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The Rapture Report - Iran gives Syria new radar, Russia sends 50 troop carriers to PA

Iran gives Syria new radar, Russia sends 50 troop carriers to PA
Written: 07-01-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In another sign that the Middle East region continues to prepare for war, the Haaretz newspaper website is referencing a report from the Wall Street Journal that says that Iran has transferred advanced radar systems to Syria in order to protect their nuclear program from potential strikes by Israel. The Haaretz article reports:

Tehran has equipped Damascus with a sophisticated radar system to help thwart a surprise Israeli strike against the Iran's nuclear, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. The move would also help bolster the defenses of Syria and Hezbollah against Israel, the newspapers quoted U.S. and Israeli officials as saying.

According to both the Israeli and U.S. officials, the weapons transfer occurred sometime in mid-2009 as part of increased military coordination between Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah. The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the existence of the Iran-Syria deal on Wednesday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Israeli officials fear that the transfer will enable Syria to discern early warning of Israel Air Force sorties.

This move by Iran would be a violation of a 2007 U.N. resolution that forbids Iran from transferring military related equipment to other countries. Syria for the part slammed the report and denied that any weapons had exchanged hands. The Syrians also jumped into default anti-semitic mode and blamed Israel for the report as a way for them to divert attention from their so called "crimes" in Gaza. This is the typical Islamic response to just about any situation in the Middle East. Always blame Israel for everything bad that happens.

The Wall Street Journal article reports that as a result of the radar systems transfer that the likelihood that Syria would be pulled into any future conflict with Israel and the Iranian back terrorist groups has almost certainly increased. The Wall Street Journal article reports:

The mid-2009 transfer was described in recent months by two Israeli officials, two U.S. officials and a Western intelligence source, and confirmed Wednesday by the Israeli military. Though they didn't name the system's final recipient in Syria, these and other officials described it as part as a dramatic increase in weapons transfers and military coordination among Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Iran and Syria both denied that a radar transfer took place.

The increased sophistication of the weapons transfers and military cooperation among the three signal an increased risk of conflict on Israeli's northern border. U.S. officials worry any new fighting would be more likely to include Syria, which hasn't directly engaged Israeli in combat since 1974.

The Wall Street Journal article also mentioned that the Syrians have struggled against the Israeli in the military theater and as a result of the 2007 bombing of a suspected nuclear site by Israel, there is ample reasons why Syria would be interested in such radar installations.

Syria, which has long struggled against Israel's superior military, has its own interest in acquiring advanced radar. Israeli fighter jets bombed a Syrian site in 2007 that Israelis say housed a nuclear reactor in the final stages of construction. Syria said it was a defunct military facility. Some military analysts have suggested that Israel was able to slip into and out of Syrian air space during that raid by jamming older Syrian radar.

In the 2006 war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, "There was no opposition to our jets. We flew freely," said Cpt. Ron, an active duty Israeli F-16 pilot, who under Israeli security restrictions would allow himself to be identified only by his first name and rank. "In the next Lebanon war, we know it will not be like that."

The Wall Street Journal article also highlighted some interesting facts about the weapons currently being transferred to Syria from Iran and to the terrorist organizations as well. These weapons include those that can strike Tel Aviv and within a few hundred feet of their intended targets. This sort of increased military threats will make the next war with the terrorist organizations one that will require that Israel totally destroy and remove forever the infrastructure that is currently in place on the border. The weapons include the M-600 missiles in addition to an arsenal of short range rockets that has grown from 12,000 to over 40,000. The terrorist organizations have the ability to literally rain down rockets on all parts of Israel as a result of the decisions to end the Operation Cast Lead war prematurely. The missiles and other ballistic missiles such as SCUD missiles gives the terrorist organizations the ability to strike all of Israel from the Lebanese Bekaa Valley. anyway you slice it, the next war will be one that is going to cause a much greater casualty toll than previous conflicts. For students of Bible prophecy I would have them pay attention for the possible fulfillments of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 as Israel will finally be pushed to remove the "kid gloves" and really hit their enemies with a level of force that they have not seen before.

In other news it is being reported that Russia is currently sending 50 troop carriers to the Palestinian Authority in order to bolster it's troops and military. The Israelis are no pleased with the deal and are currently working to get the Russians to cancel the deal. The Israel National News reports:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in a visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, announced in Ramallah on Tuesday that 50 Russian troop carriers would soon be delivered to the PA. Lavrov told reporters that Moscow provided the carriers a few years ago, "but Israel refused to hand them over." Now, he said, "we have already sent the carriers. The vehicles arrived in Jordan and we hope they will arrive in the next few days." It was not clear if he expected Israel to block them again or allow them through. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in his famous Bar Ilan University speech last year expressing support for a Palestinian state, made it very clear that Israel would only agree to a demilitarized PA state.

Another Israel National News article further went on to explain that the delivery of the 50 troop carriers could be a serious threat to Israel. The INN article reported:

The Land of Israel Legal Forum called Thursday for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to stop a planned Russian weapons transfer to the Palestinian Authority. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced Tuesday that his country would send 50 armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the PA.

If even one troop carrier were to fall into terrorist hands, it could be disastrous, warned Legal Forum Director-General Nachi Eyal. "If just one APC were to break through a checkpoint, or through the security fence, and onto a highway... It's not hard to imagine how a terrorist attack perpetrated using an unstoppable APC would look,” he said.

The article made mention of the previous attempts to arm the Palestinian Authority only to have the weapons sent to them intercepted by Hamas. This would be a serious threat to Israel to have Hamas intercept some of these troop carriers and move them to the Gaza strip for use against the IDF. The INN article further reported:

Israel is risking a repeat of what happened in Gaza, where weapons given to the PA fell into the hands of Hamas, he said. “Nobody can guarantee that the infrastructure, the weapons, and the vast amount of security-related information given to the PA in Judea and Samaria won't go the same way,” he said. “Or can even [guarantee] the continued existence of the PA, and certainly not the way in which the 'loyal' PA troops will respond during the next round of bloodshed.”

All in all it appears that things are continuing to run their usual chaotic course in the Middle East. With each passing day the threats against Israel continue to grow and the world as usual continues to pressure Israel while not doing a thing to the terrorist organizations or Palestinians Authority. This shows to me that anti-semitism is unfortunately alive and well in the world. Russia for their part continues to involve itself in the region and despite their pledges not to disrupt the balance of power in the region, they indeed intend to do that. They continue to arm the enemies of Israel and whether they know it or not, the hooks spoken about by the prophet Ezekiel are slowly but surely being set. Russia's involvement in the Middle East will result in their destruction and annihilation. It is simply a matter of time.

As usual I would like to ask everyone who reads these reports to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That God provides Israel's leaders with supernatural wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to face the evil that is set across their borders and from the anti-semitic world community as a whole. These are very pressing times for Israel and they surely could use all the prayers they can get. We need to pray for the U.S. as well that the Barack Hussein Obama administration repents from their unfair and anti-semitic ways in dealing with Israel. With the upcoming meeting between Obama and Netanyahu on June 6th we will get a good look at which way it will appear Obama will go. Yet even on the public stage we can't see what is going on behind closed doors. Please join with me in praying that our nation turns around and heads back down the proper path of supporting Israel against the onslaught of pressure being placed on it at this point in time. Until next time, stay tuned!!

God bless.

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