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The Rapture Report - Israel Plans Concessions, PA Plans Offensive

Israel Plans Concessions, PA Plans Offensive
Written: 05-20-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

As we watch the current situation in the Middle East taking shape, there are sometimes "signs" in the news that show the true intentions of the parties involved in the Middle East peace process. One such article surfaced today that shows no matter how hard and how long the Israelis try to work out a genuine peace deal, the Palestinians simply aren't the "peace partners" that the world insists that they are. Today's news article that I would like to focus on comes from the Israel National News and goes to show that while Israel continues to offer goodwill gestures to the Palestinians these gestures are not reciprocated back to Israel. The INN news article goes on to report:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met Thursday with United States envoy George Mitchell to discuss the indirect, US-mediated Israeli-Palestinian Authority talks. Netanyahu pledged to make “confidence-building measures” to the PA. Analysts said Netanyahu is likely to turn more PA cities over to full Arab control. The PA deployed its armed police force in several cities during negotiations with Ehud Olmert's administration, which preceded Netanyahu's; Netanyahu is expected to suggest additional cities in which Israel will turn over responsibility for fighting terrorism to the PA.

Netanyahu may also agree to release PA Arabs held in Israeli prisons for terror-related offenses. Olmert released hundreds of terrorists in “good-will gestures” to the PA. Netanyahu has released some as well. The prime minister is expected to tell Mitchell that Israel will give up land in Samaria in order to allow the construction of a highway for PA Arab use in the Ramallah area.

While we can see serious goodwill gestures and concessions coming from Israel, the INN article in my opinion and in contrast paints a more sinister picture of the true intentions of the Palestinians. This picture is basically that despite all the attempts of Israel to make a genuine and lasting peace with their Palestinian neighbors they are always met with violence, hatred, and ridiculous demands that defy any logic. The INN article shows how the Palestinians "rewarded" Israel's efforts to make "goodwill gestures" to the Palestinians:

As indirect talks continue, the PA has opened a diplomatic offensive against Israel on the international scene. In addition to leading a boycott of Israeli products produced in Judea and Samaria, senior PA officials are hoping to isolate Israel on the world stage. Nabil Shaath, a senior Fatah official, said Wednesday that the PA must work to isolate Israel so completely that the Jewish state will be expelled from the United Nations. More immediately, Israel must be prevented from strengthening its ties with the European Union, he said.

Shaath, who spoke at a conference in Ramallah that was broadcast to Gaza, said he does not expect negotiations between the PA and Israel to achieve their aim. While talks continue, the PA should send daily messages to the US reporting any failure on Israel's part to follow through with offered concessions, he said.

Once again goodwill attempts by Israel to move the Middle East process forward are met by resistance and a refusal to relinquish the hardline and fanatical mindset that has caused the region to be such a place of hardship and despair. The Palestinians have shown once again that they are their own worst enemy and that their hatred against Israel knows no limitations. This hatred is as we know a continuation of the family feud between the descendants of Abraham. The Palestinians also show that they will not be happy to live "side by side in peace" with Israel in the future even if a two state solution is implemented. Trying to have Israel thrown out of the UN is not the way to show that you have good intentions and are sincere about reaching a mutual peace. It is clear to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear that the Palestinians plan nothing short of trying to destroy Israel. The inconvenient truth is that the Middle East peace process is simply a sham that hides the true intentions of the Islamic horde that surrounds the state of Israel.

And while this situation continues to occur on the borders of Israel, the sad truth is that the entire Islamic region of the Middle East and beyond shares the same evil intentions as the Palestinians. Nothing short of the total destruction and annihilation of the Jewish state will do. It is for these reasons that I believe that the Middle East peace process is essentially doomed from the get-go. The Bible paints a picture of conflict in the future, not peace. With the prophecies concerning Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and eventually Ezekiel 38-39, it is my opinion that the Middle East is headed for difficult times. With more pressure being exerted by the international community, led by the United States, the region moves closer and closer to these prophecies as foretold by the ancient prophets.

Another article that gives rise to serious concerns about the current Middle East peace process is that even with the intervention of the United States into the equation, neither side can come to agree with the other on what issues to focus on. The Jerusalem Post reports:

US envoy George Mitchell left Israel on Thursday afternoon, ending the second round of proximity talks, with each side claiming their contacts with the American mediator focused on something completely different. Following a three-hour meeting with Mitchell, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement saying the second part of their meeting focused on water issues, while the first part of the talks dealt with a number of issues, including gestures Israel might make to the Palestinians.

A day earlier, following Mitchell’s talks with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, PA negotiator Saeb Erekat, true to what the Palestinians want the discussions to focus on, said the discussions centered on final-status issues such as borders and refugees. Mitchell’s team released no information on the content of the talks, leading to the conclusion that either each side was simply telling the press what they wanted the talks to focus on, or that Mitchell was now talking about different issues with each side, and would only later get the two parties to focus on the same issues. The agenda of the talks has been an issue in hot dispute for months.

As we can see here there appears to be no goodwill gestures towards Israel by the Palestinians. I think the Palestinians are trying to rush an agreement on borders so that they can declare a Palestinians state and in turn use this as a launching pad to divide the Holy land and perhaps even Jerusalem before the Islamics in the region try once again to destroy Israel. When the Palestinians show they are not interested in talking about vital "state" issues such as water, sewers, security, etc. they show they are not really serious about running a state because their true intentions revolve around making Israel weaker and weaker for yet another attempt to destroy Israel. Only when these essential and vital "state" issues are resolved can borders then be discussed. The issues of borders can only be discussed when the issues of water supply, security, etc. have been determined and agreed upon.

One final issue that I would like to address in this edition of the Rapture Report is one final news report that shows that Russia plans on starting up Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor in August. The YNetNews website is reporting:

Russia's top nuclear official says that work on Iran's first nuclear plant is on schedule and the reactor will start operation by August. Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko said Thursday that possible international sanctions being drawn up against Iran will not impede the launching of the reactor in Bushehr.

With this disclosure it is clear that something is bound to give over the next few months if things continue on as planned. The start up of the Iranian nuclear plant will be a major milestone and will now put extreme pressure on the Israelis to either act or possibly retire to the fact that Iran has gone nuclear. In the case of the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981, the Israelis struck right before the plant was turned on. This is a historical note that bears watching as it could be a sign that time is finally running out for Israel to act on Iran. With the Middle East peace process still locked in a stalemate, the stumbling blocks would be removed so that the time could end up being ripe for an Israeli military move to eliminate the nuclear threat from Iran. All of this is subject to changes in plans, etc. so this is why it is so very important to watch the developments in the region over the next few months. The signs are that time is clearly running out for Israel if things stay on course.

Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to pray for the leaders of Israel as they come upon what will be some of the hardest decisions to make in the short history of the modern state of Israel.

God bless.

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