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The Rapture Report - Iran, Syria navies to cooperate on training

Iran, Syria navies to cooperate on training
Written: 02-26-2011
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In a sign of growing concern about the recent travels of two Iranian warships that reached a Syrian port, it is being reported today that the Iranians and Syrians have made agreements on training between the two allies. The cooperation between Iran and Syria should be of a huge concern to Bible prophecy watchers as it signals a growing influence of Iran in the region. In fact, the travels of the Iranian warship through the Suez Canal is very concerning as it is not something that would have been allowed had former Hosni Mubarak been in power to stop the trip. However, it appears the new military rulers of Egypt have given into to Iran and may have given us a glimpse of how the future will play out in the Middle East. And at this time it does not look good. The YNetNews website is reporting:

Iran and Syria have agreed to cooperate on naval training, Iran's official news agency reported on Saturday after two Iranian warships docked in a Syrian port. The agreement further strengthens ties between Iran and Syria, both hostile to Israel, as Tehran seeks to bolster its position as a regional powerhouse amid political upheaval in many Middle Eastern states. "The two parties will cooperate with each other in training issues and the exchange of personnel," IRNA quoted the agreement, signed by the commanders of both navies, as saying. Syrian officials do not comment on security matters.


The two Iranian ships arrived in Syria on Wednesday after passing through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean, the first Iranian navy vessels to do so since Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution. Egypt's decision to allow the ships through its canal was made under an interim government after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak. Iran is hoping to restore ties, cut for decades, with Cairo, an US ally which has a peace treaty with Israel. Iran has welcomed the fall of US ally Mubarak as a sign the Washington's influence in the Middle East is on the wane.

As we can see here the Iranians are already beginning to "test the waters" in the new Middle East when the Obama administration betrayed the government of Mubarak and called for his ouster. Under the banner of "democracy" Obama's wishful thinking has in fact had the opposite effect as we can see with the recent passing of the two Iranian warships through the Suez Canal. It was even reported that the US position their own ships opposite of the Iranians in the Red Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea but did not try to inspect the Iranian warships or make any moves to project strength to the Iranians. Instead, the Iranian warships sailed unhindered to the Syrian ports carrying what will remain as unknown cargo that only one can speculate on. Some reports went as far as to suggest that one of the Iranian warships was carrying long range rockets intended for Syria as well as the Iranian proxy terrorists Hamas and Hezbollah. If this is the case, then we can expect things to get very heated in the near future as these weapons make their ways into the hands of the terrorists. Even if the ships didn't carry such equipment, the Iranians have won in the fact that they are now able to travel through the Suez Canal and if need be supply their allies with weapons in which to use against US and it's allies in the region. Iran is definitely using the opportunity to project it's power and influence in the region.

This projection of power and influence is something that should cause concern for every government in the Middle East. As Iran tries to export it's brand of Islamic revolution to the rest of the countries in the region. with Gaddafi losing control of Libya, things are not looking up. In fact, one of the next targets of Iran could be the country of Bahrain which currently hosts the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy. An overthrow and change in government in Bahrain would be devastating for the region not to mention for the US. But despite these clear failures in Egypt and Libya, it is clear that the Obama administration has not learned the lessons of previous administrations. In 1979 the secular Shah government was over thrown with the help of the US who helped install the Khomeini regime that has been ruling Iran ever since and we see how that turned out. Now in Egypt we've got a situation where the secular regime of Mubarak is overthrown with US backing and it is very likely that the Muslim Brotherhood will be the ones to fill the vacuum in this case. So in the end, we could see two secular regimes in Egypt and Libya replaced with Islamic revolution type leaderships that will make the region even more unstable.

However, this should be of important concern to students of Bible prophecy as this may need to happen in order for the future fulfillments of Psalm 83 and eventually Ezekiel 38-39. I believe that we are witnessing the strategic change and projection of Iranian influence that will eventually set the stage for these prophecies to be fulfilled. They will be fulfilled as the Iranians and their allies see the West as being weak right now, especially Israel. And with the fanatical mindset of the Islamic nations, it is no wonder that we could be on the very brink of a catastrophic outcome in the Middle East. My advice for now is to keep watching the Middle East as it appears that the prophetic timetable is speeding up and the risk of confrontation is getting higher with each passing day. This of course should remind us that as we see the region setting the prophetic stage for fulfillment, that the Lord reminded us to keeping looking up when we saw these signs, as our redemption is drawing nigh. Stay tuned!

God bless.

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