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The Rapture Report - US: Iran may have limited, peaceful nuclear program

US: Iran may have limited, peaceful nuclear program
Written: 2-23-2014
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

In today's news one my worst fears was realized when the U.S. "betrayed" Israel and caved in to Iran over the nuclear issue by suggesting that Iran could keep their nuclear program. The U.S. who for years said "No" to an Iranian nuclear program has now said "Yes" and at the same time has stabbed their strongest ally in the Middle East right in the back. It is being reported in the Jerusalem Post that:

Iran could possibly have a small nuclear program for "practical needs" as part of a final deal, says US undersecretary of state Wendy Sherman. Iran could be allowed a small peaceful nuclear program, should an agreement be reached in diplomatic talks, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman said on Saturday night in Jerusalem. "At the end of the day, if they [Iran] do want to have a small, discreet, limited program that addresses practical needs, it is envisioned as a possibility in the joint plan of action," Sherman said.

The U.S. who had promised Israel "no nukes for Iran" has now left the window open for the Iranians to be able to conduct nuclear activities and continue on with their evil nuclear program. The truth of the matter is that there are no "practical needs" for the Iranians to obtain nukes. This is the same Iran that is the world's most foremost state sponsor of terrorism. This announcement today will no doubt leave Iran confident that they can carry on as "business as usual" in regards to their nuclear program. This is the same Iran that has been bragging for years that they would "destroy Israel" and "wipe them off the map" the first chance they get.

I'm almost certain that the politicians in Israel are in private outrage that the U.S. would change course and cave in to the Iranians over the nuclear issue. Although I will admit some of them have probably seen it coming down the road. The Obama adminsitration is not one to be trusted on such a serious issue. Iran has made it perfectly clear that they would not stop their nuclear program and in response to that the international community has acted in the spirit of "Neville Chamberlain" in not wanting to make the tough decisions and actions to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It has now been left up to Israel to handle Iran.

I believe that with this admission that the U.S would allow a "small" nuclear program that Israel has found out that they are essentially alone on the Iranian nuclear issue. While they have probably felt that way for quite some time now, it is probably sinking in more and more with today's announcement. Through out the entire time that President Obama has been in office he has shown over and over that he is way in over his head when it comes to foreign policy and in doing what is best for this country. Whether it be Libya, Syria, Benghazi, etc. there continues to be a large trail of blood and failed policies from this adminsitration.

If it wasn't for the fact that we have Bible prophecy that shows us how all this will end, I might normally feel like Israel's time was just just about up. But fortunately the one who "neither sleeps nor slumbers" is always watching out for Israel. Even when men fail we can have confidence that God will keep his word and his promises. I think that with today's announcement of the "official" caving in to Iran's diplomacy moves, it would seem to me that the Israelis would be moving even closer now to striking Iran than ever before. I tend to believe that it is quite possible that when we least expect it the Israelis will strike. We know from past news reports that have been leaked that the U.S. has "stopped" Israel from striking on at least a couple of times in the past. There is no telling how many other times the Israelis were stopped that we don't know about. But it is becoming more and more certain that Israel will have to take matters into their own hands until God decided to intervene.

The U.S. official who made the announcement today stated that in regards to the Iranians nuclear program that:

"It would have to be highly constrained, monitored, and verified on a regular basis," Sherman said.

This is almost laughable if it wasn't deadly serious. Only a fool would think that Iran would fulfill their obligations and not try to develop nuclear weapons. The Iranians have shown for the past 35 years that they can't be trusted on even the slightest of issues. Being the world's greatest state sponsor of terrorism does not provide me with any confidence that the international community can "constrain, monitor, and verify" Iran's nuclear program. In fact, I can assure you that this will not happen. The fact is that Iran is masterfully manipulating the international community in this "high stakes" game of poker with nukes. With Iran being almost to the point of reaching the so called "breakout" point, the longer they continue to stall and buy time the closer they will get to suddenly announcing that they are a nuclear power. And that announcement could come by the sudden detonation of a nuclear weapon.

How much longer Israel will hold off before striking is not known, but one thing is for sure is that the window of opportunity to stop Iran is closing fast with each passing day. It is crystal clear that the international community will not stop Iran. It is now up to the Israelis. Their future and the progress of Bible prophecy hang in the balance. It is quite possible that an Israeli strike on Iran could set the prophetic clock in fast motion to the eventual fulfillment of all Bible prophecy.

We are warned by the Bible that as we get closer and closer to the Tribulation period that things will begin to speed up like birth pangs of a pregnant woman with each pang being more intense than the one before. Prophetic events will increase in frequency as we near the coming Tribulation period. And of course as we see these things take place, we are told to "look up, for your redemption is drawing nigh".

Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the Jewish people, they really need our prayers in these difficult times. May God give them the courage and intestinal fortitude to do what is necessary to stop Iran.

God bless.

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