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The Rapture Report - Abbas: We won't accept interim peace deal

Abbas: We won't accept interim peace deal
Written: 03-03-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In a sign that the Middle East peace process between the Israel and the Palestinians has gone south the Palestinians led by Abbas have rejected any kind of interim agreement that could lead to peace. Once again the Palestinians have said no to peace and yes to conflict. With the Middle East in chaos as one country after another faces upheaval and chaos with riots and protests, now is not the time to push forward the Middle East peace process. At least that should be the sane logic, but of course when it comes to sanity the international community has none. The international community is actually trying to push the Israelis and Palestinians back to the peace table when Israel doesn't even know who will be their next door neighbor in Egypt. Which is vital to know if any permanent peace deal is to be reached, but alas, a peace deal does not appear likely. The only thing that appears likely is that more conflict is headed toward the Middle East.

In today's news the YNetNews website is reporting:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced Thursday that the option of a Palestinian state with provisional borders was unacceptable to the Palestinian leadership. Abbas's spokesman said the option will not be discussed under any circumstance. It has recently been reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to explore the option of an interim peace deal with the Palestinians in light of the political deadlock.

"Anything less than an Israeli withdrawal from lands occupied in 1967 (the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem) is unacceptable to us," Nabil Abu Rdeneh said. "We oppose the option of a state with provisional borders."

Apparently the Palestinians think that the whole idea behind an interim agreement is so that the Israeli's can get the Palestinians to concede on the issue of Jerusalem. The Israelis have stated many times in the past that an undivided Jerusalem would remain the eternal capital of Israel in the future, so this is not an issue to the Israelis as they have pretty much said no to dividing Israel. It is the consistent and irrational demands of the Palestinians that keep an agreement from happening. As a result, there is hardly a chance that a deal can be reached in the current state of affairs.

In a further hint that Israel is thinking in other terms than the ones that have primarily been talked about in the past, it is being reported that Israeli PM Netanyahu will give a speech in the next few weeks about other possible positions on reaching a peace deal. The YNetNews article went on to further state:

The Associated Press quoted Israeli state officials who said Israel was exploring several options after reaching the conclusion that a final status agreement could not be achieved at this stage. Netanyahu is slated to give a speech in the coming weeks where he may discuss a possible change of direction in the peace process.

"The consistent refusal of the Palestinian leadership to negotiate with Israel has made a negotiated agreement all but impossible to achieve, at least for the time being," one government official said. "And so we're looking at an Israeli initiative, and steps that we can take that would be a phased approach to a final status agreement."

With the Palestinians and Islamists dead set in their demands for a "right of return", concession of east Jerusalem, etc. it has become apparent that the Middle East peace process can't move forward at this time which is why an interim deal was proposed whereby final status issues like those mentioned would not be resolved at this time. However, it appears the Palestinians are not able to sign onto such a deal and are not in the mood to make concessions which causes the risk for confrontation to increase.

While the MidEast quartet is scheduled to arrive in Israel next week for more talks about how to get the Middle East peace process started, it appears to me that the region has more pressing concerns right now given that the international community is supposedly considering a "no-fly" zone in Libya and unrests taking place through out the region. It is my feeling that any attempt to try to jump start the Middle East peace process right now is a bad mistake and premature. Right now any final status talks would mean that Israel would essentially be making deals with the Palestinians when they do not even know who is going to be in power in Egypt. With Mubarak removed form power things have become very uncertain in the region. To add to the mess Gaddafi is barely hanging on in Libya and unrests are talking place in Jordan and Yemen as well.

When looking at the prophetic scenario it appears to me that we are not heading toward democracy and peace, but instead heading towards days of conflict and suffering as the Middle East is bound to end up in flames again. The popular uprisings are changing the face of the Middle East and in light of Bible prophecy it does not seem that the change is going to be for the better, but instead for the worst. Dictator regimes that are removed from power are usually taken over by regimes of a more cruel nature, etc. History has shown us this time and time again. Which means that students of Bible prophecy need to continue to keep their eyes glued on the Middle East as the pressure mounts and regimes continue to fall. The current situation in the Middle East could give us a build up that results in the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and other prophecies that show that conflict between Israel and her immediate neighbors is coming down the road. As watchman on the wall, we need to remain focused on the turmoil that continues to fall on the region. Being that we are in the last days, these are the kind of signs we were warned about that show us that our redemption is drawing nigh. Keep looking up, God is on the throne and nothing that is happening in the Middle East goes on without his prior knowledge. Let us rejoice as we await the Lord Jesus Christ, who will one day rapture us before the wrath that is to come. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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