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The Rapture Report - Iran moves closer to the Nuclear Finish Line

Iran moves closer to the Nuclear Finish Line
Written: 4-10-09
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report. Today we will be discussing the recent announcements by Iran that they have successfully inaugurated their first nuclear production plant. Iran is working feverisly to cross the finish line with their nuclear program. While it is true that Iran will use part of their nuclear program for the generation of electircity, the international community is quite concerned about the unanswered questions that surround different aspects of the program in regards to it's potential for making nuclear weapons. The Haaretz News reported that:

Ahmadinejad on Thursday inaugurated the country's first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant (FMP) located near the central Iranian city of Isfahan. "The Iranian nation has from the beginning been after logic and negotiations, but negotiations based on justice and complete respect for rights and regulations," Ahmadinejad said in a televised speech. The nuclear fuel manufacturing plant will produce pellets of uranium oxide to fuel the heavy-water research reactor, which is scheduled to be completed in 2009 or 2010.

The reason for concern of this development was noted:

The process is distinct from uranium enrichment, which produces fuel for a light-water reactor. Highly enriched uranium can be used to build a warhead as well. Iran's enrichment program presents more immediate concerns to the West than the hard-water reactor, because it is far more advanced.

It appears that Iran as we have mentioned is moving full-steam ahead toward trying to develop a nuclear program for the production of nuclear weapons. This is obviously a very concerning development and one in which the international community has been reluctant to tackle. We know that recent and ongoing sanctions and talks with the Iranians have yielded absolutely nothing over the past 4-5 years. The sanctions that have been imposed on the Iranian regime have basically been all bark and no bite. In fact, many countries have been found to be in violation the sanctions against Iran by continuing economic cooperation with Iran. This is nothing but appeasement to the mad mullahs in Iran and it serves them by allowing them to thumb their nose at the international community while continuing their evil nuclear program.

The YNetNews agency reports that Iran had also announced that they had increased the centrifuges in their nuclear program to 7,000:

A senior Iranian officials has said that his country is now running 7,000 nuclear enrichment centrifuges after having obtained the technology to produce more "accurate" centrifuges.

A recent article in the Jerusalem Post reports that France has become "worried" about the "defiance" shown by the Iranians in regards to their nuclear prgram. The article goes on to report:

A day after US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton downplayed Iran's claim that it had developed new uranium enrichment technology, France expressed its concern over the assertion. "These are worrying declarations," French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier told reporters. "We need to check the accuracy of the figures...and for that we'll wait for the International Atomic Energy Agency." Chevallier urged Teheran to submit to a full IAEA inspection regime at all its nuclear sites and halt its uranium enrichment program.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on record saying that the U.S. didn't know what to make of Iran's recent announcements:

Clinton said Thursday night the declaration would not affect the US decision to resume participation in international talks on the Islamic republic's nuclear program. "We don't know what to believe about the Iranian program," she said, adding that the US government did not "attribute any particular meaning" to Iran's statement with respect to the negotiations.

Folks, I can't help but think that we are seeing a replay of the appeasement and indifference being displayed today by the international community that was also displayed in the 1930's with Hitler and Nazis. The world community faces perhaps the greatest threat in it's history in that the fanatical islamic regime of Iran is practically on the verge of developing nuclear weapons. And it appears that all the world community can do is try to sit down and "talk" with the mad mullahs of Iran. If this is not a replay of the Neville Chamberlain type of nonsense then I don't know what is. After 4-5 years of "talks" with the mad mullahs it should be crystal clear that they are not going to give up their nuclear program and play nice.

I believe that that the only way to stop this fanatical islamic regime from acquiring nuclear wepaons is through miltary action applied directly to the nuclear facilities in question. Every day that passes and that Iran is allowed to continue toward the nuclear finish line is one day closer they will be able to re-create their nuclear program should it be destroyed. It would seem to me that the sooner a military strike is carried out, the sooner this islamic threat can be stopped.

One of the saddest news articles that I came across was one that suggested that the Obama administration may not be inclined to stop Iran from their nuclear ambitions and may actually be resigned to letting them complete them. The Jerusalem Post article states:

In his speeches in Turkey, Obama failed to reiterate the previous administration's call for a complete cessation of uranium enrichment by Iran. Rather, the president said his message to Iran was "don't develop a nuclear weapon." This could be interpreted as meaning that the administration may be prepared to tolerate Iran's uranium enrichment program, on condition that it takes place under IAEA supervision, and does not seek to enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels. US officials have been wary of committing themselves as to whether this is indeed the administration's intention. When queried on the matter, State Department spokesman Robert Wood recommended waiting until the policy review process is completed. But should this prove to be the administration's position, it would be seen in Iran as a major victory for the regime.

If the Obama adminstration is currently considering allowing Iran to continue to the finish line with their nuclear program, then we will have a radically different world the day after they cross the finish line. It is my prayer and hope that this is not the case. However, in light of Bible prophecy it could be that President Obama's reluctance and indifference towards the Iranian nuclear program could help put things on a fast track to prophetic fulfillment. In the prophetic words of Ezekiel 38-39 it is suggested that nations simply throw a mild protest when the Gog/Magog coalition forms to attack Israel. It is quite possible that instead of having a staunch defender of Israel like George W. Bush, that a weak defender of like President Obama may allow the islamic hordes to feel confident enough to make their fatal mistake in attacking Israel. This is a scenario that I have pondering a good bit lately and think that is reasonable given the situation. However, only time will tell how President Obama will handle the sitation in the Middle East, but all indications at this time seem to point to appeasement and indifference when it comes to the islamists and dealing with Israel.

Despite all the uncertainty and gloomy signs appearing all around us, believers in Jesus Christ should remain hopeful for the soon rapture of the church. While we know difficult times are ahead for the world with the 7 year Tribulation period coming soon, we should seek from the Lord the peace that passes all understanding. The world today is moving very fast towards a one world government due to the latest global financial crisis. The Middle East is tension filled as the mad mullahs in Iran race towards the finish line for completing their evil nuclear program. I believe this advancement of the Iranian nuclear program is surely going to draw a response from Israel. I think we can seriously cross out any military response from an Obama led US government. Further, I think the current Israeli government is the kind of government that will make the hard choices and do what is needed to stop Iran. We can definitely pray that this is the case.

Let us continue to watch the situation on the ground in the Middle East as the situation remains dynamic and very explosive. Please join us in praying for the Peace of Jerusalem.

God bless.

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