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The Rapture Report - Hamas borrows a page out of Hezbollah's playbook

Hamas borrows a page out of Hezbollah's playbook
Written: 6-4-2014
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's news and commentaries, one particular analysis gave me a very good window into the reasoning of the recent "unity" between Fatah and Hamas in the PA. With the recent Palestinian "unity" government being formally announced and appearing to mend the fences between Hamas and Fatah, there have been longing questions asked by everyone about why there has been this dramatic change of events for Hamas. While the liberal leftists plug along in their delusional state and resort to "peace in our time" cries of joy over recent developments, the truth is that the situation is very complex and dynamic. I can also assure you that Hamas did not suddenly "see the light" and become a peaceful group by any means. The truth is that the recent situation within the PA actually paints a story where Hamas has forgone a "short-term" advance for a "long term" payout. Let's take a look at this and we will see what I mean.

A new article today in The Times of Israel gave a very detailed assessment of what is more than likely happening in the PA right now with the unity deal. Hamas as we know will never give up their "resistance" towards Israel and their ultimate goal of the destruction of the Jewish state. So, it appears that given the recent negative developments with Egypt, it seems Hamas has lost the support that it counted on in maintaining its grip on the Gaza Strip. With smuggling tunnels being closed down and the Sinai area terrorists being put on the run, not to mention the loss of funding from other Middle Eastern countries, Hamas appears to have fallen out of favor and in its desire to survive has simply adopted a page from the playbook of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This plan is basically a "ballots and bullets" approach to maintaining an armed resistance while focusing more on "diplomatic" advances in which to "take-over" the country which in this case is Lebanon, while in Hamas' case it is "Palestine". The "Times of Israel" news article reported:

On June 2, Hamas and Fatah formed a unity government in the Palestinian Authority after many months of reconciliation talks, with Hamas nominally dissolving its government in the Gaza Strip. The move represents the fruit of a long internal debate within the group's higher echelons regarding its future course. Rather than adhering to the seven-year-old strategy of prioritizing exclusive control of "Fortress Gaza" with no serious effort to heal the rift with Fatah in the West Bank, Hamas leaders have now changed tack toward a different program: transplanting the Hezbollah model from Lebanon to Palestine.

Rather than just simply maintaining their presence in the Gaza Strip, it appears that Hamas has decided to "expand" their operation through the Hezbollah model. By becoming engaged in the PA institutions, it appears the ultimate goal is to take over the PA through both a peaceful and armed resistance to the current Fatah leadership. The "Times of Israel" news article also noted:

For Hamas, this means integrating into the general political system while retaining independent, well-equipped armed forces and striving to maintain control of Gaza through its existing grip on local bureaucracy, its wide network of social institutions, and, of course, its 20,000 well-trained military cadres and security personnel. The group has recruited no less than 50,000 employees to the public sector since its June 2007 military takeover of the territory. At the same time, Hamas seems determined to exploit the reconciliation agreement as a means of resuscitating its political organization and clandestine terrorist activities in the West Bank.

This is a very complex and devious plan that Hamas has taken hold of. While they are sacrificing immediate gains, it appears that they will reap significant long-term rewards by eventually controlling the PA from both within and outside of the organization. As we can see this plan and strategy has paid off handsomely for the Hezbollah terrorists and it is likely to do the same for Hamas. From the reports it appears that Hamas was persuaded of this plan by its backers which include of course -- Iran.

The "Times of Israel" went on to report:

Amid these bleak circumstances, Hamas leaders held a number of meetings in recent weeks with Iranian officials in Tehran and Hezbollah leaders in Beirut. There, the group's representatives were advised to adopt a more ambitious plan than merely defending Gaza, namely, by contesting Fatah in its own West Bank territory instead. Hezbollah's modus operandi in Lebanon - which can be summed up as "add ballots to your bullets" - was pushed as a model to be emulated.

While both Fatah and Hamas appeared to patch things up for the time being, Hamas served notice that their "armed wing" of the movement would not change and that it would definitely not fall under the PA banner. This is exactly how Hezbollah "fell in line" with their take-over of Lebanon. With Hezbollah maintaining a "terrorist" presence on the ground they "reformed" politically and were eventually blended into the existing Lebanese government through elections. This is exactly what Hamas is counting on when "Palestinian" elections are held in 6 months. With no main "Palestinian" leader to emerge since most of them are in Israeli jails, it is likely that Hamas will find a way to "win" these elections and complete their "political" takeover of the PA. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but this would appear to be the most likely outcome to me.

And how does this relate to Bible prophecy? It would seem to me that if Hamas and their fanatical supporters are successful in taking over the PA, Israel will find itself surrounded on two sides by Hamas. This is the group that has made it their mission to destroy Israel and drive the Jewish people into the sea. I would tend to think that if Hamas is able to put their evil plans into force, that the future Psalm 83 prophecy could be getting alot closer to being fulfilled. This in turn will cause other major prophecies to start to move into place which will lead the world into the Tribulation period.

I believe it is important that we continue to watch the current situation with the PA and watch for a growing influence of Hamas within it's ranks. And as we see the prophetic puzzle pieces move into place, we need to continue looking up for the blessed hope of Jesus' return for the Bride.

Keep looking up!

God bless.

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