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The Rapture Report - Netanyahu, Iran, and the Two-State Solution

Netanyahu, Iran, and the Two-State Solution
Written: 5-29-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report. In this edition we will look at the current pressure being applied to Israeli PM Netanyahu and Israel over the Iranian nuclear threat and the world demands for a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict. Regular readers of the Rapture Report know that the current situation with Iran is at the forefront of the current Israeli government. However, the world appears to place the creation of a Palestinian state at the forefront of their agenda. Recent news articles have reported that Israel PM Netanyahu has made it clear that as long as the Iranian nuclear program continues without being confronted then there is not a prospect of peace in the Middle East. The threat of a nuclear Iran hangs a dark shadow over the entire Middle East.

In a current news article by the Israel National News, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affiars Moshe Yaalon stated that he felt it was time for Israel to free itself of the failed two-state solution to the Middle East conflict. I could not agree with Yaalon more. It is crystal clear that the concept of a two-state solution is complete rubbish. The article reported:

Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe (Boogie) Yaalon believes that the time has come for Israel to "free itself from the failed paradigm" of the "two-state solution." Yaalon spoke Tuesday at a meeting of MKs dedicated to finding an alternative to the creation of a Palestinian Authority-led Arab state. While the creation of a PA-led state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza is perceived as a necessity both in Israel and worldwide, such a state would not solve the Israel-PA conflict, said Yaalon. In fact, he said, it is doubtful that the possibility of creating such a state exists, due to Arab and Muslim reluctance to take any step that would imply recognition of Israel or compromise on Arab claims to the entire Land of Israel.

Yaalon is absolutely correct in that even if a Palestinian state were created the fact remains that the Islamic world would still not recognize Israel. What is the point of giving up land and setting up a state where the citizens of that state won't recognize you? It's just a ridiculous thing to do in light of the circumstances. Yet the world community continues to try to force Israel's hand on the matter. The Islamic world won't recognize Israel because they are truly not seeking genuine peace with Israel. If a Palestinian state would solve the problem of the Middle East conflict, then they would be willing to recognize Israel and live in peace with them. But that is not what the Islamic world wants. The Islamic world wants nothing less than the complete duestruction of the State of Israel.

If a Palestinian state were set up by dividing the current State of Israel, it would be one of the worst things that Israel could do. The security of Israel would be compromised and the new state would end up being nothing more than another Hamastan were missiles and rockets are fired at Israel on a daily basis. Iran would move in even more and Israel would basically have a terrorist sponsored state on their doorsteps. This is certainly not the way to genuine peace in the Middle East.

Today, another article surfaced that shows the extent of the increased pressure being applied to PM Netanyahu. This time it is PA leader Abbas who is currently trying to get the US to move Netanyahu out of office. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will not resume negotiations with Israel unless the Netanyahu government agrees to a complete settlement freeze and publicly accepts a two-state solution, Abbas has told The Washington Post in an interview. And since he does not believe Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will lift his opposition on these issues, Abbas and his leadership expect American pressure to gradually force Netanyahu out of office, the paper reported on Friday. "It will take a couple of years," it quoted one of Abbas's officials as saying.

Abbas went even further and adopted a "hardline" approach with further demands:

Setting out what the newspaper called "a hardline position," the Palestinian leader conditioned a resumption of talks with Israel on Netanyahu's agreement to a halt in all settlement building - a demand being repeatedly stressed by Obama, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other senior US officials - and formal Israeli government acceptance of Palestinian statehood. Abbas added that he would not even assist Obama's special envoy, George Mitchell, in trying to encourage Arab states to begin warming relations with Israel until Israel accepted these conditions. "We can't talk to the Arabs until Israel agrees to freeze settlements and recognizes the two-state solution," Abbas was quoted saying. "Until then we can't talk to anyone."


Abbas, the article continued, "rejects the notion that he should make any comparable concession - such as recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, which would imply renunciation of any large-scale resettlement of refugees."

The irony here is that the Palestinians expect and demand that Israel "recognize" their state all the while refusing to "recognize" Israel. This sort of behavior is hypocritical and as I mentioned earlier goes to show that the Palestinians are simply not looking for genuine peace. I believe the Islamic world wants a Palestinian state so they can get a better foothold on the doorstep of Israel so they can attack Israel in another effort to "wipe them off the map". It is my hope that the Netanyahu government will resist these idiotic demands and stand firm in their resolve to provide Israel with a positive and secure future. Giving away land and creating a terrorist state on the borders of Israel is not the way to go about it in my opinion.

While plenty of pressure is being applied to Israel from the US and from the Palestinians, there is pressure also being applied to Netanyahu's government from various "other powers" that are upset with the hardline approach taken by the current Israeli government. the hardline approach to the the two-state solution is causing global heartburn for the NWO folks. To illustrate, current Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman has been under "investigation" for years mostly because his views against a two-state solution have upset the NWO folks. By keeping Lieberman under "investigation" they hope to get him to fold and not upset their plans for resolving the Middle East conflict. A Haaretz news article reports:

Police investigators are increasingly confident they will be able to press charges within the next few weeks against Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, over a series of violations for which he is being questioned. Sources involved in the probe have stressed that Lieberman's version of events, as he has presented it during his questioning, failed to convince the police that the suspicions against him are baseless. Lieberman was questioned earlier Wednesday for more than five hours by the police. At the Police Investigations and Intelligence Section they stressed that the probe revolves around suspicions of bribery, money laundering and fraud regarding corporate documents.

The fact is that Lieberman has been investigated for years on end because of his hardline positions on not wanting to turn the strategic Golan Heights over to Syria, his opposition to the two-state plan, etc. The world continues to advance their plans for solving the Middle East conflict at Israel's expense. And Lieberman and other right-wing leaders won't go for any of these idiotic ideas that come from the world community and rightfully so. We need to pray that leaders like Netanyahu, Lieberman, Yaalon, etc. are given the strength, courage, and resolve to continue to look after Israel's best interests because right now the world community seems willing to sacrifice Israel for their delusional "piece" process of dividing the Holy Land.

Pressure is also coming from the anti-semite United Nations in the form of a formal "probe" of the recent Gaza military conflict. The Haaretz newspaper is reporting that:

The United Nations says a team of independent experts mandated to probe alleged war crimes in Israel and Gaza will leave for the Middle East over the weekend. UN spokesman Rolando Gomez says the mission led by veteran prosecutor Richard Goldstone is expected to start its work next week. Gomez told reporters in Geneva Friday that Goldstone has repeatedly asked the Israeli government to cooperate with his mission. Israel said Friday that it will not cooperate with a United Nations team appointed to investigate alleged war crimes committed during its 22-day offensive in Gaza. "This committee has been instructed to find Israel guilty no matter what and there is no point in cooperating with such a masquerade," said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Yigal Palmor.

I agree completely with the Israeli FM spokesman as the United Nations has shown over and over again that they are the largest anti-semite group in the world. The United Nations has been used repeatedly as a bully pulpit for anti-semitism by the nations of the world. Resolution after resolution has been issued in the United Nations to condemn Israel and the "probe" of Israel over the Gaza conflict will unfortunately result in more of the same. The anti-semitism is apparent because the Gaza conflict was caused by the Palestinian attacks on Israel. Israel did not attack the Palestinians. Israel simply defended themselves and their country, which they have a right to do. The United Nations can't seem to get that fact in their head probably because there is too much anti-semitism in their heads for any sense to fit in. We can expect that whatever the results of the United Nations "probe" it will undoubtedly be used to increase pressure on Israel in one way or another.

In other news, North Korea has heated up the tension in the world by conducting an underground nuclear explosion as well as firing multiple rockets in an effort to rattle the nerves of the world. The BBC News agency reported:

There have been expressions of international outrage after North Korea said it had successfully carried out an underground nuclear test. As seismologists confirmed it had had the power of a 4.5 quake, the US president said North Korea's programme posed a "grave threat" to world peace. China and Russia also condemned the test and called for a return to talks. The UN Security Council is to meet later in New York for emergency talks on how it should respond.

These developments with NK came on the heels of a launch by Iran of a medium range missile capable of striking Israel, eastern Europe and other strategic areas in the region. The timing of the NK test caught the world by surprise. However, the new flare-up with NK should not be unexpected. We have known for a long time that the North Koreans and Iranians were working together on the nuclear front as well as in other areas. I would venture to say that we could expect more rumblings within the "axis of evil" as Iran speeds to the nuclear finish line. These events have also increased the pressure on Israel as well as the world in confronting the nuclear Iran situation as a nuclear Iran would be a nuclear proliferation nightmare.

Despite all the pressure in the world and the various rumblings going on, Christians can rest assured that none of these things surprise the Lord. The Lord is well aware of the evil plans of the troublemakers. While the world continues in the downward spiral that Bible prophecy warns us about, Christians have the assurance from the Lord that he shall be with us always. The best thing we can do right now is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the Lord's will be done. Let us pray for the salvation of the lost and for the Jewish people. Dark days are looming on the horizon, but the Lord's Word will be fulfilled according to his perfect plan.

Stay sober and watching while events remain dynamic in the world, especially in the Middle East. Keep looking up, our redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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