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The Rapture Report - 'Iran moves uranium above ground'

'Iran moves uranium above ground'
Written: 2-27-2010
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In a most unusual move the Jerusalem Post is reporting that Iran has moved their stockpile of enriched uranium above ground in a move that is seen as trying to possibly tempt the Israelis to strike militarily. The Jerusalem Post article reports:

Iran recently moved almost its entire stockpile of low-enriched uranium to an above-ground facility, The New York Times reported on Saturday. According to a recent report by International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors, roughly 4,300 pounds (1,950kg) of low-enriched nuclear fuel was moved all at once from storage deep underground to a facility where they can be enriched to 20 percent. 80 to 90 percent enrichment is required for nuclear weapons.

Iran’s inexplicable action, which has confused Western officials, exposes the material to an airstrike or even ground-based sabotage. The Times quoted one official as saying the move was tantamount to painting a bull’s-eye on the stockpile.

As we can see here the move by Iran to basically move most of it's enriched uranium to above ground facilities exposes the material to Israeli aerial attacks as well as possible sabotage from Israeli special forces commandos should they decide to make a move on Iran. The article went on to give several possible explanations for why the Iranians may have moved the material to above ground storage facilities:

Several hypotheses were raised by the paper: Iran may be taunting Israel to attack, as this would rally Iranians in support of the regime and silence voices of dissent which have plagued the streets since last years disputed election; Teheran may be using the move as leverage against the West – a threat to further enrich its entire stockpile should the world not lower the pressure on the Islamic Republic; or – the theory held by many in the Obama administration – Iran may have simply run out of suitable storage containers for the radioactive material and was forced to move it all at once.

Whatever the reason, the paper said, it provides Israel with a very tempting window to attack – something the Obama administration will want to prevent.

If Iran is trying to taunt Israel into striking they could very well find out that they have made a bad decision because by moving the enriched uranium from underground storage to above ground storage as it makes an Israeli hit much more likely to be successful thereby encouraging the Israelis to move ahead and order a military strike. As many of us know from previous news reports, Iran has built an extensive underground network of nuclear facilities buried under many hardened layers of concrete. If Iran is indeed taunting Israel, this could be an excuse for Iran and the rest of the nations in the region to attack Israel given that they would make the first move with the their own strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. It is also possible that Iran is wanting to taunt Israel so that they can make Israel out to be the aggressor in the eyes of the international community as a result of the aftermath of such a strike on Iran. Anything that happens after an Israeli strike could and would be blamed on Israel. This would help to further turn the rest of the world against Israel, as they are already showing increased signs of anti-semitism across the globe.

Another possibility is that the Iranians are hoping that an Israeli strike would speed up the arrival of the Islamic "Mahdi" figure. However, Islamic prophecy has absolutely no weight to it as it is not inspired by God Almighty. God Almighty's prophecies are only contained in the Holy Bible. I would think that if this is the intention of the Iranians as they are terribly deceived and that they will be sorely disappointed when this Mahdi figure doesn't show up and Israel obtains supernatural help from God in fending off her invaders. It is easy to see that such as a strike on Iran could pave the way for retaliation by Iran through their proxy terrorist organizations that are currently operating on the borders of Israel. If indeed Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 are fulfilled by the foolish actions of the terrorists and Syrian President Bashar Assad, we could see the table being set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 thereafter.

In another article by the Haaretz news agency it was suggested that an alternate reason Iran could be using the move of enriched uranium above ground is to invite an Israeli attack in order to unite the country after the past 8 months have seen unprecedented internal turmoil and opposition. The Haaretz new article reports:

One of the explanations analysts have used to explain the about-face is that Iran's Revolutionary Guards are "inviting" an Israeli attack to deflect attention from the eight months of post-election violence that have divided the country. One senior European diplomat told the New York Times on Thursday that an Israeli military strike could be the "best thing" for the Iranian regime, because it would rally Iranians around the government and against a common enemy.

Whatever the reason for the recent Iranian move, the fact remains that this is an ideal opportunity for Israel to strike Iran and rid itself of the current nuclear problem concerning Iran. Even if a military strike doesn't remove the problem altogether, it will perhaps buy time for the Israelis in addition to giving sanctions and the Iranian opposition time to push for regime change. I think we need to monitor this situation in the Middle East with intense observation as it appears that a new window of opportunity has opened for Israel, and they could very well take advantage of it.

Keep looking up, our redemption is drawing nigh!!

God bless.

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