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The Rapture Report - IDF: Syria offers Hezbollah greater support than ever

IDF: Syria offers Hezbollah greater support than ever
Written: 03-02-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In a disturbing news article today, the YNetNews agency is reporting that Syria is providing Hezbollah with advanced weapons that they would not give them in the past. The YNetNews article reports:

Syria is crossing previous red lines in supplying Hezbollah with weapons, handing over arms that it never before dared transfer to the Lebanese terror group, the head of the IDF's research division of Military Intelligence says. "Syria is handing over to Hezbollah components that it would not dare hand over before," Yossi Baidatz told the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee Tuesday.

These kind of reports are alarming in that it is still further evidence that in the next clash between Israel and the proxy terrorist organizations, that there will be a greater chance of Israeli civilian injuries and fatalities as a result of the presence of advanced weapons in the hands of the terrorists thanks to state sponsors of terrorism like Syria and Iran. Not only will there be greater injuries and fatalities, but areas like Tel Aviv that have never seen a rocket strike or have seen a limited number of attacks will suddenly find themselves in the middle of a harsh new reality on the ground. The new reality is that over the past year since the Second Lebanon War (Operation Cast Lead), the terrorists have not only re-armed for a future conflict, but they have have increased their arms past previous levels and obtained weapons that will give the IDF a harder time when it comes to taking care of the terrorist threat. Recent news articles have noted that the Hezbollah has received rockets capable of bringing down low flying Israeli jets as a result of Israel's regular flights into Lebanese airspace to monitor the whereabouts and happenings of the terrorist since the UN resolutions are not being implemented on the Lebanese side of the border. As we mentioned in previous Rapture Reports over the last few days, there are more and more signs popping up every day that strongly indicates that the next conflict between Israel and the terrorists could reach a level that has not been previously seen before. The fulfillments of Psalm 83 and perhaps Isaiah 17 are the prophecies that are currently being looked at by students of Bible prophecy in light of the situation on the ground in the Middle East.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also commented on the current situation with Syria by noting that it was Iran who is responsible for the tension and claims that Israel intends to attack Syria. Netanyahu soundly denied any Israeli intentions to attack Syria. Netanyahu was quoted as saying:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also addressed the issue, noting that "there is a process of military buildup and very methodical provocation by Iran." "We are not seeking any kind of confrontation with Syria. The talk about us preparing for an offensive against Syria is unfounded," the PM said. "This false impression is being created by Iran." Baidatz added that "Iran continues to tighten its ties with the radical axis." "Just look at the three-way meeting held in Syria," he said. "It included the commander of Iran's revolutionary forces, who are responsible on behalf of Iran for supplying weapons to all terror groups at all regions."

For those of us who follow the Middle East news it is no surprise that Iran is behind a lot of the trouble in the Middle East. Iran is like an octopus that has it's tentacles wrapped around every nation in the region. If Iran is not directly influencing the affairs of a nation like Syria or Lebanon, it is trying hard to reach out and indirectly interfere with countries like Saudia Arabia and Iraq. The constant source of trouble in the region can easily be traced back to Tehran and the fanatical ruling regime. In order to improve the situation in the Middle East, it will be imperative to try to neutralize Iran as much as possible. Whether that can be done remains to be seen, but so far the international community has had absolutely no success in putting a dent into Iran's armor.

The Jerusalem Post is also reporting that Netanyahu has been warning that the Iran arms race is beginning to resemble a "runaway train" with the world resembling a "faltering car" in reference to the ineffectiveness of the current diplomatic track. The lack of sanctions, or sanctions with "teeth", has allowed the Iranians to make a tremendous amount of progress over the past year. Addressing this progress Netanyahu is reported as saying:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday addressed the state of affairs on Iranian sanctions, or lack thereof, and briefed members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on the latest developments on negotiations toward a prisoner swap with Hamas. “The Iranian [arms] train is travelling fast compared to the advancement of the international community, which is more like a faltering car,” Netanyahu explained with a metaphor. “That notwithstanding, there is significant progress in the international community’s understanding of the nature of [Iran’s] nuclear program.”

There is political progress toward sanctions in the world,” he continued, addressing the issue of the main pertinent country objecting to sanctioning Teheran. “China is interested in strengthening cooperation with Israel, and there is a wide spectrum of topics for cooperation between Beijing and Jerusalem. China is part of our efforts on Iran.”

Despite Netanyahu's belief that there is a possibility of a change of heart in regards to the Chinese toward Iranian sanctions, I personally do not see the Chinese as being serious about the matter. To me, the Chinese are more concerned about their economic interests with Iran than with the safety and security of the world as a whole. In a nutshell it is my opinion that the Chinese, as well as the Russians, have basically sold out the world's security for a fast buck. This is both alarming and at the same time not surprising. Russia and China both desire to return to the world stage as superpowers and in order to do that they must have economic ties with countries that can provide them with the ability to do that. For China and Russia, the import of Iranian oil and natural gas is the trump card that has so far caused them to resist the world's call for meaningful sanctions in order to stop the illegal Iranian nuclear program. The Russians have gained a handsome profit for their military defense industries by selling Iran advanced military arms against the world's wishes. In light of this, Netanyahu has summed up the overall picture very accurately when he labeled the Iranian situation a runaway car because there appears to be no way to stop Iran short of military action. The most pressing question is whether there is anyone willing to step forward and make that move? I guess only time will tell.

One final news article that drives home the point that only military action will solve the Iranian nuclear problem is a report and video today from the Israel National News agency that interviewed a distinguished professor in Israel. The professor was Professor Ephraim Inbar who is the chairman of the BESA Center for Strategic Studies. The professor was quoted as saying:

The chairman of the BESA Center for Strategic Studies, Prof. Ephraim Inbar, spoke with INR's Yishai Fleisher about Iran at the Jerusalem Conference. Inbar said that sanctions are unlikely to be effective. "The evidence from other countries shows that sanctions do not work, especially when we see a regime that has great determination to pursue its policy. This regime believes that a nuclear weapon is an insurance policy for its survival. And nothing will change that, unless someone will take military action."

Let us continue to watch the situation in the Middle East as the tension and severity of the situation has reached near record levels. As a result there is a strong possibility that the breakout of hostilities could occur at anytime should one side or the other make a bad move. The Bible encourages us to stay somber and awake in these last days as the signs of the end times will gradually increase in frequency and intensity such as a woman who is having birth pains from labor. With the recent increased earthquake activity and tension boiling on the border with Israel, we could well be seeing signs of things to come in the near future.

God bless.

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