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The Rapture Report - Iran: Bushehr nuclear plant to be operational in spring

Iran: Bushehr nuclear plant to be operational in spring
Written: 03-05-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

The Haaretz news agency is reporting that Iran has declared that it's Bushehr nuclear plant will go "operational" during the Spring of this year according to schedule. Russia had recently stated that they would fulfill their obligations on the plant this year thereby giving the Iranians their first active nuclear plant. The Haaretz article reports:

Iran's long-delayed Bushehr nuclear power plant will be launched within a few months, the Iranian nuclear energy agency chief said on Friday. "This plant will be launched according to schedule at the end of the spring and will run the same as the other nuclear plants in the world," Ali Akbar Saleh, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation said in quotes carried by news agency ILNA. The Iranian spring ends in late June.

With these declarations by the head of the Iranian nuclear energy organization, it would appear that the stakes have been increased on the international community to reign in the Iranian nuclear program. There have been reports that even if new sanctions were imposed on Iran it would be months before they were put into action or had a visible effect on Iran. In other words, Iran will have gone nuclear and the international community will have once again failed to learn anything form the past when it comes to appeasing fanatical regimes bent on harming the world's security.

The Haaretz articles went on to further state:

Russia said in January it would finish building a 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plant this year that it agreed to build 15 years ago. Delays have haunted the e1 billion project and diplomats say Moscow has used it as a lever in relations with Tehran. The United States and major European Union countries suspect Iran wants to build a nuclear bomb under cover of its civilian nuclear energy program, something Tehran vehemently denies. Russia, a veto-wielding permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, has been disappointed by Tehran's refusal to agree to a compromise plan for Iran to enrich uranium in Russia and could back new sanctions Washington is seeking.

With the completion of the Iranian nuclear plant at Bushehr during the Spring, this would seem to indicate that time is running out to stop the Iranians. This would also mean that the window of opportunity to strike the Iranians is rapidly closing. Despite Russian assurances that the Bushehr plant can't be used to build nuclear weapons, the Russians and Iranians are definitely not the most trustworthy nations on the planet. I would not be surprised to see that Iran had found a way around this little technicality. The Iranians could always remove some uranium before returning the nuclear fuel rods or simply "misplace" a few here and there so they can carry on a secret uranium enrichment program. The Russians, who can always be bought out for a price, who likely look the other way and are like the fox guarding the hen house when it comes to the Iranian nuclear program. I believe the international community should demand that the IAEA oversee the complete process, but even then the Iranians could play the same game Saddam Hussein did by repeatedly expelling IAEA officials while they carried out suspect business behind the scenes.

With the Iranian nuclear program beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I would suspect that it is possible that the timing of an Israeli attack will increase if the nuclear program is not stopped. On the other hand, we can also expect that the Iranians could begin to stir the pot on the borders of Israel with their proxy terrorist organizations in order to distract Israel and the international community from Iran's final sprint to the nuclear finish line. Somehow I do not believe that Israel will be distracted, in fact I think it is quit possible that we could see some major movements towards a strike pretty soon. It is crystal clear that Iran is on the cusp of achieving their nuclear goals and that the diplomatic process has been a total failure, leaving only the military option as the last chance to stop Iran. A nuclear Iran is not only a major threat to Israel, but it is also a major threat to the entire world because of the possibility and likelihood of nuclear proliferation by the fanatical regime in Tehran. It is my prayer that the United States government will have a change of heart and support Israel in removing the Iranian nuclear threat. However, there doesn't seem to be much evidence to support this happening. It appears that if anyone develops the intestinal fortitude to confront Iran, it will be Israel.

Let us pray for the leaders of Israel as they face some of the most complex decisions every faced by a nation in confronting Iran. The repercussions have the potential to ripple across the entire region, and perhaps even the world. Let us continue to watch the situation as it progresses in the Middle East region. The situation is so serious that if you blink you could miss something.

God bless.

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