God, the Holy Bible, to help us in our walk during these stormy times. As an illustration, I'm reminded of the time the disciples where in the boat going cross the sea, a storm emerged, and suddenly the disciples found themselves in crashing waves and uncertainty. During that time Jesus was seen walking across the sea and calmly joined the disciples, he also calmed the storm. Jesus wasn't bothered by the storm that was going on around him and I think it is that way it is in our journey here on Earth during the end times. while we all have trials and triublations in life, in the big picture of things we know what to expect. The world walks without the Lord and is blown by the winds and storms of uncertainty, but those of us who walk with the Lord are not blown by the wind like the others. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, and through him we can do all things. For he is with us always. God bless.

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