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The Rapture Report - Obama to Gadhafi: Comply with UN resolution or face military action

Obama to Gadhafi: Comply with UN resolution or face military action
Written: 03-18-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

According to the Haaretz news website U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama has issued an ultimatum to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to halt military actions against the rebels or face military intervention from the West. After nearly two weeks of sitting on their collective hands and "talking" about the situation the West has finally passed a UN Resolution authorizing military force should Gaddafi continue his assault against the Libyan rebels. This ultimatum is a stark contrast to the appeasing attitude taken by the Obama administration over the past two weeks. The Haaretz newspaper reports:

United States President Barak Obama condemned embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi Friday, warning that the U.S. will take military action if Gadhafi does not comply with the terms iterated in the UN Security Council resolution passed Thursday.

Obama made it clear that the terms of the resolution are not negotiable, saying "if Gadhafi does not comply with the resolution, the international community will impose consequences, and the resolution will be enforced through military action."

While the UN resolution calls for a ceasefire of hostilities, world leaders are skeptical of Gaddafi's claims that his forces are camped out the Libyan stronghold and are not advancing. Just the other day Gaddafi declared that his forces were approaching the rebel stronghold of Benghazi and that the conflict would be over in 48 hours. However, the UN resolution that was passed has apparently been put into place on Thursday while Gaddafi still had not made good on his threat to wipe out the rebels once and for all. World leaders are skeptical of Gaddafi's claims of following through on a ceasefire and as a result have moved military assets into the region to be ready to activate military forces when they are finally needed. If they are even used at all. While the rhetoric has increased the past few days and an ultimatum was issued to Gaddafi, it appears that even with that happening it appears the world community is hesitant to follow through on their threats. Some see this is a reason for why Gaddafi according to Al Jazeera continues to pound the rebel stronghold despite the military threat hanging over him.

According to a news report out of the Jerusalem Post it appears that a French UN envoy has stated that military action against Gaddafi will start a few hours after a meeting of coalition forces in Paris on Saturday. The Jerusalem Post news article reports:

The French ambassador to the United Nations, Gerard Araud, said on Friday he expected military intervention in Libya within hours of a Paris summit on Saturday. "Tomorrow we will have a summit in Paris with all the major participants in the operations, and in the diplomatic effort. So I think it would be a good moment to send the last signal," he told BBC's Newsnight.

"Which means the US, the UK and France, we have also launched the ultimatum about the ceasefire...and we have set the conditions. So I guess that after this summit, I think that in the coming hours, I think we will go to launch the military intervention." US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron will discuss the next steps on Libya with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Arab leaders in Paris on Saturday.

While the French envoy makes it sound as though military action is assured after the meeting, I'm not convinced that the international community has their heart into the matter to do something. To me there are certainly a lot of talk going on but so far nothing concrete has been done. This is one of the reasons why there is a growing rift in the Obama administration with Secretary Clinton. The inactivity of the international community has spoken volumes to the rest of the world. The era of quick action and decisive measures is over and replaced with the appeasing attitude of the liberal left. While it remains to be seen if the international community makes a move on the crisis in Libya, I would not be surprised if they tried to find any way possible to avoid the necessary operations and send once again a signal of appeasement toward the Islamic world.

An interesting article came out that talked about the reason for the sudden shift of the Obama administration from appeasement to sudden threatening of Gaddafi with ultimatums. The Israel National News analysis article suggested that issues on the domestic front, responsibility to allies, and the actions of Gaddafi were the deciding factors that went into the sudden reversal from the Obama administration. The INN news article went to report:

The American reversal and sudden support for a No-Fly zone in Libya plus after Defense Secretary Robert Gates and influential portions of the American defense establishment had trashed it, requires explanation. Why was a policy that could have been extremely more effective in ousting Libyan autocrat Morman Qaddafi a few weeks ago now resurrected after Qaddafi has reasserted control over most of Libya and more importantly the oilfields?.

There is no doubt that the Obama administration will spin the familiar refrain "me no Bush " and claim that delay and "creative ambiguity" was a price that had to be paid to achieve the multilateral diplomacy that the Bush administration had scorned. More importantly, there will be Arab diplomatic cover, a cameo military role for Arab countries and Gulf checkbooks to finance the operation.


...As opposed to Egypt, where the Republicans in Congress basically deferred to the president due to the uncertainty over the situation, the Republican Party was basically united that action was needed over Libya. Only Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, a remnant of the Brent Scowcroft realist position, dissented from the emerging consensus in his party...

...The Obama administration could not hang out Britain and France to dry on this issue. These 2 countries are the only European countries that still make a semblance of commitment to defense and a military posture. Any future multilateralism begins with these countries and therefore the administration had to fall in step with them, or face a situation that next time around there would be nobody to call upon.

The same holds true for the Arab countries that provided the diplomatic cover for the UN resolution. An Arab approval for the action will not necessarily immunize the region from an anti-American reaction. Osama bin Laden was infuriated by the American presence in Saudi Arabia as a result of Operation Desert Storm to free Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. It did not matter to him that Arab and Muslim countries from Bangladesh to Morocco had signed on; actually it made things worse. However, once having prodded Arab countries to back the resolution, the administration could not let them down...

And finally:

“Any foreign military act against Libya will expose all air and maritime traffic in the Mediterranean to danger, and civilian and military facilities will become targets,” bragged the Libyan Defense Ministry, thus creating the impression that Western and primarily American inaction was not a calculated voluntary policy but Western cowering before Libyan tyrant.

Qaddafi on Thursday warned Benghazi that “we are coming tonight and there will be no mercy.” In an address delivered on Libyan state television, he promised to hunt down opposition “traitors . . . in the alleyways, house to house, room to room. . . . The whole world will watch Benghazi and see what will happen in it.” By the last statement Qaddafi gave ammunition to the interventionists, who argued that a Qaddafi victory would result in a bloodbath. The world was not prepared to watch. Qaddafi has now upped the ante by closing Libyan air space and threatening to retaliate against shipping and aviation in the Mediterrranean.

As we see here the liberal leftist inaction to the conflict has actually created a more difficult situation that it would have had they directly handled the situation the way they should have. The GWB might have handled it even if it called for "cowboy diplomacy". The situation in Libya now has caused us to be drawn into yet another conflict that could have been avoided had the same determination being shown now been shown when the conflict started and like it was shown when Egypt had their chaos. Whether the world does anything or not remains to be seen, but it is certain that right now Gaddafi has gained over the inaction of the West for the past two weeks. While he has slowly marches back West and nearly put down the rebellion it maybe too late for Western intervention. Make no mistake, other countries like North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc. are watching closely as the West fumbles the military football.

As we mentioned in a previous Rapture Report it is interesting to watch the countries that are foretold to be a part of a couple end times conflicts slowly changing from being dictator style governments to ones where everything is up in the air like it is in Egypt. The power vacuum will eventually be filled by the rogue elements that history often records are more oppressive and defiant than the ones they replaced. It does not look good. Surely an Egypt run by Mubarak is more preferable than an Egypt run by the Muslim Brotherhood. But apparently the liberal leftists didn't think that or couldn't see that. Maybe they didn't want to see it. Who knows?

But I will say it does look like military action is finally coming to Libya and a regime change in Libya I do not believe is going to be good. It is already looking like Al-Qaeda is looking to take over the country and that will be disastrous if it happens. The military intervention being spoken of now is simply a no-fly zone with no troops on the ground. This will allow Gaddafi to operate under the cover of darkness and if in fact his is removed from power it is not a sure thing that we will be better off. History often shows we are worse off.

So with the recent developments on the world stage, we could be seeing one more country being setup for that fatal prophecy from Ezekiel 28-29 that mentions Libya as a participant against Israel. Egypt has fallen and now it appears that it is time for Libya to change direction as well. This weekend should be interesting to see what happens. Let us stay alert and sober while we watch the events unfold and see if indeed a military intervention does happen. If so, it will mark the first military excursion for Obama and a real test for his foreign affairs credentials, which right now are simply nothing more than community organizer. Let us pray that if we do indeed get involved that we pray for our troops and pilots who will be in harm's way. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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