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The Rapture Report - Jerusalem and the Burdensome Stone

Jerusalem and the Burdensome Stone
Written: 5-23-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report. Today we will look at some of the events of the last week and take a look at how these events may effect future Bible prophecy. Earlier this week Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu met with US President Barack Hussein Obama in what was the first face to face meeting between the two elected leaders. The primary topics on the table for discussion were the subjects of the nuclear program of Iran and the Middle East peace process.

The meetings were held and a press conference was held afterwards were both Netanyahu and Obama addressed the media and appeared to be in agreement as a whole during their talks. Later reports in the following days showed that Benjamin Netanyahu held his own during the meetings and did not buckle into political pressure from Obama. The reports before the meetings indicated that there was a chance that Obama would pressure Israel during the talks into agreeing to more land concessions in order to further the current peace process. However, it appears the talks went well and that Netanyahu did not directly address the two state solution that is being trumpeted by the international community.

In fact, the Jerusalem Post reported a few days after the meetings that Netanyahu has declared that Jerusalem will be the eternal capital of the Jewish state and that it will not be divided. The article reports:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed Thursday never to divide Jerusalem, and pledged to keep the capital united under Israeli sovereignty. "Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned and divided," Netanyahu said at the official state ceremony marking Jerusalem Day and the reunification of the capital during the Six Day War 42 years ago. "Only under Israeli sovereignty will united Jerusalem ensure the freedom of religion and freedom of access for the three religions to the holy places," he added. The prime minister prefaced his remarks with a reference to his meetings with US President Barack Obama and other American officials earlier in the week, saying he had made the same declarations during that trip.


"Jerusalem is held sacred by half of mankind [but] it has been and always will be Israel's capital. We never had another and it has never been the capital of any other people." Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat lauded Netanyahu for his opposition to divide Jerusalem. "With the world examining us let it be said here: We will never divide Jerusalem," Barkat said.

As we can see the world is pressuring Israel to divide the city of Jerusalem and make it the capital of both a Jewish and Palestinian state. The Palestinians are demanding the eastern portion of the city as their capital. The eastern portion of the city includes the Temple Mount area and the holiest sites in Judaism. We know from studying the end times prophecies that the topic of Jerusalem will become a "burdensome stone" in the affairs of mankind. The Bible says:

Zec 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Immediately after Netanyahu made his remarks at the end of this week, the Obama administration countered that the future of Jerusalem would indeed be discussed and possibly divided. The Jerusalem Post reports:

The US State Department said Sunday that the future status of Jerusalem would be determined through peace negotiations, after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's declaration Thursday that the capital would "never again be partitioned and divided." "Jerusalem is a final status issue. Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resolve its status during negotiations. We will support their efforts to reach agreements on all final status issues," a State Department spokesman said when asked to respond to Netanyahu's proclamation that Jerusalem would always remain under Israeli sovereignty.

As we can see here the pressure to divide Jerusalem will indeed increase in the coming days as the world continues to try to appease the islamic hordes and hand over the holiest sites in Judaism in order to further their so called "peace" plan. The US and the international community continue to go against the word of the Lord and they are in the process no doubt angering the Lord. The international community does not listen to the word of the Lord, instead they try to figure out solutions according to man's ideas of conflict resolution. There are ways that seem right to men, but they do not lead to peace. They are going to lead to more conflict.

It is also being reported by the Israel National News that Natanyahu rejected a proposal by Obama to fly the UN flag over the Kotel (Temple Mount). The INN reported:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed at the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem Thursday night that the Israeli flag will continue to fly over the Western Wall (Kotel). The first prime minister in years to appear at the venerable yeshiva on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), he ignored U.S. President Barack Obama's apparent trial balloon that he wants to see the United Nations flag fly over the Old City holy sites. Jordan's King Abdullah II said the president put forward the proposal during his visit to the White House last month. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared, "The flag that flies over the Kotel is the Israeli flag...Our holy places, the Temple Mount -- will remain under Israeli sovereignty forever."

I would like to congratualte Israeli PM Netanyahu for standing up to these devilish proposals to divide Jerusalem and take away the Jewish holy sites from Jewish hands. I believe that the Temple Mount and all the holy places belong under Israeli sovereignty. It is my hope that Netanyahu does not eventually cave into the pressure that is being applied to him.

In other news relating to the Iranian nuclear program, a US think tank is reporting that Iran will have a nuclear weapon in about 1-3 years. The Israel National News agency is reporting that:

A U.S.-based think tank said Tuesday that Iran is one to three years away from developing a simple nuclear device, but thought it would take the Persian regime six to eight years to develop a feasible nuclear warhead and missile delivery system. Unless Iran receives outside help, it would need 10-15 years to produce an intercontinental ballistic missile, according to the EastWest Institute.

This report is disturbing because we can see that the Iranians are definitely progress towards completing their nuclear weapons program. We also know that Iran is being aided by North Korea and possibly China as well. The Iranians for their part recently conducted another successful missile test that has emphasized the importance of doing something about Iran. The window of opportunity to stop Iran is slowly but surely closing.

As a result, Israel has recently stated that the reserve the right to operational freddom on Iran in regards to a military strike to halt the Iranian nuclear program. The Jerusalem Post reported:

Israel will not let Iran attain nuclear weapons capability, said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's National Security Adviser Uzi Arad on Thursday, adding that the US was aware of Israel's security needs and knew that it would not necessarily receive forewarning of an Israeli strike against Teheran's nuclear facilities. Israel maintains its liberty to operate against Iran, Arad told Army Radio. During this week's visit to Washington, Arad said, the prime minister "clarified that Israel reserves operational freedom, and several of the most senior figures in the administration said 'of course.'"

As watchers of Bible prophecy we need to keep to continue to keep an eye on the headlines as the potential for prophetic events to occur can happen at anytime. The world is continuing to apply pressure to Israel to divide the holy land which is foretold by the prophets. Iran continues to defy the world with their nuclear program and has vowed to "wipe Israel off the map". As Iran moves closer and closer to the completion fo their evil nuclear program, the odds increase that Israel will go it alone.

Right now I do not see any possibility that the US will intervene and strike the mad mullahs in Tehran. I believe that this dirty deed will have to be done by the Israelis as they are on the front lines of the receiving end of the Iranian nuclear program. I have been thinking that Obama would be the perfect leader fo the US to simply do nothing before and/or after a military strike by the Israelis. The OT prophet Ezekiel tells us that in the coming end times invasion of Israel, the world that is not involved in the invasion simply makes a "mild" protest at the invaders. I can easily see Obama break rank with past US policy of defending Israel and simply sit on his hands while the islamic hordes try to invade Israel. We need to pray that this is not the case, but I would not be surprised if this si the way things play out. But only time will tell when and the exact details of the invasion. We know some details in that the invading forces come for a "spoil" but what that exactly is remains to be seen.

Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the Lord's Will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven. Until next time, stay sober and watching as our blessed hope continues to get closer and closer.

God bless.

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