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The Rapture Report - Obama tells Netanyahu: Show us you're serious about peace

Obama tells Netanyahu: Show us you're serious about peace
Written: 03-13-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

After the embarrassing recent diplomatic situation with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden when he visited the Middle East on a five day trip and the announcement of 1,600 new housing plans for east Jerusalem, the Haaretz news agency is reporting that President Obama is telling Israeli PM Netanyahu to "show us you're serious about peace". This declaration is on top of the fact that Israel has bent over forward, backwards, sideways, and any other way you could imagine in order to try to reach a genuine peace with the Islamic terrorists called the Palestinians. The Haaretz news reports:

A widely predicted crisis between Israel and the United States upon Benjamin Netanyahu taking office as prime minister finally erupted this weekend. U.S. President Barack Obama did not hold back in condemning the humiliation caused to Joe Biden with the Israeli announcement of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem during what was supposed to be the vice president's friendly visit to Israel. Instead of accepting Netanyahu's partial apology and letting bygones be bygones, Obama issued a stern warning to the Israeli prime minister and is now demanding that he take "specific actions" to show he is "committed" to the U.S.-Israel relationship and to the peace process itself.

After reading the above comments by President Obama I could not help but feel a righteous anger being felt inside me at the pure and utter disrespect in which Obama treated Israel. Did you notice that Obama did not also demand that the Palestinians show they were serious about peace? Oh no, it's ALWAYS Israel that gets the blame and flame. Obama's comments show that he has not a single clue about the situation in the Middle East or he would have never said such a thing nor allowed Hillary (Hillarious) Clinton to go on her rampage for forty odd minutes with Netanyahu by phone. Both Obama and Clinton showed that they completely lack any intelligence and manners in handling foreign policy. Their behavior is disgraceful and an affront to America's strong ally Israel. Israel has twice in the past pretty much offered to hand over the farm to the Palestinians and each and every time the Palestinians said no. And why? Because the Palestinians do not intend to make a genuine peace deal with the Israelis. The Palestinians have continued to refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist, they have refused to remove the sections of their mission statements calling for the destruction of Israel, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. I personally have not seen one "iota" of effort being put forth by the Palestinians to show that they are serious about peace. It is always Israel that must make "concessions and confidence building moves". Why President Obama do you and your administration act like an anti-semites and verbal assault Israel like you do?? Why?!!

Not only did Obama go out and make these comments towards Israel and PM Netanyahu, but it appears that Obama made a list of demands upon Israel for them to fulfill in order to show their "sincerity" in making peace with the enemies of Israel. I certainly did not see a "list" being presented to the Palestinians, but once again the anti-semite behavior from the Obama administration is glaring obvious. The Haaretz news article went on to mention the subject of "demands" that Obama made:

Washington did not reveal the contents of the ultimatum or the list of demands reportedly presented to Netanyahu. Those conditions, however, could undermine the prime minister's coalition ties to hard-line right-wing parties like Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas, as well as provoke strong criticism from within his own Likud faction. In case Netanyahu still fails to understand the situation, a U.S. official told Reuters yesterday that the Israeli leader's rightist coalition leaves him in a "perilous" situation.

Showing the severity of the situation, the Haaretz news article pointed out that a "moment of truth" had come for Netanyahu and his coalition's ideological beliefs over the Palestinian issue and further U.S. support:

The prime minister has reached the moment of truth, where he must choose between his ideological beliefs and political cooperation with the right on one hand, and his need for American support on the other.

The seriousness of the current situation was underscored and described as retaliation for the "humiliation" of U.S. Vice President Biden received while in Jerusalem. Despite apologizing personally to Biden, the Obama adminsitration continued on the "warpath" of anti-semitism and continued to berate the Israelis unmercifully. The political analysts noted that Netanyahu's political enemies within the Obama administration had lashed out on him and had given him the "Turkish" diplomacy treatment:

His adversaries in the Obama administration spotted a perfect opportunity to strike, to teach him a lesson in national honor - taking a leaf out of the diplomatic playbook of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his deputy, Danny Ayalon. Biden was humiliated in Jerusalem, and America is now returning the favor.

Washington delivered its rebuke to Netanyahu through a number of channels. There was the extended censure by telephone from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a phone call from Biden, the summoning of Israel's ambassador to Washington to the office of Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, the condemnation from the Quartet and, perhaps most important, a media briefing Clinton delivered during a CNN interview which escalated private rebukes into a full-blown public reprimand.

The current rebuke and downward spiral of the political crisis has apparently caught Netanyahu off guard as he is reported to have said that he thought the situation had come to end when he had personally apologized to Biden. The YNetNews website reported:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he thought his apology to Joe Biden over the ill-timed announcement of east Jerusalem construction was sufficient and believed the matter was closed. Speaking to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Netanyahu said he believed the apology was adequate especially as it was personally coordinated with Biden himself. The PM's remarks came several hours after he was harshly reprimanded on the phone by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Following the crisis vis-à-vis the US Administration, Netanyahu decided to convene the forum of top seven government ministers Saturday night to discuss the issue. In his conversation with Italy's and Germany's leaders, Netanyahu emphasized that Israel's construction policy in Jerusalem has not changed from what it was under previous governments. He added that any peace initiative ever proposed by Israel or the US always stipulated that Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, such as Gilo, Ramot, and Ramat Shlomo, will remain under Israeli sovereignty. The prime minister also said that he is working to formulate new procedures in order to prevent "surprises" such as the east Jerusalem construction announcement, which coincided with Vice President Biden's visit to Israel this past week.

It appears that after all the diplomatic flurry and reprimands had ended that Israeli PM Netanyahu had called his inner cabinet to meet and discuss the situation. There is anticipation that Israel is formulating a response to the sudden downturn in Israel/US relations. However, as appealing that it maybe to the Israeli government to mend the fence and bow down to US demands, it is my hope that Netanyahu and his government do what is best for Israel even if that involves making the situation worse. The fact is Israel can't count on anyone but themselves to take care of their country, the US can make promises to her to the end of the age but with a President like Obama in the White House, Israel can't make deals with him when their very existence is at stake. And unless something is done soon, the situation with Iran will reach a point of no return. The entire political situation definitely puts Israel and Netanyahu in a difficult position, but this is the time to stand firm and not give in to mindless diplomatic nonsense like those ideas peddled by the U.S. administration and international community. The "land for peace" is sham deal and will only make matters worse for Israel.

In addition to the pressure being applied by the U.S. right now, it being reported by the Jerusalem Post that the European Union may also try to muscle in on the recent diplomatic downturn and try to force Israel to return to negotiations with the Palestinians. The European Union is hinting that they might use trade ties to "bully" Israel into going along with their suicidal plans to make nice with the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post articleis reporting:

The European Union might use its trade ties with Israel as leverage to pressure it into renewing peace talks with the Palestinians, Catherine Ashton, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy at the EU said on Saturday. Ashton was speaking at an EU foreign minister conference held in Spain. Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, said that Israel’s announcement on building in east Jerusalem during United States Vice President Joe Biden’s visit last week was intentional and not coincidental. Bildt said there were “no guarantees” that Israel was committed to peace. Ashton is on the verge of a Middle East tour where she will visit Egypt, Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

I am just shocked that the Europeans are trying to make Israel out as not being "committed" to peace, but then again the Swedish FM is showing once again that Sweden can be counted on to be anti-semite at any and all chances they can get. The Europeans have become very anti-semite and continuously blame Israel for all the problems in the Middle East. My theory is that the U.S. and the international community know that of the two parties in the "peace process", it will be easiest for them to twist the arm of Israel as the terrorists can't be reasonably dealt with. They are too radical, won't listen, and it is just plain easier to appease the Islamists and go "arm-twisting" Israel than it is to deal with both parties fairly and squarely. Thus Israel is destined to be bullied as the international community will seek the "easy" way out and try to make Israel pay for everything. This of course is only going to place the world on a collision course with the God of Israel. I'd recommend that the international community read Genesis 12:3 very closely and be forewarned that by cursing Israel, they are asking that they be cursed by God. He who neither sleeps nor slumbers is watching from above, and he will win any confrontation. Be warned Obama and Europeans, God will not be mocked!

As we've mentioned in the last few Rapture Reports, the situation with Israel and the status of Jerusalem is becoming a "burdensome stone" that is getting all the nations involved. The Bible warns that all those who trouble themselves with Jerusalem, will be cut to pieces. That does not sound very good. I'd also like to note that in the situation with Jerusalem, there truly is no "east", "west", "north", or "south" in the matter. The whole city is Jerusalem and it belongs in it's entirety to Israel. Efforts to divide the city into two pieces is simply a satanic plot to divide what rightfully belongs to the Jews and give it to the Palestinians. The "east" side of Jerusalem is the focal point in the situation because it contains the biblical "old city" including the prized Temple Mount where the two previous Jewish temples once stood. The battle for Jerusalem is not only over the city, but of the very place of God on Earth. Satan would like nothing better than to try to wrestle this prime real estate away from the Jews. But I don't think this will happen. I think God has other plans and only time will reveal what they are. Once again, God will not be mocked!

Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the Lord's will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven! Amen!!

God bless.

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