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The Rapture Report - Iran sends 15,000 SF Quds troops to support Assad

Iran sends 15,000 SF Quds troops to support Assad
Written: 2-08-2012
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

With the state of Syria getting worse with each passing day, new signs point to continued problems in Syria as Bashar Assad deals with an uprising that is threatening his over decade rule. News reports coming out of the region are suggesting that the Iranians are indeed helping Assad as he tries to maintain his grip on Syria. With the Russians currently stationed on the coast of Syria at Tartus and new news reports that up to 15,000 Special Forces "Quds" troops from Iran are helping Assad to me it shows the dedication and importance that Syria's allies have made in trying to protect the Syrian regime. Russia has a stake in Syria as they are one of their largest, if not largest, arms importer of Russian military equipment. Russia is keen to keep the money flowing to it's arms industries. The Haaretz newspaper is reporting:

A top Iranian military official is activily aiding the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in suppressing popular unrest throughout the country, a top member of the National Syrian Council said on Monday. According to the Syrian official, Kassam Salimani, commander of the Quds Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard special forces unit, has arrived in Syria recently and has taken up a spot in the war room which manages army maneuvers against opposition forces.

The war room is also reportedly populated by Assad himself, as well as his brother Maher, brother-in-law Assaf Shaukat and cousin Rami Makhlouf, with the Syrian chief of staff's authority reportedly restricted and divided up between other military commanders. The Quds Force includes 15,000 elite soldiers who operated, among other locations, in Iraq during the war, and the specialty of which is engaging in unconventional warfare on foreign soil. Among other duties, the Quds Force is in charge of traning and funding Hezbollah.

The Iranians involvement in the Syrian internal strife is more evidence that Iran has their tentacles in all aspects of the Middle East. This week we know that Russia and China vetoes a UN resolution calling for stronger action against the situation in Syria. The double veto pretty much ties the hands of the UN in dealing with Syria. There have been some reports that some Western countries could intervene outside of the UN. US Senator John McCain was reported the other day encouraging the supply of ammunition and other supplies to the "Free Syria Army" that is currently battling the Assad regime.

Each day there are more and more reports of widespread killings and destruction by the Assad regime against the opposition. Some of the most disturbing reports indicate that even children are not being spared from the crimes against humanity. We should pray seriously for the little children caught up in this terrible conflict that seems to be spiraling out of control with each passing day.

Another issue about the 15,000 forces inserted into Syria from Iran makes it even more unlikely that Western forces will intervene despite calls to do so. The main players in the Syria situation appear to be Russia, Syria, and Iran. To me, this is the end times "axis of evil" that will be a major part of Bible prophecy in the future. Syria is mentioned as losing Damascus per the Isaiah 17 prophecy. Russia and Iran will eventually lead a coalition of moslem countires against Israel per Ezekiel 38-39.

One of the main thoughts occupying my mind recently is the increased chance that Assad may get so deep into trouble with the opposition in Syria that in desperation he tries to deflect that trouble by attacking Syria or aiding in the attack of Syria. This to me would open the door for the fulfillment of the Isaiah 17 prophecies. Not only that, but given the fact that Syria and Israel share a small border, the presence of the leaders of the future "Gog/Magog" allies in Syria tends to give a glimpse of things to come when looking through the lens of bible prophecy.

I believe we should watch the situation with Syria very carefully as it could set off a chain of other events that starts the big ball of Bible prophecy rolling here in the end times. Russia and Iran are definitely role players in the end times. Let's continue to watch how the situation in Syria plays out as it could influence Bible prophecy isn a big way.

God bless.

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