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The Rapture Report - America's "Moslem-in-Chief" strikes again

America's "Moslem-in-Chief" strikes again
Written: 05-09-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's news we have an article that has come out where U.S. envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell declared that there would be no building in the Jerusalem area of Ramat Shlomo. This is the same neighborhood that was at the center of the recent diplomatic spat between the U.S. and Israel back a month or two ago. The central issue is that the international community does not want Israel to build in the east Jerusalem area as they envision this area as a future capital for the soon to be "Palestinian" state based upon the two-state solution. Today's Jerusalem Post news article reports:

Israel has agreed to freeze construction in east Jerusalem's Ramat Shlomo for two years, the US State Department said Sunday, following the completion of the first round of indirect Middle East peace talks.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said both Israel and the Palestinians had taken some steps to create an atmosphere conducive to successful talks, including the Israeli pledge of no construction in the neighborhood. Ramat Shlomo was at the center of a storm between Jerusalem and Washington last month when the approval of some 1,600 housing units there was revealed during US Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Israel.

The talks were described George Mitchell as being serious and wide ranging. The Palestinians have their part given the talks four months to make headway before they meet again to decide whether to continue one with negotiations via the "proximity" route. While the proximity talks are a building block to eventual direct talks between the parties, what concerns me is the language coming out in the news reports that indicates that the Obama administration will supposedly "crack down" on either party should they "spoil" progress from being made in the talks. This hardly seems to be a good position to take as both sides have already admitted that a peace deal can't be forced upon either side. Yet despite this it is apparent that the Obama administration is indeed heading towards a forced peace deal in my opinion. We have already seen in previous editions of the Rapture Report that the Obama administration has basically abandoned the Israelis by not approving any new arms and weapons deals since Obama took office. This is just one example of how the Obama administration is quietly and behind the doors pressuring Israel to accept a forced peace deal while the Palestinians for their part simply sit back and let the U.S. "moslem-in-chief" do their dirty work.

Back during the elections of 2008 there was many an attempt to alert the American public to the "Islamic" tendencies of the "Candiate Obama", however, many liberals started complaining when they saw this issue being one that could possibly sink the candidacy of the chosen liberal "golden child" who had promised to pass laws supporting a wide range of liberal and socialist programs like universal healthcare, gay marriages, etc. Candiate Obama was more liberal than mega-liberals like Hillary Clinton. In fact, I saw one article that said that Candidate Obama was the most liberal member of the Congress. His ideals and policies were based on socialist and Marxist type ideologies. America was also warned that Candidate Obama had a shady past with terrorists and Islamic figures. This sent up red flags in how he would potentially deal with Israel. Again, the liberals cried, shouted, and protested against anyone who dared challenge their "chosen one" who promised them "hope and change". The sad part was that no one ever asked Obama what kind of change he planned for America. Today, we have found out that this "change" is not what it was hyped to be.

Fast forward to the present and we see that the Obama administration has basically rammed universal healthcare down the throat of Americans at costs that will put a massive strain on the already fragile U.S. economy. The fears that Obama would eventually "change course" on policy relating to Israel is in fact materializing before out very eyes. The U.S. has turned it's back on it's one and only major ally in the Middle East that it could count on. Sure, the Saudis are pretty friendly on the outside but while America imports their oil the Saudis export their firebrand version of Wahabbi Islam onto America's shores as mosques have sprung up across the land. These mosques are usually financed by Saudi oil money and they usually preach and teach the Wahabbi version of Islam which is the most extreme version of Islam that is mostly responsible for terrorism. Despite this America continue to look the other way when it comes to dealing with Saudi Arabia given America's thirst for oil. Israel on the other hand has a long historical bond with America since their founding rebirth in 1948. the Israelis have proved to be as reliable ally as anyone could ever want. Yet, the Obama administration has decided that in order to bring peace to the world that they will sacrifice Israel on the altar of appeasement in order to make the Islamists "happy" with America. Yet despite all these gestures to the Islamists they have simply not returned the favor to America. they continue to promote and progate hate and destruction towards the U.S. and Israel. Obama's "make nice" policy with the Islamic world is a complete and utter disaster. We has not brought peace, but brought more hate and attacks against America. there have been several major attacks against America recently since the Christmas holidays. Obama's policy of appeasing the Islamic world is simply a joke.

The Jerusalem Post article further reported:

Over the next four months, Mitchell will ply the road between the offices of Abbas and Netanyahu to try to narrow vast differences over the terms of Palestinian independence. Crowley said that Mitchell would return in a week for another round of shuttle diplomacy. Just after the completion of Sunday's negotiations, US President Barack Obama issued a firm warning to both Israel and the Palestinians.

Obama said that if either Israel or the Palestinian Authority takes any steps which jeopardize the negotiations, the US will hold that side, and that side alone, responsible for the failure of the talks, Channel 2 reported.

Earlier Sunday, speaking after a meeting between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and Mitchell, chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat said he hoped Israel would give the process a chance, rather than setting facts on the ground that will complicate the talks.However, he said the Palestinians would only agree to direct talks should Israel impose a complete settlement construction freeze.

As we can see from the above comments U.S. President Obama has "threatened" to hold either party responsible for failure to make progress in the peace talks. The simply truth of the matter is that the only party that will be held to "toe the line" is the Israelis. The Obama administration has shown time and time again that it is not fair mediator between the Israelis and Palestinians. The Obama administration has failed to apply the same standards of conduct to the Palestinians as he demands of the Israelis. For example, we all saw the ridiculous display of anti-semitism that went on when U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel recently and while he was in Israel there came out an announcement that 1,600 building plans were given a green light to continue in the permit process. This was simply the approval of the fourth stage out of seven required to complete the process yet the Obama administration wasted not time in going berserk over the announcement. The announcement caused what was described as the greatest diplomatic spat between Israel and the U.S. in the past 30-40 years. The timing and severity of the blowup had a suspicious feeling to it and it took literally weeks to cool off the tension. This was even after Israeli PM Netanyahu was seen going to the U.S. and treated rudely by the Obama administration. So rude in fact that third world dictators are treated better than Netanyahu was treated. This sort of behavior shows that the current U.S. administration is simply not fair and impartial when it comes to dealing with the Middle East peace process. Much of this has to do with the rabid anti-semitism that runs around unabated within the administration. Whether it be from the "moslem-in-chief" Obama, to anti-semite Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, and others it is quite a shame. Unfortunately, America will ultimately end up paying a price for this behavior.

Another area where the Obama administration is departing from long held U.S. policy is in his eroding support of Israel's policy of "nuclear ambiguity" as Israel does not either confirm or deny the existence of a nuclear weapons program. Israel is currently not a member of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) as the nuclear weapons Israel owns has been the only deterrent that has allowed them to exist over the years. Since Israel's development of their nuclear program back in the 1960-1970s there have not been any more wars of destruction and extinction like the ones held in 1948, 1967, 1973 when Israel's neighbors tried unsuccessfully to destroy the newly established state of Israel. Currently the U.S. administration has departed from long held U.S. policy of vetoing any discussion on Israel's nuclear program as previous administrations knew that this was one of the things Israel had going for it that allowed it to live on. However, the current "moslem-in-chief" has appeased the Islamic world again by departing from long held U.S. policy and has allowed the discussion of Israel's nuclear weapons program to be brought up at an upcoming UN meeting. This appeasement of the Islamic world is a serious threat to Israel as it is expected that the international community spearheaded by the Islamic nations will try to pressure Israel, by sanctions if necessary, to sign the NPT and dismantle their nuclear weapons. The Islamic nations would like nothing more than to see Israel weakened for another attempt to destroy her. Nevermind that while the U.S. goes along with this satanic plan of trying to pressure Israel to sign the NPT, the Iranians, Syrians, and others are in blatant violation of the NPT in which they have signed by continuing to ignore and carry on with secret nuclear programs of their own. This is totally insane. Yet America's "moslem-in-chief" continues to side with his moslem brothers and sisters as it relates to Israel.

The Jerusalem Post is currently reporting:

Jerusalem is increasingly jittery that cracks are appearing in the nearly half-century-old US policy of upholding Israel’s right to maintain its “nuclear ambiguity,” following reports that Israeli nuclear capabilities are, for the first time, scheduled to be on the agenda of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) board meeting next month.

One diplomatic official said that the US has relayed messages to Israel that it will not let its nuclear position be harmed, but added that these assurances are being received with some skepticism amid the realization that while in the past the US has killed such discussions in international forums, this time it failed to do so.

If the US is slowly changing its policy, it would, one observer pointed out, run against commitments former US President George Bush gave former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in his famous 2004 letter that paved the way for Sharon’s decision to disengage from Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post article noted that U.S. President Obama has given in to Islamic countries who have questioned why Israel is allowed to have a nuclear program while others are not. The Jerusalem Post article reported:

Another observer, Emily Landau, a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University and director of its arms control and regional security program, said the US was not assuming its role as the shield of Israel’s nuclear capabilities to the degree it had in the past. Her comments, however, were in reference to the current Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference at the UN, where Israel has been made an issue, and not to the IAEA draft which placed Israel as an item on the agenda.

Obama, according to Landau, has embraced the agenda of nuclear disarmament, as well as the norm of “equality” that is embedded in the NPT, meaning that all countries should be treated equally on the nuclear issue. Having embraced that principle, Landau said, Obama has opened himself up for pressure from the Arab states and others who will say, “If you put pressure on Iran to stop nuclear development, why not Israel?”

Despite these questions from the Islamic countries it is easy to answer this question. The Jerusalem Post article itself provided useful answers to these questions that it appears U.S. President Obama could not or would not answer, so he just allowed the Israeli nuclear program to come under discussion. The truth is that Obama knows why Israel has these weapons and why they use the policy they do. the simply truth is that Obama is slowly but surely undermining Israel and has sided with the Islamic countries. Again, Israel is being sacrificed on the altar of appeasement while the Islamic nations continue to skirt and deceive when it comes to their own weapons programs. Obama knows they are doing this, yet his new grand idea of "making happy" with the Islamic world has caused his liberal ideologies to cloud his judgment and hence he lives in a political fog that prevents him from seeing things the way they really are even if he desired to do so. But the truth is Obama does not desire to see this, he desires to exercise his liberal foolishness and embrace his liberal theories and policies while running around as the emperor with no clothes. The Jerusalem Post article gave some very powerful answers as to why Israel should not give into the pressure to sign the NPT and not give into the Obama administration. The Jerusalem Post further reported:

But such powerful arguments do exist, she said, such as that context matters: that the existential threat Israel lives under, as well as its very hostile neighborhood and the nuclear responsibility the country has shown over the years, must be taken into account when discussing the issue. Landau said that if Israel altered its long-standing policy of nuclear ambiguity it would place itself on a slippery slope that would lead to intense pressure for it to disarm itself of its reported nuclear capabilities.

Landau said Israel should be less “gun-shy” in explaining its nuclear policy, and that it should clarify that what it supported in the Middle East was a weapons of mass destruction-free zone, not a nuclear weapons-free zone as advocated by Egypt. One diplomatic official said the reason the Egyptians loudly push for a nuclear weapons-free zone, and not a zone free of all weapons of mass destruction, was simply because many Arab states have not signed onto treaties preventing chemical and biological weapons, even though they have signed the NPT.

Finally, one last article that came out today that shows the eroding support of the U.S. towards Israel. This article comes from the Israel National News as it reports that there are U.S. officials in Israel right now that are currently monitoring development in Jerusalem in order to ensure that Israel does not further develop housing units in it's own capital. The INN article reports:

Top American officials stationed in Israel have taken it upon themselves to monitor Jewish construction in Jerusalem, as well as areas in Judea and Samaria. According to the newspaper Makor Rishon, the United States ambassador to Israel, the U.S. consul general in Jerusalem and other officials demand regular updates from Israeli ministers associated with building committees. As a result of the American pressure and involvement, building permits for thousands of new housing units in Israel’s capital have been held up indefinitely. Government and municipal officials have confirmed that there is an unofficial Jewish building freeze in Jerusalem due to the intense American pressure.

Students of Bible prophecy have long wondered how the U.S. could eventually turn on Israel as the Bible indicates that eventually all nations would come against Israel and Jerusalem. The truth is we are watching it happen in front of our very own eyes. The signs are all around us that God is apparently using U.S. President Obama to turn the tide on Israel and U.S. relations in order to make it where the Israelis have no where else to turn but to God. And that is exactly the way he wants it. While this is absolutely painstaking to watch, I have found myself just in awe that this is happening just over a year since the elections in the U.S. It appears to me that Bible prophecy has suddenly increased in speed as we head to the end times spoken about in the Bible.

I have heard from many Christians who have written me and said they can't believe what they are seeing today. I too am just as shocked. I look back just 25-30 years ago and how everything seemed to be much better then when we had strong presidents like Ronald Reagan, etc. and the perverts were not "in your face" with their agendas and evil desires. Those days seem so long ago, yet we know they were coming. It was only a matter of time. And the truth is these days are here, we are truly on the cusp of the all things being fulfilled as the Bible has declared. As we see these things take shape and form, it should give the born again Christian great hope and expectation of the Lord's soon return in the rapture of the church. The Bible tells us that as we see these things taking shape, to look up, for our redemption is drawing nigh. With the prophetic storm clouds on the horizon that indicate that the coming Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and eventually the Ezekiel 38-39 wars are coming closer, we can see that the prophetic puzzle pieces are moving across the board. Keep looking up, the Lord is coming soon!!

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please pray also for Israel's leaders as they face very trying times ahead. The tension and pressure in the region is very serious. Israel and the Jewish people need all of our support and prayers. Now is the time to call things as they really are and to be vocal in our support for Israel and the Jewish people. If we don't do it, no one will.

God bless.

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