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The Rapture Report - On SCUD Missiles Syria Lies, Hezbollah doesn't Deny

On SCUD Missiles Syria Lies, Hezbollah doesn't Deny
Written: 04-15-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Two days ago I wrote a Rapture Report that talked about reports of Syria delivering advanced SCUD missiles to the Hezbollah terrorist organization that is currently camped out on the southern of Lebanon border right across from Israel. The reports indicated that Syria had provided the Hezbollah terrorist group with the SCUD missiles in case of the event of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah. As many of you know the Israelis and Hezbollah carried out an armed conflict in 2006 and that the Hezbollah have been hard at work these past few years re-arming themselves for another conflict in the future. The delivery of SCUD missiles to the Hezbollah would be a major escalation of tensions on the border as the SCUDs are capable of striking all of Israel. In today's news the Syrians are denying the delivery of the SCUDs to Hezbollah and have openly blamed Israel for the so called "fabrications" of the facts on the ground. The Haaretz news website is reporting:

Israel might be preparing a military strike against Syria by accusing Damascus of supplying Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon with long-range Scud missiles, the Syrian government said on Thursday. President Shimon Peres on Tuesday accused Syria of sending Hezbollah long-range Scuds. The United States said on Wednesday it was "increasingly concerned" about the transfer of more sophisticated weaponry to the Syrian and Iranian-backed Islamist group that fought a war with Israel in 2006. "Israel aims from this to raise tension further in the region and to create an atmosphere for probable Israeli aggression," the Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "The Syrian Arab Republic denies these fabrications."

As we can see from the above comments the Syrian government denies the transfer of SCUD missiles to Hezbollah. This denial comes after the previous reports that Syria did in fact transfer the SCUD missiles to Israel and after the U.S. recalled Syria's ambassador over the situation. The Syrians are in my opinion simply trying to dodge the political fallout of having armed the Hezbollah with such advanced missiles. The Haaretz news article went on to further state:

Hezbollah hit Israel with shorter range rockets during the 2006 war as at that time it lacked a longer-ranger missile capability. An Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Scuds were smuggled to Hezbollah in the past two months.


The United States said the move would have a possible "destabilizing effect" on the region. The presence of more advanced missiles in Lebanon could raise the prospects of a pre-emptive strike by Israel. Hezbollah is on the U.S. terrorism blacklist, but is part of Lebanon's unity government. The Lebanese government has had no comment on the U.S. allegations. But Hezbollah lawmaker Hassan Fadlallah said the comments made by the White House were interference. "This American interference that has completely adopted the Israeli position, is condemned and rejected by Lebanon. This U.S. position presents a threat to Lebanon," Fadlallah said. "These American pressures and Israeli intimidation will not affect our choices and our commitment to defend our country by all means," Fadlallah told Reuters.

However, despite all the denials of Syria over the SCUD missile deliveries, the Hezbollah terrorist group actually contradicted the Syrians today by admitting that they had in fact received SCUDs from Syria. The Jerusalem Post is currently reporting:

Hizbullah sources confirmed Thursday that the terror group received a shipment of Scud missiles from Syria, the Kuwaiti paper Al-Rai reported. According to the report, the missiles were claimed to be old and unusable. Hizbullah also accused Israel of blowing the incident out of proportion in order to provoke a media ruckus. The sources added, "Our organization has many surface-to-surface missiles spread across all of Lebanon, in case Israel attacks the country again.” In spite of this confirmation, the Syrian Foreign Ministry denied the reports, saying Israel was trying to stoke tensions in the Middle East and could be setting the stage for a possible Israeli "aggression" to avoid Middle East peace requirements. Thursday's Syrian statement comes after President Shimon Peres accused Syria of supplying the Lebanese guerrillas with Scuds for the first time.

As we can the Syrians have basically once again lied about their true intentions and actions when it comes to Israel, which is why Israel needs to refrain from making any "peace" overtures to the Syrians because you really can't believe a word they say. In fact, it was just the other day that Israeli President Shimon Peres stated that Syria was talking out both sides of their mouths and that they were basically talking peace on one side and arguing for resistance on the other side. This "two-faced" approach by the Assad government shows what we have known for a long time and that is the Islamists in the region are not truly genuine in making peace with Israel. Their stated and only goal is the destruction of the Jewish state. With the Middle East peace process stalemated in failure and the threat of a nuclear Iran hanging over the region, it is not surprising that we are seeing and hearing the "drumbeats of war" in the region. It is very possible that if a conflict were to arise that Syria's delivery of SCUDs could show that they are serious about entering in the next conflict. And if they do, Bible prophecy watchers should recognize this as an ideal situation for the fulfillment of Isaiah 17. Especially if these SCUDs are armed with Syrian biological weapons. The Hezbollah claim that the SCUDs that were delivered were old and unusable, but that is not likely to be the case as the region seems to be heading for war. Why would someone send missiles that are old and unusable when conflict is practically around the corner? The most likely intention of supplying the Hezbollah with SCUDs is to use them in a soon to be conflict with Israel. And only working SCUD missiles would be appropriate in that situation.

To show how close these new developments could serve as a spark for a new confrontation, the Jerusalem Post article also noted that:

Israeli defense officials also have said they believe Hizbullah has Scud missiles, and that their introduction could alter the strategic balance with the Islamic guerrilla group.....At the same time, according to the Wall Street Journal, the IDF came very close recently to attacking a convoy carrying weapons from Syria to Lebanon, but at the last moment decided against it.

The possibility that Syria would transfer Scud missiles to Hizbullah is not a new fear in the Israeli defense establishment. According to the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai, Israel sent warnings to Syria through Turkey and Qatar that it would “bomb Lebanese and Syrian targets in case the missiles crossed the border and reached Hizbullah.”

With all that is going on region it appears that it is just a matter of time before an outbreak of violence occurs and we find the region once again at war. In other news, the Russians announced the other day that they were on track for an August start up for the Iranian nuclear reactor they are building. This could be a serious sign that Israel's window of opportunity to stopping Iran is slowly but surely closing. The big question is whether Netanyahu will order a strike before the nuclear facility is operational. Let us continue to pray that despite all the evil plots and plans of Israel's enemies, that God continues to keep his eyes and hands directly on Israel in order to fulfill his promises. Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And for the church, as we see these events coming at us with increasing speed, we need to remember that the Bible warns us to remain awake and sober, always looking up as our redemption draws nigh!

God bless.

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