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The Rapture Report - Israel and the "Unholy Trinity" of Ezekiel 38-39

Israel and the "Unholy Trinity" of Ezekiel 38-39
Written: 06-08-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Over the last few weeks and months I have found myself truly astonished at the speed of which Bible prophecy appears to be unfolding on the world scene. If one looks back towards the election and inauguration of President Barak Obama one will notice that around the same time things started to change for Israel and the Middle East in general. With the inauguration of President Obama looming in early 2009, Israel was pressured into ending the war with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas during Operation Cast Lead. This pressure resulted in Israel not finishing their objective of wiping out Hamas and their military infrastructure. Instead, Israel prematurely ended the war in order to appease the incoming U.S. administration who did not want to enter office with the Middle East in outright war mode. This turned out to be a huge mistake for Israel and has set in motion the current situation where Israel finds itself in an even worse situation than before and after Operation Cast Lead. Not only have the terrorist organizations on the borders with Israel gotten stronger, but they have also gotten the bigger players in the region such as Iran, Turkey, Russia and Syria to increase and amplify their anti-semitic propaganda and threats.

Looking around the news scene today I was astonished to see the names of Turkey, Russia, and Iran dominating the headlines. As students of Bible prophecy we know that these countries will make up three of the major players in the coming Gog and Magog war spoken about in Ezekiel 38-39. Let's look at today's news and take a look at the rumblings coming from the Middle East and from the "Unholy Trinity" of Ezekiel 38-39. The New York Times is reporting:

Leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran convened at a security summit meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday in a display of regional power that appeared to be calculated to test the United States just one day before a scheduled American-backed debate in the United Nations Security Council on imposing tighter sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program.

In remarks at the gathering of regional leaders, the third of its kind dedicated to increasing cooperation and security in Asia, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran said a nuclear agreement brokered by Turkey and Brazil last month was a one-time opportunity and other countries had called to express their support for it.

“We’ve seen a lot of support from the international arena,” he said, according to the Turkey’s official Anatolian News Agency. “This is the voice of everyone’s heart.” Mr. Ahmadinejad also maintained a defiant posture toward the United States.

I find it very interesting that the NY Times article mentions the meeting between Iran, Turkey, and Russia as a "test" of the United States. The reason I find this interesting is that in Ezekiel 38-39 the prophet mentions that the far away countries simply throw a "mild protest" as the future Gog and Magog allies head down towards Israel for their ill-fated date with destiny in the mountains of Israel. With U.S. President Obama at the helm of the U.S. military, it would appear to me that the Gog and Magog allies are "licking at the chops" at the possibility of making a move on Israel given the recent outbreak of violence over the Gaza flotilla crisis. Even if it weren't for the recent Gaza flotilla crisis, it has appeared that the world has sensed a radical change in U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration. Gone are the tough and determined ways of the George Bush era, and in with the Islamic appeasing ways of the current administration. For me, this just seems to have emboldened our enemies and given them more motivation and determination to try to wrestle world control away from the West and more towards the East. As a result, the door has swung wide open for the arrival of the "Unholy Trinity" of Ezekiel 38-39. Eventually the leader of this conflict, Gog, will devise an evil thought and try to make a move on Israel in another effort to destroy the Jewish state. Only through the supernatural intervention of God does this plan fail and Israel is spared.

Another article that got my attention was one coming from the Israel National News were it was being reported that Iran's offer to send two military ships to escort Gaza blockade ships was rebuffed by not only Israel but by Hamas as well. The INN article reports:

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard said it would send two warships to the Mediterranean to escort ships headed for Gaza in defiance of Israel’s blockade. Israel, as expected, warned against the move, and even Hamas turned down the offer. “We do not want any military intervention,” Hamas senior figure Jamal Al-Hadri told the London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat. Israel said it would not allow Iranian warships to approach Israel or Gaza, just as it did 18 months ago by blocking access to Gaza. "The Iranian regime has called for Israel to be wiped off the map," an Israeli official has been quoted as saying, "and has a proven track record of supplying dangerous weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah... We cannot take a chance that there is weaponry on the ships… If we didn’t let an Irish ship reach Gaza, we are certainly not going to let Iranian ships pass.”

On the surface it would appear that Hamas would want to welcome Iran's intervention in the Gaza flotilla situation but strangely enough that does not appear to be the case according to the report. I would suspect that Hamas is very wary about an increased Iranian presence in the Gaza enclave should they send naval ships to Gaza. This sort of situation could erode Hamas' power in the strip and increase the influence of Iran. And Hamas certainly doesn't want that to happen. Despite Hamas being funded in a large part by Iran, the leaders of Hamas know that it is best to keep the Iranians at arms length and for good reason.

Another article from the Jerusalem Post shows that Turkey and Russia are making threats that they will not provide natural gas exports to Israel as a result of recent hostilities in the Middle East. The Jerusalem Post article reports:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that they don’t plan to export natural gas to Israel via a new pipeline to Turkey. “There is no such thing on our agenda,” Erdogan said at a news conference with Putin in Istanbul when asked about the gas. Russia has held talks on shipping fuel to Israel from a pipeline under the Black Sea. OAO Gazprom, Russia’s natural-gas export monopoly, is negotiating supplying the fuel, Gazprom chairman Viktor Zubkov said on March 22.

This increased rhetoric aimed at Israel is just more of the same anti-semitic propganda that regularly makes its way to the airwaves. Despite the joint Turkish and Russian announcement the article noted that due to Israel's recent natural gas find they may not need the Turkish or Russian gas anyway. The Jerusalem Post article went on to further state:

Israel may not need the extra gas, which could be transported to Syria or Lebanon instead via the planned Blue Stream-2 pipe, Putin said. “The Blue Stream gas may not go to Israel because of economic considerations,” Putin said. “I don’t think Israel needs the gas because they found a reserve recently.” Turkey has said it’s considering paring economic and military ties with Israel and has recalled its ambassador to the country after nine Turks were killed on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza and intercepted by Israeli commandos last week.

What's interesting to me is that Turkey has been very "two-faced" lately towards Israel. One day you will find them on their soapbox making all sorts of demands and threats towards Israel and the next day you will find them trying to wedge themselves into the Middle East peace process as a "mediator". This ridiculous behavior shows that the Turks simply can't be trusted and should be removed from any serious Middle East peacemaking. The truth is the Turks are sounding more and more like the Iranians with each passing day and this does not bode well for Israel as it is just a further sign that the conflict foretold in Ezekiel 38-39 is getting closer and closer with each passing day. While the actual conflict maybe a little ways off (for Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 may need to occur first), we can certainly see that the "Unholy Trinity" of Ezekiel 38-39 is definitely making moves on the world stage and heading towards their prophetic destiny. As we see this "Unholy Trinity" making their moves, we students of Bible prophecy need to be looking up, for the Bible tells us that as we see the signs of the end times around us, our redemption is drawing nigh!

God bless.

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