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The Rapture Report - 'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'

'Saudi airspace open for Iran attack'
Written: 6-12-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

While the Middle East region is currently preoccupied with the Gaza flotilla crisis and the immediate fallout afterwards, the news today reveals that Iran is continuing to progress with their illegal nuclear program. The last date I have heard was from the Russians who said that they would go "online" in August with the Iranian nuclear plant located at Bushehr. These statements were made by the Russians a couple of months ago. Well, we are rapidly closing in on August as I write this report.

An interesting news article popped up on the news scene earlier today that said that the Saudis had agreed to allow Israel to use their airspace for a mission to destroy the Iranian nuclear program. This article comes from the Jerusalem Post which reports:

Saudi Arabia will allow Israeli jets to use its airspace to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, the London Times reported on Saturday. The report cited a US defense source as saying the Saudis have already done tests to ensure no jet is shot down in the event of an Israeli attack. The source added that the US State Department is aware of the agreement.

“The Saudis have given their permission for the Israelis to pass over and they will look the other way,” a US defense source in the Gulf was quoted as saying. “They have already done tests to make sure their own jets aren’t scrambled and no one gets shot down. This has all been done with the agreement of the State Department.” According to the report, a Saudi government source confirmed that a blind eye would be turned to Israeli jets attacking Iran.

This report from the Jerusalem Post, which quoted the London Time newspaper, is not the first time it has been reported that Saudi Arabia would allow an IAF flyover while on the way to Iran. Previous reports have stated that Iraq, which is in a straight line path to Iran, has reported ruled out such a mission. In an attempt to explain the underlying reasoning for the Saudis to approve an Israeli flyover the kingdom, the Jerusalem Post news article went on to further explain:

Sources in Saudi Arabia told The Times that it is common knowledge within defense circles in the kingdom that an arrangement is in place if Israel decides to launch the raid. Despite the tension between the two countries, they said, their governments share a mutual loathing of the regime in Teheran and a common fear of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

An Israeli attempt to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities would likely target uranium enrichment facilities at Qom and Natanz as well as a heavy water reactor at Arak and a gas storage development at Isfahan, the report said.

Israeli officials refused to comment on details of a raid on Iran, which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has refused to rule out. Questioned on the option of a Saudi flight path for Israeli bombers, Aharon (Ze’ev) Farkash, who headed military intelligence until 2006 and has been involved in war games simulating a strike on Iran, was quoted by The Times as saying: “I know that Saudi Arabia is even more afraid than Israel of an Iranian nuclear capacity.”

While there are some issues over credibility of the London Times report, we have seen this scenario reported before in other news agencies. I do believe that the article is correct when it implies that the Saudis are equally, if not more afraid than Israel, of a nuclear Iran. Iran has for a long time interfered internally with Saudi Arabia and would like nothing more than to wrap one of their tentacles around the kingdom. For the most part Saudi Arabia has been able to keep Tehran out, although keeping them out completely is impossible, the government of the ruling Saudi regime is still very much intact and functioning well. The Saudis are not happy about the prospect of a nuclear Iran as they know that a nuclear Iran is not in the best interests of the region despite both countries being Islamic. The Saudis are Arabs and the Iranians are Moslems. This is not a good match.

As we move closer and closer to the August time-frame, I would expect that we could hear more and more news reports relating to a possible future Israeli military mission to Iran. We better keep our ears and eyes peeled to the situation in the region. One day we could wake up and see images on CNN and FoxNews of smoking and burning Iranian nuclear facilities.

For their part, the Saudis have rebuffed the Jerusalem Post article and claimed that they have not issued any approvals for IAF flyovers in case of an Israeli military mission against Iran. The Saudis were quoted in another Jerusalem Post article later in the day saying:

Saudi Arabia responded Saturday afternoon to The Times of London report that the Saudi Air Force would allow Israeli jets to use Saudi airspace to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. The Saudi Defense Ministry said the report was baseless and untrue. “Saudi Arabia is not party to the conflict between Iran and the US and Israel,” the Defense Ministry said.

I would imagine that the Saudis are trying to do "damage control" here with the previously leaked article. The Saudis would not want to provoke the Iranians and start a crisis with them right now as Iran is just about to cross the nuclear finish line. The Saudis are making a strategic move here by denying the reports, which is to be expected. Iran could cause a lot of trouble for Saudi Arabia if they wanted to between now and August. With Iran sitting practically across the Persian Gulf from Iran, it would be really easy for the Iranians to wreck havoc on Saudi Arabia should the Israelis flyover on the way to Iran. Iran possesses the technology and missiles to lash out at Saudi Arabia and other allies in the region if there is indeed a military strike on Iran. For this reason it is in the best interests of Saudi Arabia to keep a low profile before such a mission is carried out if the IAF is to flyover soon.

With the news out of the region reaching a feverish pitch, students of Bible prophecy need to continue to keep their eyes and ears peeled on the Middle East. With the Gaza flotilla crisis practically disrupting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process for now, there seems to be little incentives for the Israelis to hold back from making their move on Iran. Keep watching folks, if we blink we might miss something!!

God bless.

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