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The Rapture Report - The Gaza Ambush and the Aftermath

The Gaza Ambush and the Aftermath
Written: 06-01-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

We are finally about to enter the 48th hour of the Gaza flotilla ambush and the ensuing aftermath nightmare that has caused Israel to receive condemnation from the world community. Every anti-semite, leftist liberal, and Isalmic maniac in the world has lashed out at Israel despite the overwhelming evidence that points to the fact that this Gaza flotilla was not a humanitarian mission as advertised, but rather an evil terrorist operation. Israel had warned the organizers of this flotilla "weeks" ahead of time not to allow the boats to leave port and head to the blockaded terrorist haven of Gaza which is currently rules by one of the most violent and fanatical terrorist groups in the world - Hamas. Despite the warnings, the Turkish government, who is actually just as responsible for the carnage as the event organizers, defied the Israeli warnings and sent the activists...er....terrorist on their merry way to wreck havoc of the coast of Hamastan (Gaza).

In the days prior to the flotilla ambush the passengers had declared that they were unarmed and that they did not have any weapons. Within 24 hours of the flotilla ambush Israel had displayed photos of the clubs, knifes, and other weapons used to attack and critically wound Israeli commandos who had boarded the ship. In addition to having these weapons the passengers aboard the ship had grab guns from the soldiers and fired shots at them. The Israel commandos boarded the ship carrying paintball guns in an effort to avoid bloodshed and conflict. However, as seen from video footage of the commandos boarding the ship showed, it was the passengers who in fact attacked and continued to beat the soldiers until the situation got out of control and ten people were dead with dozens suffering other injuries. The fact that Israel is being portrayed as the aggressor is a serious miscarriage of justice and there is not a single shred of evidence to support this blatant nonsense.

As word spread about the Gaza flotilla injuries and deaths, the world community wasted no time in condemning and blasting Israel for what is clearly a self defense case. The Gaza strip is currently blockaded because of the Hamas terrorist groups importing of rockets and missiles which they use to fire across the border and terrorize innocent Israeli citizens. The blockade is surely legal and just given the context and history of the region. The waters off the Gaza coast are Israeli territorial waters and they have the right to block ships as they see fit. Israel should not be expected to support and supply arms to their enemies. No sane country in the world would do such a thing, yet when it comes to Israel all logic and common sense is thrown out the door. Appeasement of Islamic fanatics and terrorist states seems to be coming the norm these days as the world suffers from being spineless to stand up to this Islamic threat coming from the Middle East.

Turkey is the main country involved in the flotilla and they were the ones who encouraged and supported this blatant attempt to undermine Israeli sovereignty. Yet Turkey is the staunchest and most vocal critic of Israel today on the world scene, except for perhaps Iran. It is as if Turkey and Iran "tag-team" and trade verbal blows towards Israel on an alternating daily basis. I believe that anti-semitism has become the official sport in Turkey, at least among the government officials especially Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan has made a place for himself among the world's most elite anti-semitics and seems very happy in his lofty spot. But the day will come when the God of Israel will knock him off his platform and set him straight once and for all. That day may very well be coming soon in the form of Ezekiel 38-39. Turkey is listed among the invading countries who try to destroy Israel once and for all in a Russian led Moslem coalition that is utterly defeated by the supernatural intervene of God himself.

To further illustrate and inflame the current Gaza flotilla situation even further, it is being reported that two more ships will try to break the Gaza blockade over the next couple of days, perhaps even as early as tomorrow. Israel for their part has declared that they will provide an even stronger response than the one given early Monday morning. This is surely going to set the region into a downward tailspin as it appears the Islamic and liberal leftist anti-semites are bound and determined to make the situation in the Middle East explode. And explode it shall, perhaps in the form of the fulfillment of the future Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 prophecies that speak of the destruction of Damascus and the destruction of the enemies on Israel's borders. I am thinking that if the next two ships that try to break the Gaza blockade continue on their path and a similar situation takes place, it is quite possible that things will indeed explode in the region. But as with all things, only time will tell for sure. Which is why it is extremely important that Bible prophecy watchers continue to watch the events that are currently taking place in the region.

As we close this Rapture Report, I'd like to ask all the readers of this report to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And to pray for the people of Israel, especially PM Netanyahu and all the officials in the government, military, etc. as they head into the next hours, days, and weeks. We can clearly tell that Israel is at a critical crossroad in the history of their country as they face an incredible amount of pressure on their borders, in the international arena, etc. They certainly need our prayers and support as never before.

God bless.

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