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The Rapture Report - Netanyahu: No change in policy on Jerusalem

Netanyahu: No change in policy on Jerusalem
Written: 03-26-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

After returning to Israel from the U.S., Israeli PM Netanyahu convened on Friday afternoon a five hour meeting of his seven primary top ministers members who are commonly referred to as the "Septet". The discussions centered around Netanyahu's visit to Washington and his meetings with U.S. President Obama. The PM briefed his cabinet on the talks with senior U.S. officials as well as the demands that Obama made to Netanyahu in order to jumpstart the stalled Middle East peace talks. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu convened his senior ministers in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon to discuss the demands made by US President Barack Obama and his overall trip to Washington – a trip that, because of negative atmospherics and amid a paucity of hard information, has been widely characterized as among the most difficult in recent memory.

Late Friday evening, Israel Radio reported that Netanyahu holds to the view that Israel must not change its policy in Jerusalem, despite the fact that this was the main point of contentions between Israel and the United States. However the circle of seven top ministers, known collectively as the 'Septet', did not come to any conclusions following the five-hour discussion and will probably only announce the government's position after the Passover Seder which occurs Monday evening. Netanyahu told his inner circle also that on Iran, the US and Israel were in complete agreement.

Despite the reports coming out of Israel today that the Israeli government had not made any decisions, it was further reported that no longer had Netanyahu arrived back in Israel that it was leaked that Obama had demanded that Israel answer his demands by Saturday. This arrogant attitude by Obama is very unbecoming on a U.S. President, especially in that the dealings are with an extremely important ally. The apparent reason that Obama demanded answers by Saturday is that the Arab League is currently meeting this weekend on the current Middle East situation as well as the recent spat concerning housing construction in Jerusalem. It appears to me that Obama is making ridiculous demands of Israel in order to further appease and "bow down" to the Islamists. I think it is totally unfair to ask the Israeli government to make important decisions in such a short amount of time after the way Obama and his administration treated Netanyahu while he was in the U.S. The Obama administration showed absolutely no manners and dignity to the Israelis while they were in Washington. The way the administration acted was a complete embarrassment to the rest of the U.S. Even Congress and several leading newspapers like the Washington Post rebuked Obama for his childish behavior.

Netanyahu for his part is showing no signs of buckling under the current U.S. pressure. Today he has announced that Israeli policy towards Jerusalem construction has not changed and that he will continue to build in Jerusalem as every Israeli administration before him has done. The Haaretz news website reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday said that he is building in Jerusalem on his own accord and not because coalition partners are pressuring him to do so, senior officials told Haaretz. In closed talks, Netanyahu clarified that he has no intention of breaking up his rightwing coalition to form a more moderate centrist alliance, despite continuing pressure from the United States for a compromise over Israeli building in east Jerusalem. "I do not need coalition partners to pressure me into continuing to build in Jerusalem," he said. "I, myself, plan to continue building in Jerusalem as all previous prime ministers did before me."

To grasp and understand the importance and severity of the current diplomatic spat with the U.S., an Israel National News article detailed the demands that Netanyahu is currently facing from the pro-arab U.S. administration. The INN article reports:

Obama pushed Netanyahu to agree to extend the construction freeze in Judea and Samaria, to release hundreds of terrorists affiliated with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah organization, and to deny Jews the right to build in parts of Jerusalem that were under Jordanian control between the years 1948 and 1967.

I have seen reports where it is being said that Obama asked for the release of upwards to 2,000 prisoners to the Palestinians many of which have carried out terrorist acts against Israel. The irony in these demands is that as we've mentioned before there is never a list of demands for the Palestinians. They are never required to provide "confidence building" concessions or to provide "good will gestures" to the Israelis. It is always the same song that Israel is to give, give, give, and given even more. When is this insanity going to stop? The answer to that question is that it is likely not to stop. The Obama administration is a liberal leftist administration that lives in a political fog and can't even see 6 feet in front of it. I recently noted on our forums that it appears that the Obama administration in light of Genesis 12:3 is surely shooting itself in the foot yet can't hear nor feel the bullet. Obama is clearly leading himself and the U.S. towards a head on collision with God Almighty. Genesis 12:3 tells us that God will bless those who bless Israel, and that he will curse those who curse Israel. President Obama this past week has clearly cursed Israel as he applies tremendous pressure to appease and satisfy his Islamist masters. The current speculation is that this pressure being exerted on Israel will only increase in the future, which is why it is imperative that the Israeli administration not cede an inch to Obama's ridiculous demands. When Obama was running for office, he said one time that when the political winds were blowing he would in the end side with the Islamists. He is making good on that promise now. But the promise of Almighty God is the only one that matters. Obama is about to find out this the hard way.

The Israel National News is also carrying a report that MKs Lieberman and Akunis are in support of Netanyahu, as well as 70 other MKs who signed a pettition for Netanyahu to stand firm in light of the U.S. pressure. The INN reports:

United States demands of Israel were criticized by Israeli leaders Thursday night. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman echoed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's statement earlier in the week that Jerusalem is not a settlement, comparing it with his Judean Jewish community of Nokdim and historical last-stand points Gamla and Massada. Interviewed by Channel 2 television, he said Western countries don't understand the root of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.

Chairman Ofir Akunis of the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee said "[US President Barack] Obama is exaggerating!" Akunis added that the current administration's Middle East policy is imbalanced and unfair. He said that when the "Forum of Seven" inner cabinet meets on Friday, it should say that does not accept the demand of no building in Jerusalem and that the time has come to present a list of demands to the Palestinian Authority.

I believe in the coming days we will see more and more confrontation over the status of Jerusalem. In fact, as we know the Bible declares that Jerusalem will become a "burdensome stone" in the end times. What many do not know is that by burdening themselves with Jerusalem they are asking for trouble from Almighty God. The Bible declares that those who concern themselves with the issue of Jerusalem will be cut to pieces. And it also further says that all nations will eventaully burden themselves with the issue. We are very well seeing this come true as the world begins to lose patience with the never-ending root of conflict in the Middle East. The never-ending cycle of violence that traces it's roots back to the family feud between Isaac and Ishmael. This is only an issue that Lord Jesus Christ can solve. And one day he will return to settle this once and for all. Unfortunately, it will take a tremendous toll on mankind and the earth before this happens as the 70th week of Daniel will be fulfilled as described through out the Book of Revelation.

Let us continue to watch over the next few days and weeks as the situation with Israel and the U.S. does not appear to be cooling down and in fact it could further flare up if and when the Netanyahu administration gives Obama the answers to his demands. And form the look of things now, these are not going to be the answers Obama wants to hear. We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem during this difficult time. We need to pray that Israeli PM Netanyahu is given supernatural wisdom, knowledge, and courage to confront the evil coming from the rest of the world, particularly from the White House.

God bless.

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