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The Rapture Report - PA official: Obama to act if Mideast talks derailed

PA official: Obama to act if Mideast talks derailed
Written: 04-29-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

A very somber political message was seen in today's news headlines. The message was that in the upcoming talks between the Israelis and Palestinians that the Obama administration would "act" on either party who failed to live up to their side of what the Obama administration thinks should happen. While this threat was aimed at "both" parties, the historical precedent is that U.S. President Obama will likely take more "lashes" towards the Israelis than the Palestinians as the world is currently living under the liberal spell that the entire world's problems are the result of Israel and their "occupation" of Palestinian lands. The YNetNews is reporting:

US President Barack Obama has vowed to take action against Israel or the Palestinians if either undermines indirect peace talks, a senior Palestinian official said on Thursday. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that, in a letter handed to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas by US envoy George Mitchell during a meeting last week, Obama pledged to hold both parties accountable.

To demonstrate how far the ungodly Obama administration was willing to go, the following comments were also reported that showed that Obama administration is willing to review and change America's policies towards Israel depending on how they respond to the international communities demands that they relinquish their God given land and give it away to their enemies. The YnetNews article went on to further report:

"Obama called on president Abbas to return to the negotiations, pledging that if (either) party hinders them or takes provocative steps during the indirect negotiations, there is an American commitment to take steps against it and there will be a re-evaluation of the US administration's policy towards it," the official said.

During the meeting with Abbas, Mitchell "confirmed that the American administration was pledged and committed to taking (such) steps, including revising and reviewing US policy towards Israel," the official added. Those steps could include Washington refraining from using its permanent veto to protect Israel if the Palestinians were to seek a UN Security Council ruling against continued settlement activity, the official said.

According to the Palestinians, they have received a letter from U.S. President Obama that said that Israel had agreed to not further "hinder" the indirect talks between both sides and that Obama was committed to do ing everything in his power to move the process forward. The YNetNews article reports:

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat confirmed that Abbas had received a letter from Obama that said he "remains committed to the two-state solution and is prepared to exert every effort to give it the opportunity to succeed." The Palestinians were to meet with Arab foreign ministers on Saturday to discuss whether to hold US-brokered indirect talks with Israel, and Abbas said earlier this week he hoped for a "positive response."

In other news, there is an article circulating by the Israeli daily Haaretz news that states that U.S. President Obama has "promised" the Palestinians a state within "two years" which comes despite the fact that the Palestinians have done nothing to support or develop their internal infrastructure such as economic, military, and other vital institutions in order to create a viable state. The Palestinians will need to develop their economy, which is currently floating only due to international aid donations which are being spent almost entirely on payroll and arms to continue "resistance" against Israel. As long as this sort of foolishness continues the Palestinians will not be able to develop a state that will succeed. The Haaretz news article reports:

U.S. President Barack Obama told Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas that he was committed to seeing the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state within two years, an Egyptian official told the Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat on Thursday. Obama promised Abbas that the United States would make great effort to help see that Palestinian goal achieved, the official told the London-based newspaper.

It is noteworthy that with the threat of Obama "acting" on a party that does not "fall in line" with the U.S. administration's requests, it is not surprising that the Palestinians have been demanding that Obama "impose" a solution on the Middle East peace process. The Haaretz article went on to further report:

Last week, Abbas urged the Obama administration to impose a solution to the Middle East conflict that would give his people an independent state, and rejected the idea of creating a state within temporary borders. "Mr. President [Barack Obama] and members of the American administration, since you believe in this [an independent Palestinian state], it is your duty to take steps toward a solution and to impose this solution," Abbas said in a speech to his Fatah party. Abbas' appeal to Obama came amid widespread media reports that the U.S. president was considering floating a proposal that would set the contours of a final peace deal.

I believe the Palestinians want Obama to force Israel's hands and in turn because the Palestinians feel that they will get a good deal and Israel will have no alternative but to accept the deal as it would be the United States making the demands. With Obama's clear siding with the Islamic world, it is clear that if Obama were to try to "impose" a deal Israel would definitely receive a "raw deal" from the "moslem-in-chief" that is practically sacrificing a long term ally of the U.S. simply to appease the Islamic world.

As many of us know, Israel currently reaps billions of dollars worth of military aid a year from the United States and it is already known that since Obama has taken office he has not approved a single Israeli weapons purchase request. This news comes from an Israel National News article that came out a few days ago. So, in effect that is already an arms embargo by the U.S. against Israel. Obama has already shown his true colors as it concerns Israel. The INN article states:

The World Tribune reports that since taking office in January 2009, U.S. President Barak Obama has not approved a single major Israeli weapons request.

Folks, the day is coming when Israel will be left entirely alone, in fact that day has already arrived. As we can see the current Obama administration is slowly but surely trying to sacrifice Israel for the sake of "peace" with a satanic religion that is built upon lies, deception, and glorification of every kind of evil imaginable. The United States has been long blessed by God for being a Christian nation who supported Israel, yet the current President has already turned his back on Israel and the result will be judgment against those who curse Israel as we know from Genesis 12:3. The final status talks will resolve around the issues of the "right to return", final borders, and of course Jerusalem. From recent Rapture Reports we have seen that the Bible has declared long ago that the status of Jerusalem would eventually become a burdensome stone to the entire world. that all those who concerned themselves with Jerusalem would be cut to pieces. This is literally coming to pass before our very eyes.

Over the next few weeks it is expected that the "proximity" talks will start between Israel and the Palestinians. this will be a trying time for Israel as we can see from the references above of Obama's threats to "act" on either party that does not comply with what Washington thinks is the best answer to the problem. The truth is that this problem between Israel and the Palestinians can't be solved by men, the problem is not just physical but also spiritual. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can solve the problems in the Middle East. The Bible tells us that as we see the final end times puzzle pieces moving around the board, that we should look up, for our redemption is drawing nigh. With recent events the way they are, our blessed hope is surely at the door!! Amen!!

God bless.

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