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The Rapture Report - Britain: Qaddafi's Air Force 'Effectively Destroyed'

Britain: Qaddafi's Air Force 'Effectively Destroyed'
Written: 03-23-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

According to an Israel National News article Britain is reporting that the allied coalition of NATO members has essentially destroyed Libya's air force and is currently ruling the skies unhindered by Libyan jets or ground-to-air defenses. The British spokesman also said that the allies where attacking Qaddafi's forces on the ground when they could. The INN reports:

British Royal Air Force Air Vice Marshal Greg Bagwell has disclosed that coalition forces have all but wiped out the Libyan air force and were attacking ground troops wherever they threatened the civilian population.

"We are now applying sustained and unrelenting pressure on the Libyan armed forces," he said from the RAF base at Gioia del Colle in southern Italy. "Effectively, their air force no longer exists as a fighting force, and his integrated air defense system and command and control networks are severely degraded to the point that we can operate with near impunity across Libya."

Although not surprising it is remarkable that the allies have been able to "rule the skies" over Libya after only 4-5 days worth of bombing campaign. While Libya had an air force of around 300-400 planes, it is believed that many of these were outdated Soviet models that were in storage or in hangers not being used. It did not take long for the allies to hand Qaddafi a serious blow that has according to some analysts helped to even the field between troops loyal to Qaddafi and the rebel fighters. The INN article broke down the details on the Libyan air force:

Prior to coalition strikes in the opening hours of Operation Odyssey Dawn, the Libyan Air Force had an inventory of 374 combat capable aircraft, predominantly Soviet era Mig 17/19/25 fighters and TU-22 bombers, which were housed at 13 air bases. The U.S. State Department estimates indicated 50 percent of Libya's air-force, including most of its Migs, were in storage.

Following air-strikes by coalition planes enforcing the no-fly zone over Libya, besieged rebels in Misurata say the odds have evened out in what has been, to date, an asymmetrical battle against Qaddafi loyalists, The New York Times reports.

While the strikes have helped to level the field on the ground in Libya further reports are that Qaddafi's fighters are taking to the streets in tanks, etc. at night in an effort to avoid allied jets who are looking to bomb more targets. Right now the U.S. is leading the main role of the coalition but U.S. President Barack Obama has said that America should not lead the charge on Libya. There are plans to hand the leadership role of the military campaign to NATO leadership. This is a very disturbing development as the U.S. has always taken a lead role in conflict situations. This "turnover" by Obama of leadership to NATO could be of prophetic significance in that eventually students of Bible prophecy know that the Antichrist, who will rise from Western Europe, will eventually have his own forces that he uses to grab a hold of a one world government. We could be potentially seeing the transfer of military power from the U.S. to European based NATO forces. Which in turn could end up being the military forces of the coming Antichrist. While this remains to be seen, I think there is a good chance that this could happen or something similar to it happening. The idea of America not leading the coalition in such an important role is almost unthinkable prior to the Obama administration.

Which also brings to mind that one of the reasons Obama was able to rise to power so quickly on the American political scene was because he played on the war weary public who was tired of the "war on terror" that was always linked to former President George W. Bush. The fact is that GWB was villanized for being a warmonger, yet as we watch today we see Obama following in the footsteps of previous presidents but that radical left that was raising a ruckus before is somehow silent. For they dare not speak out against their liberal Messiah. Had this been GWB ordering strikes against Libya, the leftists would have lined the streets and protested. This is hypocritical at best and down right two faced at worse. But the liberal world doesn't seem to have any shame, as long as it remains in power in the White House there won't be any protests or calls for impeachment from the liberals. Meanwhile, the rest of us are not having the wool pulled over our eyes. We know exactly what is being done and that puppets like Obama are being used by sinister forces to bring about the rise of the European revised roman empire just as the Bible foretold.

While we wait and see what happens in the short term future, let us remember that God is in control and that nothing that is done by people like Obama escapes the knowledge and awareness of the Almighty One. He is fully in charge and everything will play along according to his perfect plan for the redemption of mankind. Let us continue to pray for our troops that are participating in this mission and of course continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Keep watching the Middle East, it is my opinion that a tremendous amount of ground prepping is taking place for further end times prophecies to be fullfilled. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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