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The Rapture Report - 'ME may become nuke-free zone'

'ME may become nuke-free zone'
Written: 05-02-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

One of the most popular ideas being floating around the international community, especially among the Islamic countries is that the Middle East should become a "nuclear free" zone where each country should declare it's nuclear weapons and dismantle them. The main leaders of this "trick" is Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and the United States. The thinking behind this idea is that if each country would admit whether it has nukes then those that have them will be required to dismantle their weapons and thus the liberal mindset believes that peace will prevail. Wow!! What an absurd way of thinking. The fact of the matter is that rogue states like North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc. will not give up their nuclear weapons programs as they see it a matter of pride and as a deterrent against attacks by other nations.

The Islamic countries are particularly interested in this idea as they see it as a way to try to pressure Israel into declaring their nuclear arsenal. The thinking is then that they will pressure Israel into signing the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty which will require that they give up their nukes. These nukes are the same ones that are currently protecting the Jewish state as no one would dare to attack them knowing that Israel possesses between 80-400 nuclear weapons. This is the main reason why the Israelis have not had any more wars like the ones that took place in 1948, 1967, and 1973 that were seen as attempts to destroy the Jewish state once and for all.

The Jerusalem Post is currently reporting:

Washington and Cairo are negotiating an agreement which would see the Middle East become a nuclear-free zone, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday. According to the report, which comes two days ahead of a UN-hosted conference to prevent nuclear proliferation, the agreement is aimed at making the treatment of nuclear weapons in the Middle East more balanced. The US has been criticized in the past for expressing concern over the suspected nuclear ambitions of countries such as Syria and Iran with nary a mention of Israel's reported nuclear arsenal.


The Wall Street Journal quoted senior Obama administration officials as saying that the US officials would meet with their Egyptian counterparts in New York in efforts to promote the idea of a nuke-free Middle East which would encompass Arab countries as well as Israel, Iran and Turkey. "We've made a proposal to them that goes beyond what the US has been willing to do before," one official reportedly said. Others added that progress would have to be made on the Israeli-Palestinian track before such an agreement could be made.

As we can see from the quotes above the Obama administration is once again working with the Islamic countries to counter and damage the security status of Israel. Being that U.S. President Obama is of Islamic origin it is not surprising that we've seen a tremendous shift in U.S. policy as it relates to Israel. This shift has not been for the good and will possibly result in God being very angry toward the United States for mistreating his chosen people. Folks like Obama are appealing to the human mindset while ignoring the warnings from the scared scriptures that warn that such issues as the land of Israel and Jerusalem as issues that should not be played around with. We know from Genesis 12:3 that God will bless those who bless Israel, and will curse those who curse Israel. U.S. President Obama would be wise to read this verse and think very hard about the choices he has in front of him.

Despite these choices, it is entirely likely that Obama will continue to make the wrong choices as it is clear he is not following the biblical mandate that Israel is for the Jews and that the holy city of Jerusalem should not be divided. In fact, the Bible warns us that in the last days that the status of Jerusalem will be an issue that will concern the entire world. With terrorism being a primary concern of the international community, it is sad to say that it appears that instead of confronting terrorism and defeating it that the world has taken the approach of appeasement towards terrorists. The world community appears more than ready to sacrifice Israel on the altar of appeasement for what they think will result in peace. What utter nonsense and delusional thinking. World leaders should learn from the mistakes of history and they would know that appeasement of mad men has never worked, especially as it relates to the fanatical Islamic terrorists that have risen in our day. It didn't work with Hitler in WW2 and it won't work with the likes of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

While the world has it's ears tickled with the liberal leftist belief that if we just solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem then everything else will fall into place. This is simply not the case and shows the naivety of the world community as it comes to Islam and the problems facing the world today. While the Islamic countries push for a nuclear free Middle East, they will simply continue their secret nuclear programs so that the Western and democratic nations of the world will give up their nukes while the Islamic countries continue to develop theirs. This is a classic example of Islam where it is OK to lie and deceive the "infidels" which is everyone that is not Islamic. The aim of the nuclear weapons for the Islamists is to conquer and subject the world to Islam. Only with the most destructive weapons on the planet can they achieve their evil goals. The world is asleep at the wheel and at worse has people like U.S. President Obama who works with the enemies as he has no loyalty or allegiance to anyone. Obama says what he knows people want to hear. He says he will defend Israel and that the Israelis can count on him. But his actions and deeds show otherwise. A prime example is the recent humiliating experience that Israel PM Netanyahu suffered over the building in east Jerusalem. The fact is that the President of the United States is presently "sleeping with the enemy" as it were.

Students of Bible prophecy should not be surprised that the U.S. would eventually turn it's back on Israel as the Bible says that eventually ALL nations will come against Israel in the end times, especially over the issue of Jerusalem. As an American it is just terrible to watch the path our leaders are taking this country. Whether they are trying to destroy us internally through massive entitlement programs like universal healthcare or whether it be by poking God in the eye as it concerns his chosen people, it is simply unbearable to watch the evil being perpetuated by the U.S. leadership. Judgment surely can't be far behind.

As the "proximity" talks are scheduled to being this week, let us continue to pray for Israel, the Jewish people, and for the leadership in Israel especially PM Netanyahu. May God give the Israeli leaders supernatural wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to avoid the traps being laid out in front of them.

God bless.

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