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The Rapture Report - Gaddafi warns of 'out-of-control' Christian-Muslim war

Gaddafi warns of 'out-of-control' Christian-Muslim war
Written: 03-31-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's edition of the Jerusalem Post it is being reported that Libyan leader Gaddafi has threatened to cause the war in Libya to spread to the entire region and world as a battle against Islam and Christianity. Gaddafi's threats are interesting in that Bible prophecy predicts that conflict will arise here in the last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi warned the Western powers mounting air strikes on his country they had unleashed a war between Christians and Muslims that could spiral out of control. Western states intervened in Libya after the United Nations authorized them to protect civilians it said were under attack by pro-Gaddafi forces, but Tripoli says the military intervention in an act of unwarranted aggression.

"If they continue, the world will enter into a real crusader war. They have started something dangerous that cannot be controlled and it will become out of their control," said a text from Gaddafi, read out on state television.

On the political front it is clear that Gaddafi is definitely feeling the heat of Western military intervention in the civil war that is currently taking place in Libya. Gaddafi has compared the Western intervention as a "crusade" against him and Islam in order to try to provoke sympathy from the Islamist population.

Further, reports are conflicting on the ground as to which side is making gains against the other. Some news articles suggest the rebels are making strides in fighting the pro-Gaddafi forces while other news reports indicate that Gaddafi and his supporters continue to hammer away at the rebels. At this time it seems we are pretty much at a neutral standing in the conflict as there is no way that a "no fly zone" will overturn the military tide against Gaddafi. At least not without "boots on the ground" which is unlikely to occur. Recent articles over the past few days have further concluded that there was no military option other than the continued aerial bombardment by Western forces in Libya. Gaddafi for his part insists that he is waging a war against "terrorism" and has spoken out against the international community for not helping him. Gaddafi claims the rebels are part of the Al-Qaeda network and therefore he is doing nothing wrong because he is fighting "terrorism". It appears the Western powers are not buying into this story.

For now the Europeans as well as the U.S. Have called for Gaddafi to leave power ASAP in order to bring peace back to the country. Gaddafi though has spurned calls for his step down from power and pledges to continue the fight until the bitter end. The U.S. has refused to target Gaddafi and have stated numerous times that he is not a target in the country. This is even after Gaddafi's own compound has been hit by Western forces.

In light of Bible prophecy, it appears to me that the region is undergoing a massive realignment that will probably help set the stage for the fulfillment of end times bible prophecy. The leaders of the Middle Eastern countries are all trembling at the things that are occurring in the Middle East. Right now Syria is facing unprecedented chaos and protests for the ouster of the Assad regime. These developments appear in my opinion to be pushing us closer and closer to the fulfillments of such prophecies as Psalm 83 and others. These protests and uprisings have sparked the kind of turmoil where long time dictators are being replaced by even more radical regimes. In Egypt for example, Hosni Mubarak has been removed from power and the current military regime is making friendly signals to Iran and terrorist organizations. This kind of events could end up moving the prophetic puzzle pieces into place for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. For the time being all we can do is wait and see what happens. And this is the kind of thing that Jesus told us to watch for as we see the lining up of end times Bible prophecy. These events should help us recognize that God's Word is coming true and that we should be looking up for our blessed hope of the rapture of the church.

Stay tuned! God bless.

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