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The Rapture Report - Knesset holds first discussion on Temple Mount sovereignty

Knesset holds first discussion on Temple Mount sovereignty
Written: 2-25-2014
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

An interesting thing happened in Israel today. The Knesset held its first discussion on the issue of Temple Mount sovereignty and whether Israel should take back "control" of the Temple Mount from its Jordanian and Islamic Waqf "administrators" or as I call them "occupiers".

The issue of the Temple Mount has been a very heated one over the years. Basically what happened was after the 1967 war when Israel "recaptured" east Jerusalem and unified the city, the Israelis at that time turned immediately around and handed control of the Temple Mount back to its Islamic occupiers. This was a very bad move and one that causes Israel nothing but heartache all the time.

The deal with the Islamic Waqf was that they were supposed to administer the Temple Mount and that people were supposed to be able to freely worship on the Temple Mount. However, as is usually the case with Islam, it does not share and play well with others. Over time the Islamic Waqf has tightened their grip on the Temple Mount and it is basically under "control" of the Islamists despite this site is within Israel's borders. The Temple Mount is the holiest site within Judaism and it is mind-boggling that the Islamists were handed the "keys" to the place in order to appease them right after the 1967 war.

The Islamic occupiers have had a free reign of running the Temple Mount which has caused a very limited access to the Temple Mount by Jews and Christians. In fact, Jews and Christians are not allowed to bring the Bible up on the Temple Mount nor can they pray in view of these Islamic occupiers. Any suggestion that Jews and/or Christians are praying on the Temple Mount results in swift action from the Waqf to stop the so called "violation". This situation has caused a very serious debate to finally rise in Israel where the first discussion of the Temple Mount sovereignty was held today. This topic was brought to the table by the right-wing parties who demand that Israel provide equal and unimpeded access to the Temple Mount for Jews and Christians to pray and worship.

The left-wing parties oppose such actions as they are afraid that any improvements in the treatment of Jews and Christians will result in the region "exploding" in trouble. It is apparent that the left-wing parties are running in fear of the Islamists and as a result are bowing down to them at the price of handing over sovereignty of the Temple Mount. The right-wing parties are calling for PM Netanyahu to allow equal access for Jews and Christians to the Temple Mount and so far it appears that PM Netanyahu is trying to distance himself from the situation.

The discussion of the Temple Mount sovereignty resulted in riots and a few injuries during the day. It is the same typical rioting that is done on Fridays after the Islamists have visited the mosque and said their "prayers" to their moon god.

The Jerusalem Post reported on the "stormy" discussion that was held today:

The State of Israel is pointless without the Temple Mount, MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud Beytenu) said at the first-ever plenum discussion of Israeli sovereignty over the holy site on Tuesday.

The debate came on the same day as the latest in a series of rioting on the Mount in the past month, by Arabs who object to any Jewish presence on the holy site. Tuesday morning's riot resulted in three arrests and two police officers lightly injured. Stun grenades were used to disperse the rioters.


Feiglin opened his motion to the agenda by describing the destruction of archeological artifacts on the Mount. He said that "behind the nation's back, we gave up every remnant of Israeli sovereignty on the Mount. Any terrorist organization can wave its flag, but the Israeli flag? It's unmentionable."

"Saying a chapter from Psalms can get you arrested. Police recommend removing kippot. I don't know any other country in the world that tells Jews to take off their kippot, and here it's happening in the heart of the capital of Israel. "Without the Temple Mount, we have no home. Not in Tel Aviv, not in Haifa, and not anywhere else. There is no purpose and no designation for our sovereign existence in the entire land. The time has come to stop the erosion of our sovereignty in the heart of Jerusalem," he said.

The truth of the matter is that it is totally outrageous that Israel is even having to have this discussion in the first place. The Temple Mount is clearly within the boundaries of the modern state of Israel and therefore should naturally be under the control of the Israelis. Once again we find that trying to "appease" Islamists will only make matters worse in dealing with them. One has to use a firm and non-compromising stance in dealing with Islamists. One you give them an inch, they will take a mile. This has been proven to be true time after time in dealing with Islam.

But besides the fact that it is very interesting that Israel is finally "talking" about this situation is the other fact that there seems to be a somewhat of a growing "movement" whereby Israel is getting pressured to the point that I am seeing some signs where they are running out of room to maneuver. This of course will continue to make Israel and in particularly Jerusalem a burdensome stone as predicted in the Bible. While nothing was decided in today's meetings, it will be interesting to watch in the coming days and months to see what happens to this "movement" if anything at all.

As students of Bible prophecy it is my view that we should continue to monitor the situation in Israel as we see growing "turbulence" over Jerusalem and the so called "peace" process. As I mentioned it appears that Israel is running out of room in which to move and that they will eventually be forced to "stand firm" on their positions which could cause the region to escalate out of control. Add the continuing problems with the Iranian nuclear program and always the growing terrorist threats on Israel's border and we have a sure fire recipe for conflict. However, being that we are Bible prophecy students we know how all of this will end. The Lord will continue to work on Israel until he finally gets them to fall on their knees and seek Him out in asking for forgiveness.

In the meantime we need to continue to keep watching the peace talks, the Iranian situation, and of course the discussion over the Temple Mount. Just when we expect things to go one way in the Middle East, God has a way of throwing us a curveball to keep us honest in watching for Him. As we see Jerusalem continue to be a "burdensome stone", we need to remember to keep looking up, for our redemption is drawing nigh!

God bless.

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