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The Rapture Report - Deputy FM tells U.S.: Israel won't make any more concessions

Deputy FM tells U.S.: Israel won't make any more concessions
Written: 03-11-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Amid mounting criticism from the international community over the recent announcement of plans to build 1,600 new housing units in east Jerusalem, which was later expanded to 50,000 when all the current planned developments are factored in, Israeli Deputy FM Danny Ayalon told the U.S. that Israel won't make any more concessions as it relates to the "peace" process and making goodwill gestures to the Palestinians. The Haaretz news agency reports:

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Thursday defended Israel's decision to approve construction of 1,600 new housing units in East Jerusalem, saying sovereignty over the capital has never been negotiable and that Israel would not make any more concessions for peace. "There is no doubt that the Palestinians will try to use this to either stop the upcoming indirect peace talks, or to extort more concessions from us, and I have explained to U.S. government officials that there will be no more concessions," said the deputy minister.

Ayalon also addressed the recent condemnation coming from the U.S. over the planned housing buildings in east Jerusalem, which primarily came from Vice President Joe Biden who is currently visiting Israel, by saying that the issue over the sovereignty of Jerusalem was never up for consideration in the peace negotiations but rather it was the timing of the housing development announcement that caused the uproar. Vice President Biden was critical of the planned building announcement because he was in the process of trying to revive stalled talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. Announcing new building construction at the same time Biden had arrived in Israel was not seen as being very productive for the peace process. In fact, the Palestinians have used the announcement to declare that they will not participate in indirect talks with Israel as a means of protest of the building plans. The Palestinians for their part have called for the international community to pressure Israel into halting the construction. The Haaretz news article went on to further state:

According to Ayalon, the United States' condemnation on the matter was due to the timing of the announcement and not the content of the issue. Israel declared its approval of the construction just 24 hours after U.S. envoy George Mitchell announced that Israelis and Palestinians had agreed to begin indirect peace talks and in the midst of a visit to the region by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. "We were severely criticized by the State Department," Ayalon told Haaretz during a visit to Washington. "I explained that Jerusalem has always been out of the question."

"The criticism was mainly about the timing of the announcement, and I told them that it was poor timing, but it was not planned and it was a serious mistake which is currently being probed in Israel," Ayalon told Haaretz.

The Palestinians protested the planned building construction and refused to meet with the Israelis until the Israeli construction decision was not only condemned but canceled. The Palestinians are trying their best at this time to halt any Israeli construction because they hope to eventually have east Jerusalem, which contains the biblical Old City, as their capital for a future Palestinian state. By building in the east Jerusalem area the Israelis on the other hand hope to continue to solidify and cement their claims over Jerusalem. The Haaretz article reported the demands of the Palestinians:

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said earlier Thursday that Palestinians would not begin indirect peace talks unless the Israeli government annuled the decision to build in East Jerusalem. "We want to hear from [United States envoy George] Mitchell that Israel has canceled the decision to build housing units before we start the negotiations," Erekat said. His remarks follow comments by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who told Biden Wednesday that it was not enough for the Israeli decision to be condemned, it also had to be canceled.

From the looks of things it would seem that the Israelis are not going to budge when it comes to Jerusalem. I would imagine that the Palestinian refusal to hold any more meetings with Israel is because they see that the central issue in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is the status of Jerusalem. Jerusalem has definitely become the "burdensome stone" that the Lord said it would be here in these end times. Almost daily there is a new article out about some sort of conflict or tension mounting over the status of Jerusalem. For the Israelis, Jerusalem represents the Holy city of God and it is their belief that they are entitled to the city by the biblical narrative. The Palestinians on the other hand want Jerusalem because it is held dear by the Israelis and that despite being the third most Holy city in Islam, the Palestinians are simply trying to play the role of spoiler for the Israelis. The Palestinians don't just want Jerusalem, the truth is they want the entire land of Israel. I don't believe for a second that the Palestinians will get Jerusalem as it clearly belongs to the Jews and that this is a red line that simply can't be crossed. The plot to destroy Israel and seize Jerusalem for a Palestinian state is simply an evil plot straight from the pit of Hell. And we all know who is behind that.

As we are seeing signs of this struggle over Jerusalem mount with each passing day, we need to remember that the evil plans and plots of Israel's enemies are no surprise to God Almighty. He is aware of everything that is going on in the world, and he neither sleeps nor slumbers when it comes to Israel. As the seriousness of the status of Jerusalem heats up, we need to make sure that we are ever watchful as things tend to spiral out of control very quickly in the Middle East. Keep watching saints, as we see the end times signs continue to appear on the horizon we know that our blessed hope of the rapture of the church is even closer. In fact, the rapture could happen before I finish writing this Rapture Report. Even so, come Lord Jesus!! Amen.

God bless.

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