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The Rapture Report - Drumbeats and Preparations for War

The Drumbeats and Preparations for Possible War
Written: 4-5-08
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Israel is, at the moment, preparing for some of the largest war preparation ever undertaken in the Jewish state. The scheduled missile exercises for the coming week are designed to prepare and test all aspects of the governmental and civilian networks in the case of an imminent enemy missile attack. The new missile exercises have also apparently caught the attention of Israel's enemies as well. It has been reported that the terrorist group Hezbollah has stated that will be watching the exercises with great interest. Syria has also become concerned with the missile exercises and has even repositioned its troops along the border, for what they are describing as a possible attack by Israel. As one who has watched the ME for any length of time, it is well known that Israel is seldom the aggressor in military conflicts. More often Israel's neighbors cause the outbreak of hostilities as a result of miscalculations on the political and military fronts. If war does indeed break out it will likely be started by the Syrians and/or their terrorist proxies, with Iran also involved. With last year's bombing of the Syrian military facility and the recent assassination of the terrorists Mugniyah, there are a lot of unsettled scores in the region. It is possible that the Hezbollah terrorists will try to extract some sort of revenge in the near future.

Another interesting development in the region is the announcement that Iran is currently assisting the Syrians in gathering intelligence on the Israelis via electronic listening devices placed near the Israeli border. In discussing the issue recently with a colleague, the following scenario was brought up concerning the apparent eavesdropping by the Syrians. The discussed scenario was that perhaps Israel knew beforehand that the Syrians has set up these eavesdropping equipment and to test whether the Syrians were actively using the equipment, the Israelis might have taken a gamble and set out a false report, to see if the Syrians took the bait and moved their troops around. As the news reports indicate, the Syrians did indeed move their troops, but whether it was a result of a false report by the Israelis remain to be seen. But, if this is a possible scenario, we could be watching a big game of "cat and mouse" right now along the border region of northern Israel. Serious students of Bible prophecy will definitely want to keep up with current news headlines, in order to monitor the situation along the border region as the tension continues to mount.

In other areas, Iran remains defiant regarding the nuclear enrichment issues, and has continually brushed off economic sanctions placed on it by the UN. In fact, Iran has actually expanded and increased their nuclear enrichment activities in open defiance of the international community. It should be ever clear to the casual observer of the ME, that Iran has absolutely not intention of shutting down their nuclear programs and activities as the international community so desires. After 3 consecutive rounds of economic sanctions being applied to Iran, we do not have a single bit of cooperation from Iran. With all due respects, the international sanctions have done absolutely nothing to stop the Iranians. It is the opinion of this commentator that the only way the international community will get Iran to stop their nuclear program is by the way of force. Although a strong "coalition of the willing" might be an answer to the current situation, there is absolutely no support for such actions. The only states that might resort to something of this nature, would be the US/Israel and then it would likely only focus on eliminating the Iranian nuclear facilities rather than an invasion. Iran's terrain and geography are not favorable for invasions. Force is apparently the only language the Iranians understand at this time, and no one on the world stage seems to speak that language right now. As mentioned, this has become an unlikely course of action as the international community simply does not the will power to do what is necessary to stop the mad mullahs of Tehran from developing the world's worst weapons of mass destruction. It is this kind of appeasement that created the situation for Hitler to arise in Nazi Germany before and during the time of WW2. It is very apparent that the world did not learn its lessons from the past.

It is my opinion that any efforts to reach a diplomatic solution are certainly destined to fail. Iran has made this perfectly clear as they see the nuclear finish line in sight. This raises major concerns for Israel and it's allies. The idea of a nuclear bomb in the hand of the mad mullahs in Tehran, is a frightening idea. Unlike the US-Russian Cold War, the mad mullahs in Tehran are not restrained by the concept of mutally assured destruction (MAD) that prevented a nuclear war between the then superpowers of the US and Russia. The fanatical Islamic ideology of the mad mullahs does not allow for this sort of deterrence. Driven by fanatical hatred and religious motives of martyrdom, the idea of the mad mullahs in Tehran with nuclear weapons is indeed a scary throught and under normal circumstances should have motived the international community to have done something about the threat. The mullahs of Tehran would not hesitate for a second to strike out at the "great or little satans" (US/Israel) should the opportunity arise to strike with their newly developed nuclear weapons.

With the tension mounting on the borders, Israel is definitely looking at a dark road ahead. With conflict possible from Gaza, the WB, and the northern border it does not look good for Israel in the short term. Massive casualties and destruction are definitely possible with the supplying of long range and more accurate missiles to the terrorists and Syrian state. Iran has been responsible for a majority of the weapons being brought into the region and used against the Israelis. Of course, Russia has also been there to provide supplies as well.

With the seriousness of the situation in the region, many Bible prophecy watchers have looked to the scriptures for clues for things to come. Some are suggesting that Pslam 83 and Isaiah 17 are not far from being fulfilled. It is widely known that Syria has moved the state archives out of Damascus in the event that Israel were to attack Damascus for the result of the proxy terrorist activities. It is quite possible, given the current situation that we are seeing the stage being set for these prophecies and the fulfillment of the written Word. All these things are the sure signs that the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ could be right around the corner. Let us be sober and watching in anticipation of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless.


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