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The Rapture Report - Rumblings from the Russian Bear

Rumblings from the Russian Bear
Written: 6-21-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

After completing yesterday's Rapture Report, I came across another article that I thought would be interesting to folks who are watching Bible prophecy. The latest news article deals with a Russian warning to the West not to attack Iran over it's nuclear programs. The YAHOO News article goes on to say that Russian FM Sergey Lavrov has declared that there is no evidence that the Iranians are trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

The Russian FM goes on to make a case for continued diplomatic dialogue, while trying to engage the Iranians on the nuclear issue. The problem with this is that the international community has been engaging in dialogue with the Iranians for the past 4 years with absolutely no progress being made in getting Iran to stop it's nuclear activities. In fact, Iran has increased their nuclear acitivities where they are almost to the point of mastering the nuclear cycle. When Iran reaches this point of "no return" then the international community will have failed in it's efforts to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. It has been further reports that Iran could have a nuclear weapon by as early as 2009 if they continue on with their current nuclear progress.

The Russian FM Sergey Lavrov goes on to make the following comments regarding the Iranian nuclear program and the attempts by the international community to stop these unlawful activities:

Lavrov said Russia had asked both the United States and Israel to provide factual information to back their claims that Iran was working to build atomic weapons. "So far we have seen none, and the same conclusion was made by the International Atomic Energy Agency," he said. "It's absolutely not right to speak matter-of-factly that Iran continues building nuclear weapons," Lavrov added.

The article goes on to further state that:

Iran insists its enrichment program is meant only to generate electricity. But because of its past clandestine activities, including some that could have applications for weapons research, the international community is concerned that Tehran wants to enrich uranium to a purity suitable for use in atomic bombs.

It would seem to me that the Russian FM has conveniently forgotten about the clandestine activites and other questionable practices that the Iranians have engaged in over the years of the nuclear situation. Despite Lavrov's empty rhetoric that there is no evidence that the Iranians are engaged in nuclear activites, the international community has obviously seen enough that they have voted for sanctions against Iran on several occasions.

In fact, the article goes on to make the following points regarding the non-cooperation of Iran with the international community and IAEA:

The IAEA suggested in a report to the U.N. Security Council last month that Iran was stonewalling investigators and possibly withholding information crucial to determining whether it conducted research on nuclear weapons.

To me, if Iran had a purely peaceful nuclear program with no intention for a weapons program, I do believe that we would see full cooperation with the international community and IAEA. But this of course has not been the case at all. As a result, there are many valid concerns and suspicions regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

I think the Russian FM is showing his country's true colors with his remarks and willful ignorance of the Iranian nuclear situation. The Russians have invested a lot of time and energy in helping Iran with their nuclear ambitions. The Russians would stand to lose alot of business and money should the Iranians halt their nuclear work and negotiate with the international community. In fact, I believe it was further reported a while back that the Russians had made new plans to help Iran build even more nuclear reactors in the future.

As watchers of Bible prophecy, the warnings by the Russian FM should raise eyebrows. The prophet Ezekiel, as I discussed in the last Rapture Report, tells us about an end times coalition led by the Russians (Magog) and Iranians (Persia) that will attempt to attack Israel in the last days. The current friendliness and cooperation seen between Russia and Iran concerning nuclear acitivities should cause watchers of Bible prophecy to stop and pause considering the words of the prophet in Ezekiel 38-39. Some commentators have speculated that if Israel attacks and destroys the Iranian nuclear program, that this could indeed cause the conditions to ripen for Ezekiel 38-39 to take place. It is highly unlikely that Iran and Russia would turn away from their loses and deaths caused by a military strike on the Iranian nuclear programs. The conditions and stage could be set for Ezekiel 38-39 if there is a military strike soon.

As to whether that will happen, we need to watch and see. Only time will tell for sure, but we can definitely see that the increased cooperation between Russia and Iran will unfortunately lead to their destiny in the mountains of Israel when they meet the God of Israel.

God bless.

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